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What Did You Call Him (2)

After thinking for a long time, Wen Yu sent You Xin a WeChat:

Wen Yu: [I want to ask you something.]

You Xin: []

Wen Yu: [Right, I have a friend.

She and her boss usually have a normal boss-subordinate relationship, but today the boss suddenly kissed her and said he didn’t want to be her boss anymore.

What do you think that man means]

After sending this sentence, Wen Yu waited anxiously for You Xin's reply.

She deliberately changed the relationship between herself and Jiang Yuhe for a similar relationship, fearing You Xin would see through it.

After a bit, You Xin replied.

[He doesn’t want to be a boss and wants to be a husband instead.

What else is there】

Wen Yu: "..."

Before she could reply, You Xin sent another one: [According to the law that a friend of mine is usually yourself, did your good brother kiss you]

The tone was full of gloating, like a bystander watching a good show.

Wen Yu was speechless for a while, and threw the phone aside sullenly.

What bestfriend Can’t you even leave her some of her pride

Even if you see through it, don’t tell me.

Wen Yu rubbed her forehead, still not convinced that Jiang Yuhe would have those thoughts about her.

With the phone beeping again and again, Wen Yu thought it was still You Xin, so she picked it up and took a look.

This time it was Wen Qingyou.

[Are you home safely]

Wen Yu typed quickly: [Hmm.]

[Did he trouble you]


[If you can’t decide, I can help you.]

Wen Yu didn't know what Wen Qingyou meant, but she had no intention of guessing right now.

Her thoughts were full of Jiang Yuhe's unexpected kiss.

It completely disturbed her heart.

Wen Yu didn't reply to Wen Qingyou and buried her face in her arms.

Now let’s not say whether or not to leave.

Just thinking that in the past she was the sister who, in the past would act coquettish to her brother every day and follow him around like a little tail, had now actually kissed him.

Wen Yu no longer knows what expression she will use to face him when she gets up tomorrow morning.

This foreseeable embarrassment made Wen Yu feel uncomfortable alone in her room.

That night, she hardly slept.

Tossing and turning, over and over again.

All that appeared in her mind was the kiss that happened while trapped by Jiang Yuhe behind the door.

Even in her dreams she could not escape.

These emotions stayed with her until she woke up the next morning.

But after hiding in the room all night, she can’t keep avoiding him.

Even if she can hide for a while, she can't just keep hiding like this and not come out.

Fearing that the two would be embarrassed when they met, Wen Yu thought for a while and sent a WeChat message to Jiang Yuhe.

[I feel a little uncomfortable today.

Can I ask for a day off]

Soon she received a positive reply from Jiang Yuhe.

Wen Yu's body finally loosened a little.

She sat in the room, watching the time pass nine o'clock.

Thinking that Jiang Yuhe must have gone to work, she went downstairs to eat something.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she walked down the stairs, she saw Jiang Yuhe sitting at the dining table.

Hearing the sound, he also looked over.

Looking at each other, Wen Yu's face flushed.

Her heart beat sharply for no reason, and she subconsciously wanted to turn around and run back to her room.

But the Aunt Shi’er, who didn't know anything, called out to her: "Why did it take so long for you to get up The young master has been waiting for you for a long time.

Come down quickly.

I made you peach gum and bird's nest for beauty and youth.

It will make you white and tender, quickly."

Wen Yu: "..."

Since Aunt Shi’er said so, Wen Yu squeeze a fist secretly as if to cheer for herself.

She took a deep breath--

Yeah, why are you hiding

Hiding for what

It's not you who forced him to kiss, it should be him feeling guilty or blaming himself!

He can sit there and eat leisurely, why can't you

Be confident and go down for your breakfast!

Pretend nothing happened, be calm and poised, and keep your composure!

After giving herself a deep psychological pep talk, Wen Yu raised her head and tried to walk on as usual.

When she walked to the dining table, she still sat beside Jiang Yuhe like before.

When Aunt Shi’er gave her bird's nest, she picked it up and ate it without saying a word.

Jiang Yuhe had finished eating, but didn't leave, so he just sat by her.

He didn't seem to plan to go to work today.

He is wearing casual clothes that are very homely, which is a bit softer than the usual sharp black suit.

Wen Yu could feel his gaze watching her the entire time.

This feeling was like a thorn piercing her back, especially after last night.

Wen Yu could no longer look directly at the eyes of her brother.

She kept feeling that her brother's eyes were a little bit immodest.


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