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What Did You Call Him (1)

The moment the kiss fell, Wen Yu was at a loss.

She imagined various scenarios where she was scolded by Jiang Yuhe, but she has never thought that it will be the current one.

This is completely over the top.

This kiss is just like Jiang Yuhe, domineering and powerful, leaving no room for retreat.

The air seemed to be stagnant, and gradually warmed up at the place where the two met.

At first, Wen Yu’s hands hung down on both sides at a loss.

Her mind was blank because something so unexpected happened.

Her reaction slowed until the gradually thinning oxygen made her feel that breathing became difficult.

She finally recovered from her daze.

What is she doing

What is Jiang Yuhe doing

What are the two of! Them! Doing!

Astonishment, panic, doubt, and responsive feelings finally surged.

Many pictures flashed rapidly in Wen Yu's mind.

When she and Jiang Yuhe met for the first time.

She watched him walk into the concert surrounded by countless people.

She sent him the note in a seductive manner.

She woke up from a car accident and saw him, who was cold as ice, and the schemes she worked hard on in order to go home with him.

In every picture where they get along, like a movie, those images flashed quickly frame by frame.

Until the end, Wen Yu suddenly woke up--

...Jiang Yuhe is her older brother!

At least, in the world they fabricated and constructed, they are brother and sister.

So what are they doing now...

Too crazy.

Wen Yu, who finally recovered, pushed Jiang Yuhe away.

She panted lightly, and she could see the lust in the man's eyes in the dimness.

Wen Yu knows what this look means.

She was even more panicked because of it and avoided his sight.

After a few seconds, without saying anything, she turned around, opened the door and fled.

Back in her room, she closed the door.

Wen Yu leaned behind the door, and her heart was beating like a drum.

She blushed as if she had a fever and used the back of her hand to try to calm the heat but couldn't get the heat down.

Like the temperature of his lips, it was surging and warm.

Unexpectedly, it spread all over her like a heat wave.

Wen Yu couldn't figure it out, couldn't figure out why this happened.

She squatted down slowly with her head in her arms, still unable to calm down for a long time.

At this moment, there was another knock on the door.

"Yuyu." Jiang Yuhe's voice.

Wen Yu's heart jumped fiercely and then she stood up.

They were obviously separated by a door, but she was still at a loss.

She dare not speak.

In fact, she didn’t know what to say.

"Open the door." Jiang Yuhe said outside the door: "I have something to tell you."

Wen Yu couldn't wait to gag his mouth quickly.

Don't say anything.

Don't say anything right now.

I beg you.

I just want to calm myself down.

Wen Yu pursed her lips and whispered to the door to refuse: "I, I'm going to sleep."

There was silence outside for a while, and he did not keep talking.

Hearing Jiang Yuhe's footsteps leaving, Wen Yu also breathed a sigh of relief.

The surrounding was quiet, and Wen Yu's mood slowly calmed down.

She stared out the window in a daze.

What just happened was not an illusion, nor a joke.

She and Jiang Yuhe kissed.

This is her first kiss.

The most frightening thing is that, in terms of relationships, this is a story of an older brother suddenly kissing his younger sister.

Although she has no blood relationship with Jiang Yuhe, she has really gradually placed him in Wen Qingyou's position during this period of time.

But Wen Yu didn't know why, when she was kissed, her heartbeat would speed up, she would blush, even for a few seconds——

She actually has a kind of hazy, uncontrollable indulgence.

If it wasn't for a trace of reason that allowed her to withdraw herself in time, would she have responded to him

Wen Yu closed her eyes and buried herself in the quilt, not daring to think about that moment again.

She didn't dare for a second.

It felt like she has done something that violates morals and ethics, and she felt a little ashamed while panicking.

Well, she must have been single for too long.

While dating Shen Mingjia, there was a constant feeling of loneliness, and she had no close contact with him at all.

That's why she was so sensitive when touched by a man.

Maybe she can use loneliness to explain it, but what about Jiang Yuhe

What does he mean

He said he didn't want to be her brother anymore, could it be...

There was a guess in Wen Yu's mind, a guess that best fits the meaning behind this kiss.

But she couldn't believe it.


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