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Chapter 15: Something Happened to Her

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Mo Rao stood alone by the late night street. There were only dim street lights around her.

She was alone and her body was pitifully slender. She looked forward with empty eyes. That scene made Fu Ying feel suffocated.

For a moment, he wanted to get out of the car and bring her back.

But Qu Rus call rushed him again. He looked at Mo Rao deeply before stepping on the accelerator.

As she watched the car disappear at the end of the night, Mo Raos tears couldnt help but fall. Her heart ached so much that she couldnt breathe.

About five minutes later, Gu Hais car appeared.

But he got out of the car and looked around, but he didnt see Mo Rao.

He was a little nervous and quickly called Mo Rao to ask where she was.

However, her phone was already switched off!

He was screwed!

The ominous feeling in Gu Hais heart instantly became stronger. He didnt dare to hesitate and called Fu Ying immediately.

However, Fu Ying didnt pick up the phone!

Gu Hai was really anxious.

Gu Hai called a few times before Fu Ying finally picked up. His voice was very low, as if he was afraid of disturbing the person beside him. “Did you pick her up If you did, send her home directly…”

“President Fu, the Young Madam is missing! I looked around but didnt see anyone. Her phone is also turned off!” Gu Hais voice was trembling.

Fu Ying immediately raised his voice in a panic. “How could that be Send someone to find her immediately! Check the surveillance cameras and search the entire place!”

Gu Hai quickly replied, “Yes!”

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After hanging up, Fu Ying realized that his heart was beating rapidly. He didnt dare to imagine what would happen if Mo Rao was really in danger.

Gu Hai followed Fu Yings orders and checked the surveillance first. As expected, there were clues.

Not long after Fu Ying left, a wretched and fat man appeared beside her. He grabbed Mo Rao, covered her mouth, and forcefully dragged her into a nearby alley.

They couldnt see what happened in the alley.

Gu Hai was covered in cold sweat and nervously sent this footage to Fu Ying.

After Fu Ying finished watching, his expression was already livid. He clenched his fists tightly. He pursed his lips and stood up to leave.

“Fu Ying! Whats wrong!” Qu Ru was sleeping soundly. Seeing that Fu Ying was about to leave again, she immediately got up and grabbed his hand.

“Something happened to Mo Rao.” Fu Yings voice was very low.

However, when she heard this name, Qu Ru said without thinking, “What can happen to her Could it be that she doesnt want you to stay here with me and deliberately put on an act”

Fu Yings expression darkened and his gaze changed, but his tone was firm. “No.”

He knew Mo Rao too well. Although this woman didnt want to divorce him, she definitely wouldnt use such a method. Otherwise, she would have already coaxed the two women from the Fu family. Divorce would have been impossible.

Mo Rao was so innocent that it made ones heart ache.

Qu Ru wanted to say something, but hesitated. She was afraid that she would ruin her good image in Fu Yings heart if she continued. She could only suppress the unwillingness in her heart and pretend to be kind. “Alright, go back quickly. Ill wait for you here.”

Fu Ying nodded and turned to leave.

Qu Rus hand gripped the blanket tightly while the veins on the back of her hand bulged. She gritted her teeth with anger in her eyes. This little vixen, Mo Rao, really had some tricks up her sleeve!

But she wouldnt lose. Fu Ying could only be her man!

Fu Ying raced over. Gu Hai was already waiting there. When he saw him, he immediately handed over a cracked cell phone. “President Fu, its Young Madams cell phone. Its broken.”

No wonder her phone was switched off.

Fu Ying took the phone and his heart ached. Mo Rao must have suffered a huge impact to the point that her phone fell and broke. He didnt dare to imagine what that bastard had done to her in the alley!

His gaze was bone-chilling as he gritted his teeth and ordered, “Find her! Find her even if you have to dig three feet into the ground!”

Gu Hai didnt dare to delay and continued to think of ways to find Mo Rao.

Fu Ying held the shattered phone tightly. There was only one thought in his mind, and that was to ensure that nothing happened to Mo Rao.

If anything happened to Mo Rao, Fu Ying would probably never forgive himself, much less explain himself to Old Madam Fu and Mo Wan. He was the one who chased her out of the car and placed her in danger. All of this was his fault!

He wanted to divorce Mo Rao, but he definitely didnt want to see her suffer like this!


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