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Fortune Telling (3)

Wen Yu got out of the car.

Originally, she just wanted to spend some time taking a stroll, but after looking around, she found this night market to be quite interesting.

5 yuan beef noodles, 30 yuan woolen sweaters, 50 yuan small leather shoes and many more; they were cheap little things that Wen Yu had never seen before.

In the past, these things would have never been able to enter her world.

Wen Yu walked alone, and finally sat down beside a flower bed.

She was surrounded by lively crowds.

Everyone had a different look on their faces.

There were young couples holding hands, a family of three who came out for a walk after dinner and there were 16 to 17 year old students in school uniforms.

The joys and sorrows of individual human beings were not the same.

Wen Yu never thought that everything she had would be gone so easily.

She looked up at the dark sky.

When thinking of Shen Mingjias scornful expression as he told her to go home and see, Wen Yu couldnt help but clench her fist.

It turned out that the man who smiled at her in the sun, secretly lined up to buy her milk tea, and patiently called to remind her about her three meals a day, was just interested in her wealth from start to finish.

This was not cheating, but malicious deception.

But now, Wen Yu couldnt do anything except hit him a couple of times.

After all, she couldnt even take care of herself.

At this time, an uncle who came out from nowhere said indifferently, “Miss, are you going through something difficult Do you want me to take a look at your fortune”

Wen Yu looked to the side and found an old man with a gray beard.

He was holding a cane in his left hand and two large walnuts in his right hand, looking very energetic.

… The business scope of this night market was quite wide.

They even have fortune tellers.

She shook her head mockingly.

“No money, cant afford a reading.”

“How is it possible” The old man stroked his beard: “I see the ladys forehead is full, the chin is rounded, the bones are well formed, the lips are red, and the voice is clear.

You are obviously from a wealthy family!”

“…” Wen Yu nodded reluctantly, “That was true in the past, but now Im bankrupt.”

A trace of embarrassment flashed across the old mans face, and he immediately said in high spirits, “But your forehead shines, your nose is high, and your temples are well structured.

At first glance, it is the life of great wealth and nobility.

From what I see—”

Wen Yu looked at him in anticipation.

“Bankruptcy is just a fated disaster to your success.

As long as you cross this period, you will surely soar in the future.”


A ray of light suddenly appeared in the darkness.

She sat upright and actively spread out her palms.

“Tell me more about it.”

The old man immediately took out a QR code from his pocket.

“20 yuan for a small telling, 50 yuan for a detailed explanation.”

Wen Yu hesitated for a second and lavishly chose the detailed explanation.

In the next ten minutes, the old man analyzed Wen Yus so-called fate, what the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches were… All kinds of professional terms came out, and Wen Yu was enthralled.

“Trust me,” the old man concluded with a pat on his chest at last.

“As long as you get past tonight, your blessings will come, to the point you cant stop them.”

Outside the night market was a narrow one-way street.

Wen Yu stood at the zebra crossing and waited for the pedestrian lights to turn green.

As she waited, she looked at the lucky charm she had just paid another twenty yuan for.

The old mans words are still echoing in his ears.

“One talisman in your hand and you can have the world.”


One dared to brag and the other dared to believe.

Wen Yu, who had left the brainwashing scene, gradually thought back and smiled.

It was also because she was in a bad mood tonight and eagerly needed an outlet to rely on, so she was obsessed with listening to him for so long.

And also wasted dozens of yuan.

He said blessings will come after tonight so obviously all difficulties will begin tonight.

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As if I would believe you.

The pedestrian lights switched to green and Wen Yu bowed her head while walking forward.

She was about to find a trash can and throw the broken talisman away.

A harsh braking suddenly screeched from far away, before it quickly reached her.

The world quieted down instantly and Wen Yu felt as if she had become a ball of cotton, floating in the air and then quickly falling.

Her last memory was a fading sound, the dazzling car lights, her body that was hit, and amongst the haziness…

A man who came to her side.


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