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After Leaving The CEOShe Stunned The World Chapter 6 - Taking Her Life

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Chapter 6: Taking Her Life

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“Yes, I know.” Qu Ru bit her lips and replied understandingly.

Mo Rao pulled Fu Ying and left the hospital.

When they arrived at the private restaurant, she didnt stand on ceremony and ordered many dishes in one go. “Duck soup, prawn meat dumplings, garlic beef bone marrow…”

These dishes should be very nutritious.

After ordering, Mo Rao didnt forget to ask Fu Ying, “What do you want to eat”

“You can eat. I wont eat,” Fu Ying replied with a cold expression.

Mo Rao smiled. “Thats right. How can you go back to eat with Qu Ru after youre full You can pack some food for her. The dishes here are superb.”

She was still in the mood to ask him to pack the food. Fu Ying looked at her coldly. “She cant eat much.”

Actually, Mo Rao didnt eat much either. Her appetite was only half that of an ordinary person. He didnt know why she had ordered so many dishes today.

“Oh, so Im the one who eats too much” Mo Rao puffed up her cheeks like a little goldfish and looked angry. “No way, no way. Youre the Young Master of the Fu family. Cant you afford to treat me to a meal”

She even crossed her arms over her chest with a disdainful look.

She looked cute and infuriating.

Fu Ying had seen all sides of her in the past three years.

The charming and sexy woman in bed and the cute and obedient woman during daily life were the reason Fu Ying was able to endure the three years of loneliness.

“Just eat as much as you want.” Fu Ying was helpless.

After a while, the dishes were served. Mo Rao immediately ate heartily. She felt that she had become more hungry after getting pregnant. As expected, two people ate more than one person.

Food that was usually not considered delicious was now very delicious.

After she ate for a long time, her stomach was almost full. Mo Rao wiped the corner of her mouth with a tissue and asked Fu Ying, “Dont you want to talk to me About what”

“What did you say to Little Ru just now” Fu Ying asked coldly.

Tsk, he had been waiting to interrogate her!

Mo Rao shrugged. “She said she had leukemia. She said I was the third party.”

“Yes, were waiting for the bone marrow.” Fu Yings eyes were filled with some inexplicable emotions as he stared at Mo Rao. “The bone marrow matching results are out. Theres indeed a match. You know this person too.”

“I know him” Mo Rao was stunned.

“Yes, Rao Rao, you said in the past that you would give up your life for me.” Fu Yings lips parted slightly, and his words made Mo Raos expression change.

After a while, she pointed at herself and asked stiffly, “Are you talking about… me”

Fu Ying was silent for a moment before nodding.

How ridiculous!

Mo Rao suddenly stood up.

Because Qu Ru was back, Mo Rao wanted to get a divorce and hide the childs existence. Now, he wanted her life

How was she going to donate her bone marrow when she was pregnant

“Impossible!” Mo Rao rejected without thinking and said impulsively, “I definitely wont agree. Im already getting a divorce because of her, but I have to donate bone marrow to her as well Fu Ying, what do you take me for”

She wouldnt donate, but she wouldnt tell Fu Ying the reason.

If she knew that it was because of the child, Fu Ying would probably force her to abort the child and save Qu Ru!

This man had already gone crazy for Qu Ru!

She had indeed said that she could give up her life for Fu Ying, but that was for Fu Ying, not Qu Ru.

Did Fu Ying mean that Qu Ru was his life

Mo Raos heart ached.

“Rao Rao, as long as you agree to save Little Ru, I can agree to any of your conditions.” Fu Ying thought that perhaps he hadnt given her enough conditions.

However, Mo Rao blurted out, “Then lets not get a divorce!”

Was he willing to use love to save his true loves life

Fu Ying looked at Mo Rao silently. It was obvious that he hesitated.

He wanted to have both!

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“Dont be too greedy, Mo Rao. Even if I promised you, you know very well that I only did it to save Little Ru, not because I love you,” Fu Ying said coldly.

Was she greedy, or was Fu Ying greedy

Mo Raos face was pale. When she heard Fu Ying say that he didnt love her, she felt a sharp pain in her heart.

She suddenly wanted to ask, “But what if Im willing to accept that you dont love me”

His clear eyes werent as cute as usual, nor were they gentle. There was only deep sorrow and a hint of anticipation.

Fu Yings words shattered Mo Raos expectations. “I dont want to, and youll lose everything.”

“Haha, Fu Ying, you really disappoint me.” Mo Rao didnt expect that even though she was being so subservient, Fu Ying still didnt give her a chance. At this moment, she felt that she was too pathetic!


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