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After Leaving The CEOShe Stunned The World Chapter 23 - This Man Is Fickle

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Chapter 23: This Man Is Fickle

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“Oh right, Aunt Lin, dont tell Fu Ying about these things. He likes to make a mountain out of a molehill. I dont want to go to the hospital anymore, nor do I want to take medicine,” Mo Rao added.

Aunt Lin replied, “Okay, okay.”

After lunch, Mo Rao found some documents and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

She and Fu Ying had arranged for a divorce at three oclock.

But when it was half-past three, there was still no sign of Fu Ying.

Helpless, she dialed Fu Yings number. “Where are you Youre not here yet”

Fu Ying hesitated. “Where”

“Didnt we agree to get a divorce at the Civil Affairs Bureau at three oclock” Mo Rao explained patiently. “Well talk to Grandma after the divorce is done.”

Fu Yings tone instantly turned cold. “Im not free today.”

“Im going to fulfill you and Qu Ru, but you arent free” Mo Rao felt baffled. Shouldnt Fu Ying rush over quickly This was something he had dreamed of.

“I dont know,” Fu Ying replied impatiently.

Mo Rao took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in her heart. “Give me an exact time. The divorce procedures actually dont take long. You only need to take half an hour.”

Fu Ying smiled coldly. “Are you in such a hurry to divorce me To draw a clear line between us”

Was she in such a hurry so that she could be with the young police

Fu Ying was very unhappy when he thought of this possibility.

“Who was the one who urged me to tell Grandma about the divorce Who was the one who told me that he had to get a divorce to be with his true love”

Mo Rao was so angry that she laughed. “Fu Ying, youre so good at slandering me. Im just following your instructions. Youre the one who wants a divorce. Youre the one who doesnt have time. What do you want me to do”

Mo Raos question irritated Fu Ying. He didnt know what was wrong with him.

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But he had already told Qu Ru that the divorce would be postponed.

“Thats all. Well talk when I have time. Otherwise, Im afraid I wont be able to get the money I promised you.” Fu Ying used the money to threaten Mo Rao again.

Mo Rao found it ridiculous. “You still think that I married you for money, dont you”

Fu Ying believed that she wanted to marry into the Fu Family and become a rich young madam with the help of Fu Yings grandma, who was indebted to her parents.

“Isnt that so” Fu Yings words were very hurtful.

In his heart, Mo Rao had always been like this. She was vain and materialistic. However, after she married Fu Ying, she had never asked for anything or had any selfish motives.

Fu Ying was the one who took the initiative to give her those things. She didnt know if he was rewarding her for being sensible and obedient or rewarding her for being passionate and unrestrained in bed.

However, Mo Rao didnt want those. She only wanted Fu Yings heart.

“Since you think that way, Ill let you be. But I can tell you very clearly that not only do I not want your money now, but I also dont even want you. Stop wasting time. I know you can rush over to get a divorce. Hurry up!”

Mo Raos voice turned cold from disappointment. Fu Ying felt unhappy.

Why was her tone so arrogant now

His expression darkened. “No!”

Then he hung up.

When Mo Rao called again, he didnt pick up.

He was really crazy. Did he not want to be with Qu Ru anymore Impossible!

Just as Mo Rao was wondering what Fu Ying was up to again, a gentle voice sounded. “Mo Rao Why are you here”

Mo Rao turned her head and was surprised to see Lin Qun. “Lin Qun, why are you here I have something to do. What about you”

She was too embarrassed to say what she was here for.

Divorce wasnt a glorious thing after all.

Lin Qun replied, “There is a case that requires us to look for the suspects personal information. Have you completed your task”

He wanted to treat her to a meal.

Mo Rao shook her head in disappointment. “No, it can only be done next time.”

“Alright, then Ill treat you to a cup of tea nearby. I know a tea house thats not bad.” Lin Qun looked at the sky. It was too early to treat someone to a meal, so they could only drink tea.

Mo Rao was also in a bad mood. Furthermore, it was Lin Qun who had saved her, and she had always wanted to treat him to a meal to express her gratitude, so she replied, “Lets have a meal nearby. Ill treat you.”

“Alright.” Looking at her serious expression, Lin Qun knew that if he were to reject her, this little lass would definitely feel bad, so he might as well agree.

The two of them left the Civil Affairs Bureau together and found a mid-range restaurant nearby to eat.


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