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I Don't Know You Like She Does (3)

She looked at Jiang Yuhe, only to find that the man's face was not very good, so she quickly stood up and faintly said: "Just use the two chosen by Sang Chen."

Deputy Director: "Yes."

Jiang Yuhe left, so Wen Yu naturally followed, and the assistant director announced the selection immediately behind them.

The two actors happily high-fived to celebrate.

Wen Yu looked back and saw the envy and loneliness in You Xin's eyes.

Wen Yu felt a little distressed.

However, when her eyes were taken back from You Xin, Wen Yu and Sang Chen's eyes met again unexpectedly.

The other party did not provoke her this time, just looked at her lightly.

But it was this expressionless stare that made Wen Yu feel embarrassed at being suppressed.

This kind of sentiment stayed with Wen Yu until she returned to the office, her whole body looked melancholy and lacking energy.

Jiang Yuhe didn't notice it, and asked her as soon as he walked in the door: "I let you read the script, what were you looking at just then."

Wen Yu lowered her head and said nothing.

"How many times have I said that the choice of actors is not based on subjective preference, but on character analysis and plot needs.

You like the actor named You Xin, but her height and facial features are not suitable for Long Fei's role at all."

"An actor like Sang Chen can see the main point in the roles.

I taught you for so long but you can't see it You said that you want to come to work and learn things, have you been sincerely learning while sitting here every day

"Well, I'm not as good as Sang Chen.

I'm not as professional as her, not like her where you can understand each other’s thoughts." Wen Yu suddenly stood up, "Are you satisfied"

Jiang Yuhe: "You—"

But without waiting for him to say anything, Wen Yu had already walked out with a bang.

Wen Yu knew that You Xin would definitely feel sad right now, so she called her when she went out, to comfort her.

Although, she was even more sad.

She didn’t know what to say about this kind of sadness.

Wen Yu is very clear that Jiang Yuhe’s words are right.

She really likes her subjectively, and she really wants to push for You Xin out of her own selfishness.


He first turned her down in front of Sang Chen, and later praised her.

This feeling is too bad.

Wen Yu sat down in the coffee shop and waited for You Xin.

She waited for almost half an hour for her to come.

"Why did you suddenly call me out, shouldn't you be in the company" You Xin asked after sitting down.

Wen Yu lowered his head and bit the drink in the straw, "I don't want to see him."

"Fighting again"


"What's the reason for it this time"

Wen Yu originally wanted to talk to You Xin, but when the words came to her lips, she thought--

She was already turned down for the role, is it worth talking about your little problems

So she shook her head, "No quarrel, I just wanted to comfort you, don't be unhappy, there must be other opportunities."

You Xin laughed, "Why should I be unhappy Aren’t I happy right now"

Wen Yu thought this person was stupid, "Are you okay, why are you so happy"

You Xin took out a copy of a document from her bag, "Just after my interview, I was called by the artist department of Yasheng to sign a contract with me, and "Quest for the Dragon Files" also gave me a third level female role.

It’s said that Jiang Yuhe appointed me, as I am very suitable for that role.

I just went to talk about this."

Wen Yu: "......"

After a while, Wen Yu seems to understand something.

You Xin didn’t know Wen Yu’s temper tantrum in the office, and she was still guessing: “I saw the look in Jiang Yuhe’s eyes when I was in the audio-visual hall just now.

It looked like if you wanted the stars from the heavens, he would immediately go pick them for you.

So honestly, did you want him to do this"

After calming down, Wen Yu's face burned a little hot, and shook her head: "He is not the kind of person who doesn't distinguish between public and private."

Or else, just then, he would not refute her.

Wen Yu regretted a little.

She should have known Jiang Yuhe as a person, he has always separated public and private.

He will definitely see that You Xin is talented.

It was she herself who vented her emotions on Sang Chen inexplicably.

Why the hell is she going crazy

Wen Yu hammered her head and hurriedly opened WeChat to say sorry to Jiang Yuhe.

You Xin was still immersed in the joy of signing a contract and said to herself: "By the way, I heard that Shen Mingjia has been burnt up recently.

Two days ago, he called and asked me for your new WeChat account.

I guess he suspected that account was you."

Wen Yu frowned and looked at the phone, then raised her head suddenly: "Did you tell him"

"How is that possible"

Wen Yu turned the phone to You Xin, and there was a new friend request in her account.

Both of them are familiar with that name.

Shen Mingjia.


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