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After Leaving The CEOShe Stunned The World Chapter 29 - Wanting Her To Die

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Chapter 29: Wanting Her To Die

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“I understand, I really do!” Mo Rao couldnt help but cry. She gripped Lin Wens hand tightly and replied softly.

Lin Wen finally couldnt hold back her tears anymore. She had been holding it in for a long time.

As Mo Rao watched her break down, she felt extremely terrible inside. Lin Quns injuries were caused by her, so how could she not be affected

“Dont worry. Ill accompany you and wait for him to wake up. Hes so kind and upright. God will definitely bless him!” It was unknown whether Mo Rao was consoling herself or Lin Wen.

Lin Wen sobbed and replied, “Yeah, right…”

After crying for a long time, Lin Wen finally got tired and fell asleep. Mo Rao heaved a sigh of relief. She was worried that Lin Wen would collapse first.

Presumably, Lin Wen hadnt eaten anything, so Mo Rao wanted to go buy some food.

Just as she got up, she saw Mo Wan walk in.

“Mom” Mo Rao was somewhat stunned.

Why was Mo Wan here

Mo Wan looked worried. “I heard you were hospitalized. What happened”

“Mom, Im fine. Ive made you worry!” Mo Rao shook her head and didnt tell Mo Wan about the matter since she was afraid that Mo Wan would worry.

“Youre fine If youre fine, would you need to be hospitalized Why are you so silly Why didnt you tell your grandma and me Do you know that this would make us even more worried” Mo Wans heart ached as she blamed her.

Of course, Mo Rao had thought of this as well. She lowered her head in shame. “Im sorry, Mom.”

That guilty and aggrieved look made Mo Wans expression soften. She was afraid that she would scare her silly daughter-in-law.

But Mo Rao knew very well that Mo Wan was truly concerned about her.

Lin Wen was woken up by their conversation. She was worried about her brother and didnt sleep well.

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“Mo Rao, this is…” Lin Wen was a little surprised.

Mo Rao quickly introduced, “Little Wen, this is my mother-in-law, Mo Wan. Mom, this is my good friend, Lin Wen. Her brother, Lin Qun, is my savior.”

Mo Wan and Lin Wen nodded as a form of greeting before their eyes landed on the bed. They were shocked. “Savior Its that serious”

“Hmm… things are a little complicated.” Mo Rao hesitated for a moment before telling Mo Wan everything.

In any case, if Mo Wan really wanted to know, she could find out easily after checking.

After Mo Wan heard this, her eyes turned cold. “Someone wants to kill you”

Mo Rao nodded.

Who had the guts to lay their hands on the daughter-in-law of the Fu Family

Mo Wan gave off a cold vibe and instructed, “Alright, dont worry. Ill handle this matter.”

She was a lawyer and Mo Rao was her daughter-in-law. She couldnt just sit by and do nothing.

“Miss Lin, thanks to your brothers help, Mo Rao was able to escape death. This way, all the treatment fees for your brother will be paid by the Fu family. Go back and rest first. I will arrange for the best caregiver to take care of your brother. If anything happens, she will contact you immediately,” Mo Wan said to Lin Wen.

However, Lin Wen was worried. She looked at her brother on the bed. “I…”

“Miss Lin, dont worry. You wont be able to take care of your brother alone,” Mo Wan said very seriously. She had always been a resolute woman with strong decision-making skills. Everything she said was very convincing.

Lin Wen could only nod. “Alright, thank you.”

She believed that the Fu Family was more powerful than her.

After Lin Wen left, Mo Wan looked around and asked, “Why are you here alone Wheres Fu Ying”

Mo Rao was silent for a moment, then shook her head.

After one look at her expression, Mo Wan knew what had happened.

After all, Qu Ru was also staying in this hospital.

Mo Wan turned around and left without another word.

Mo Rao quickly followed. “Mom!”

She must not look for Qu Ru. Otherwise, Fu Ying would definitely think that she was causing trouble again.

Moreover, Mo Wan had always been sharp-tongued. She would never treat Qu Ru nicely.

However, Mo Rao couldnt stop Mo Wan. Mo Wan already found out where Qu Rus ward was. With her background and connections, such a small matter could be completed with a snap of her fingers.

At the door of the ward, Mo Wan was about to push the door open when she heard Qu Rus voice coming from inside.

“Is Mo Rao the one whose bone marrow matches mine Fu Ying, tell me the truth!”

Fu Ying paused for a few seconds and said coldly, “Yes, its her.”

Qu Ru was a little anxious. “Then she definitely wont donate to me. She wants me dead!”


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