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Chapter 1: I Dont Want a Divorce

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Mo Rao sat quietly on the soft bed. Her clothes were on the ground. She was naked, and her fair body was covered in kiss marks. Her legs were a little slippery, reminding her of the fervor of the lovemaking just now.

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Her long black hair fell over her body and was as smooth as the most beautiful silk. She looked very serene at this moment, but she exuded a bewitching beauty.

“What is it”

A strong hand wrapped around Mo Raos slender waist from behind. His rough fingers rubbed against her smooth skin before he reached down skillfully.

Fu Ying opened his dark eyes slightly and looked at her fair back. However, his hands didnt stop moving. He felt tantalized.

Mo Rao turned around with a flushed face. Fu Ying had always been very skilled in bed. The two of them had great chemistry. Each time, they would only stop when both of them were exhausted.

She held Fu Yings hand and a pitiful look appeared on her innocent little face. “Fu Ying, lets not get a divorce, okay”

When he heard Mo Raos words, Fu Yings hand stopped and the desire in his eyes gradually cooled. His slightly hoarse voice was still gentle. “Rao Rao, arent you the most obedient Why arent you obedient now”

“Qu Ru is back, you know.”

Of course she knew!

Qu Ru was the woman Fu Ying loved but couldnt have.

If not for the fact that Qu Ru was the illegitimate daughter of the Qu family, and the Old Madam of the Fu family wasnt satisfied with her, Fu Yings wife would probably be her now.

As for Mo Rao She wasnt from a wealthy family, but her parents had lost their lives to save the Old Madam of the Fu family and her family background was clean and simple.

In order to stop Fu Ying from thinking about Qu Ru and to repay the Mo family for saving her life, Old Madam Fu forced Fu Ying to marry Mo Rao.

In the past three years, Mo Rao had married into the Fu family and had become Fu Yings wife. They even got along very well. However, she had never entered Fu Yings heart. From the beginning, Fu Ying had told her that all of this was just to satisfy Old Madam Fu.

“But as long as the two of us arent divorced, youre the only Young Madam Fu. No one can bully you, and you dont have to suffer any grievances. Well get a divorce in three years. When the time comes, Ill give you a sum of compensation thats enough for you to live comfortably for the rest of your life.”

Mo Rao had a gentle personality, like a little white rabbit without any offensive power or deterrence. Fu Ying had firm control over her.

So Fu Ying was never worried that she would be disobedient.

However, he didnt know that Mo Rao had never married him for money. She had only married him because of her deep love for him.

Now, her dreams were about to shatter. It was time for her to wake up.

Three years of gentle, considerate, and obedient behavior in bed hadnt made Fu Ying fall in love with her.

Mo Rao said softly, “Fu Ying…”

Her soft and clear voice seemed to carry endless affection every time she called Fu Yings name. It made people want to protect her and possess her so that no one could look at her again.

Mo Rao had a flirtatious aura that was filled with femininity.

Fu Ying sometimes thought that if she used such a voice and tone while lying under another man during sex, he would die of pleasure.

He deliberately ignored the anger in his heart.

“What is it” he asked.

“I… Im pregnant.” Mo Rao mustered her courage to say this. This was her last trump card to keep the man she loved.

Unexpectedly, Fu Yings expression instantly darkened. “What!”

Mo Raos heart thumped, but she repeated, “Im pregnant…”

Fu Ying said without thinking, “Abort it. I wont change my decision because of this child, and I cant let this child become an eyesore to Xiao Ru.”

This was the bond between them and a life!

In Fu Yings opinion, it was just an eyesore to Xiao Ru

What a terrifying man!

Mo Raos heart ached, but she couldnt help but laugh. “Pfft!”

“What are you laughing at” Fu Ying looked at her erratic behavior with a vexed expression.

“I lied to you so you wouldnt divorce me.” Mo Raos tone was relaxed, but her heart was aching.

“You lied to me” Fu Ying was in disbelief.

Mo Rao nodded. “Thats right. If you dont believe me, lets go to the hospital for a checkup.”

She knew that if she didnt deny it, the child would probably be killed by Fu Ying. She couldnt accept it.

Fu Ying seemed to heave a sigh of relief. He didnt want Mo Rao to be pregnant. Even if she could abort the child, it would be very troublesome.

“Thats best. Rao Rao, I dont want any trouble between me and Xiao Ru. If youre really pregnant, I can give you an additional 100 million. As long as you abort the child, itll be good for you too. It wont affect your second marriage.”

Second marriage Mo Rao felt bitter.

She forced a smile. “You dont have to pay much, because Im not pregnant at all. Wed better go to the hospital and get checked, in case you suspect me.”

Fu Ying got up from the bed and his mood seemed to improve again. He hugged Mo Rao, but his hands massaged her soft breasts. He asked, “What are your plans after you divorce me”

Mo Rao was like an obedient kitten as she leaned into his arms. “I want to enter the entertainment industry.”


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