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Chapter 28: He Will Definitely Be Fine

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Fu Ying fell silent.

It was true. Sometimes he regretted his lack of resolve, but now that things had come to this, he just wanted to make up for what hed missed.

“Fu Ying, stop guarding me. I wont donate it. If you dare to use my uncle to force me again, just wait to collect my corpse.” Mo Raos voice was very firm. She was even willing to use her death to threaten Fu Ying.

Fu Ying looked at her in shock. He never thought that Mo Rao would be so tough.

In his heart, Mo Rao had always been a little white rabbit, a little kitten, soft and without any deterrence. No matter what he said or did, she would obey.

He was her everything. Her gaze would always follow him.

And Fu Ying also liked this feeling of being needed and liked.

It was only today that he realized that he had been too full of himself. Not only did Mo Rao have a temper and feisty personality, but she was also very impulsive and unyielding.

“Mo Rao, I can understand why youre unwilling to donate your bone marrow, but I didnt expect you to be willing to kill someone for that young policeman. Do you know what youre facing when you point a knife at Qu Ru” Fu Yings voice was extremely cold.

Mo Rao looked at Fu Ying sadly. “Fu Ying, he saved my life. Do you understand”

If Fu Ying truly cared about her, he should be grateful to Lin Qun. Otherwise, he would lose her forever.

However, Fu Ying didnt think so. He felt that Mo Rao was just finding an excuse.

“Alright, take care of yourself. Youd better contact your uncle these two days and see if hes doing well.” Fu Ying was in a bad mood. After saying these words, he turned and left.

Anyone who appeared beside Mo Rao and was important to her would be used by Fu Ying to threaten her.

Mo Rao knew that Fu Ying was pressuring her to compromise. Not only did he want a divorce, but he also wanted her to donate her bone marrow to Qu Ru.

She could understand Fu Yings greed. Who wouldnt be greedy

Mo Rao herself was greedy. In these three years, she had hoped that Fu Ying would fall in love with her countless times.

However, the result was that not only did she fail to win his heart, but he even wanted to sacrifice her life for another woman.

She should have woken up from her dream long ago.

Mo Rao only hoped that Fu Ying would divorce her as soon as possible. Then, she would bring her child away from this troublesome place and lead a simple and ordinary life.

Staying here would only hurt more people.

After resting for a while, Mo Rao left the room to check on Lin Qun.

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The moment she reached Lin Quns ward, she saw Lin Wen, whose eyes were red.

“Little Wen Why are you still here” Mo Raos heart tightened. “Why arent you resting”

Lin Wen had already taken leave to accompany her brother.

How could she sleep

“I dont want to sleep. I want to wait until my brother wakes up,” Lin Wen shook her head.

“You will collapse if you continue like this. Go get some sleep. Ill keep watch.” Mo Rao quickly went to pull Lin Wen.

However, Lin Wen refused to get up. She cried, “Stop trying to persuade me. I dont want to rest. I must wait for my brother to wake up!”

“Little Wen, your brother will definitely be fine.” Mo Rao was actually very worried, but seeing that Lin Wen was so sad, she had to remain calm.

Lin Wens face was pale and her voice was filled with fear. “Yes, my brother will definitely be fine. He will wake up soon. It wasnt easy for the two of us to reunite. He wont bear to leave me behind!”

Mo Rao was heartbroken and anguished.

She hugged Lin Wen and said in a choked voice, “Yes, he wont. How could he bear to abandon such a good sister like you”

“Father and Mother have already left. If my brother also leaves me, I really dont know what to do. Mo Rao, Ive been living a poor life in the foster home all these years. Ive been looking forward to my brother finding me every day. Finally, weve found each other and have the ability to live independently. Everything is progressing in a good direction. Im afraid that it will end abruptly!”

Lin Wen revealed the fear in her heart. Besides Lin Qun, Mo Rao was the only person she could confide in.

She continued to cry silently, “The two of us arent as lucky as you are. You have the Fu family backing you up, and Old Madam Fu likes you so much, so she definitely wont let you suffer. My brother and I really went through a lot of hardships to reach were we are. Im not willing to give up and disappear just like that. Mo Rao, do you understand”


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