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After Leaving The CEOShe Stunned The World Chapter 27 - Taking the Blame

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Chapter 27: Taking the Blame

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After Mo Rao said all this, she looked at Qu Ru mockingly. “Did you hear that Ive already urged him to get a divorce, so if he hasnt gotten a divorce, then its not my problem. Please dont use those despicable methods on me!”

With that, she left.

She knew that she couldnt touch Qu Ru. She came here just to expose Qu Ruzhens true colors.

She stumbled out. Fu Yings eyes were filled with worry.

Earlier, she had said that Lin Qun had saved her. Was the blood on her also Lin Quns

Was she hurt

Fu Ying didnt think too much and immediately chased after her.

“Mo Rao!”

He grabbed Mo Raos arm.

However, Mo Rao was already exhausted. At that moment, she felt her entire body collapse and she fainted.

Fu Ying was shocked. He immediately carried her and ran towards the doctor.

When Mo Rao woke up, she was already lying on the bed.

Fu Ying was beside her. When he saw that she was awake, his voice was hoarse as he said, “Youre awake Are you feeling better”

“Im fine.” Mo Rao replied coldly.

“The doctor said that you were agitated and your body is weak. Thats why you fainted. You just need to rest well.” Fu Ying wanted to cover Mo Rao with the blanket but was stopped.

Mo Rao wrapped herself tightly in the blanket and said sarcastically, “How Im doing shouldnt have much to do with you. You shouldnt be accompanying me.”

Hearing her cold words, Fu Ying was a little irritated. “Mo Rao, even if we want a divorce, your parents have saved my grandmother after all. I have the responsibility to take care of you even after we get divorced. You think too lowly of me!”

“Tsk, after sleeping with you for three years, all I got was you saying that my parents are your grandmas saviors, so taking care of me is your responsibility” Mo Rao mocked.

Savior and responsibility. In any case, she wasnt his wife.

“If thats the case, why didnt you come to the Civil Affairs Bureau today” Mo Rao tried hard to calm herself down. “If were divorced, then you can marry your sweetheart.”

“We can talk about this later.” Fu Ying didnt seem to want to talk about this.

“When will it be When I agree to donate my bone marrow to Qu Ru” Mo Rao curled her lips. “Unfortunately, I wont donate it. I wont even die.”

Not only did Qu Ru snatch away the man she loved, but she even wanted her life, and caused Lin Qun to fall into a coma.

She wished Qu Ru would die!

“If we dont divorce, will you agree to donate your bone marrow to her” Fu Ying asked after a moment of silence.

For Qu Rus life, was he really willing to be trapped in a loveless marriage for the rest of his life

Fu Ying was really devoted!

Unfortunately, this devotion had nothing to do with Mo Rao.

Mo Rao shook her head. “No, Fu Ying, Ive changed my mind. I dont want to be with you or donate my bone marrow to Qu Ru. Ive already been a fool for three years. Im going to live my own life from now on.”

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She finally came to her senses. It was torture to keep a man who didnt belong to her.

If he continued to pester her, it would only make her look more pathetic and pitiful.

“Mo Rao, dont refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit!” Fu Yings voice turned cold.

“Who are you going to use to threaten me again My uncle Lin Qun Lin Wen” Mo Rao only felt that it was funny. “Youre quite ruthless.”

“Mo Rao!” Fu Ying was so angry that his face turned livid. “I can promise you not to get a divorce as long as you agree to donate your bone marrow to Little Ru!”

Mo Rao also raised her voice. “Fu Ying, why are you so confident Do you think Ill love you forever just because Ive loved you for so many years No, Ive already moved on, so Im not looking forward to you saying that you wont get a divorce. As long as its not Qu Ru, Ill donate to anyone, even if its a cat or a dog!”

In any case, Qu Ru was worse than a beast!

The meaning of Mo Raos words were very clear. There was no room for negotiation.

Fu Ying suddenly stood up and criticized Mo Rao. “Mo Rao, have you ever thought that if it wasnt for you, Little Ru and I would have been together long ago You made us miss out on three years!”

“Is it me I never thought I had that much power. Fu Ying, back then, as long as you persevered a little, you could have been with Qu Ru. As long as you were willing to give up everything and leave with her, the two of you could have lived together. I didnt force you to marry me. Why is it my responsibility now” Mo Rao laughed as she spoke.

Not only did she lose everything, but he also wanted her to be the scapegoat.

It turned out that in Fu Yings eyes, everything was her fault.

She was a bad person who broke up a loving couple, a sinner who caused lovers to be unable to live happily ever after!


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