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Stall Market (5)

However, as one can only bend to the will of a situation that is stronger than oneself, Zheng Wan just smiled and said nothing.

Meanwhile, seeing that the blushing female cultivator was not speaking and just looking at him with her bright and clear eyes, Li Siyi couldn’t help but say, “Little cultivator, what about letting Yu Qing accompany you for a while”

That was exactly what Zheng Wan wanted.

It was only then that she understood the true meaning of pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger.

To be able to do so, one had to first be an experienced tiger.

She was now still a feeble little piglet; using this Li Siyi as a tiger to suppress others wasn’t a bad idea.

“Thank you, Zhenjun.”

She lifted her lips in a smile.

Li Siyi thought to himself, it was understandable if his Little Junior Brother did indeed have a relationship with this person in the mortal world.

That smile almost made his own heart that was steeled by cultivation falter.

However, he said, “I don’t know what happened last night— Little Junior Brother was clearly in the midst of closed-door cultivation, but he suddenly went out in a hurry.

Before we could even react, he had already used the Earth Shrinking arts and left.

Later, I heard that he went to Xuanyi Pavilion to catch an adulterer— do you know about this”

The two were walking side by side, and Zheng Wan would stop from time to time to ask for the price of this or that.

In the end, she spent another three hundred and fifty Yuan beads on two reams of yellow paper.

“Oh” Her face remained unchanged.

“Was there such a thing”

Li Siyi looked at her probingly, trying to discern the truth.

“He even gave the other party his Heavenly Plume Incandescent Robes—”

“—Heavenly Plume Incandescent Robes” Zheng Wan exclaimed, then covered her mouth, “Pardon, I lost my manners.”

That was the Heavenly Plume Incandescent Robes

She had heard that one of those cost more than a hundred top-grade Yuan stones.

Momentarily, Zheng Wan couldn’t quite understand what Cui Wang’s intentions were.

Did he actually care for her or not Or was it simply that he had too many Yuan stones and didn’t think this was anything valuable

Thinking of this annoyance that day, the possibility of the latter was higher.

Although she couldn’t remember the things that went on in the secret realms, Zheng Wan clearly remembered that when Cui Wang was sixteen years old, he accidentally entered an ancient immortal sect and obtained the entire treasure trove of the immortal sect.

“It’s fine,” Li Siyi shook his head and smiled, his peach blossom eyes bright and flirtatious.

“My Little Junior Brother is usually such an uncommunicative bore who doesn’t even speak.

So, when this rumour came to us, most of us in the sect don’t believe that it’s true.”

“However, that Heavenly Plume Incandescent Robes has a rather curious backstory.

It was something that happened in the summer of this year.

At that time, my Little Junior Brother and I went to Taibai Sect on behalf of Guixu Sect to celebrate the promotion ceremony of their sect leader.

The sect leader’s daughter was wearing Heavenly Plume Incandescent Robes and looking very beautiful.

When we left, Little Junior Brother went to the Heavenly Finery Pavilion and bought one.”

Li Siyi grew excited as he spoke, “Back then, I thought Little Junior Brother was moved by that number one beauty and wanted to give her clothes to please her, but who knew, Little Junior Brother seemed somewhat unhappy after he bought it, and never took it out again.”

Zheng Wan had already stopped paying attention.

For some reason, the Phoenix Jade on her chest had begun to heat up.

The more steps she took, the hotter it got; she tried taking a few steps back, and the heat began to subside.

Could it be that something ahead was attracting it

Zheng Wan let herself follow the feeling until she stopped in front of a stall.

When she stopped, both parties were taken aback.

The stall owner was actually the black-clothed server who fed her Hongxin fruit and drank wine with her last night at Xuan Yi Pavilion—Shu Yuan

But she clearly remembered that Shu Yuan was a mortal.

Yet, the aura that he was currently giving off was like that of a Centring stage cultivator, albeit his face was rather pale.

But this has nothing to do with her.

Zheng Wan leaned down and concentrated.

Finally, she found that when she touched the crescent-shaped forehead accessory in the lower left corner, the Phoenix Jade became terribly hot.

At that moment, a hand picked up the forehead accessory.

“How much for this”

Zheng Wan looked up and found that it was another familiar face— Ming Yu Zhenjun.

Why was she here

Meanwhile, Li Siyi had already shut his fan.

He greeted Ming Yu Zhenjun with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, “What a coincidence, Zhenjun.”

To him, there was no such thing in this world as a woman who wasn’t cute, except for this tigress in front of him.

Zheng Wan looked at the forehead accessory in Ming Yu’s hand.

For some reason, a vague feeling rose in her heart that if she let this item slip, she would definitely regret it bitterly.

She had to think of a way to obtain it.

“Thirty low-grade Yuan stones,” said Shu Yuan.


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