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Chapter 14: Threat

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When they reached Mo Wans room, Mo Rao chatted happily with her.

However, Fu Yings messages kept popping up.

Although she ignored it, her expression was getting worse.

Mo Wan saw this and understood.

It must be her blind son urging her! Didnt he just want to accompany Qu Ru

He even used Mo Rao as a cover.

“Mom, Im a little sleepy. Ill go back and sleep first.” Mo Rao pretended to yawn.

“Alright, Rao Rao. No matter what, you will always be a member of the Fu family.” Mo Wan looked at Mo Rao meaningfully.

Mo Raos heart warmed and she nodded.

When she returned to her room, Fu Ying was already waiting for her.

“Mo Rao, dont make me unhappy!!”

Fu Ying grabbed Mo Raos wrist with great force, causing her face to turn pale from the pain.

“I know you want to see Qu Ru. You can just go. Did I stop you! Why do you have to use me as a cover when youre going to see the woman you love Fu Ying, are you a man or not!”

Why did she have to suffer this She was covering for the man she loved and sending him to see her love rival.

She, Mo Rao, wasnt such a generous person!

Did she not even have the right to be sad

“When you married me three years ago, you knew this day would come, didnt you” Fu Yings eyes were cold.

“Yes, yes, yes. I was too stupid. Three years ago, I thought I could definitely make you fall in love with me. Since ten years ago, I…”

Before Mo Rao could finish speaking, Fu Yings phone rang.

He took the call.

Then, his expression changed and he said gently, “Dont be afraid, Xiao Ru. Ill be right back.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone and ordered Mo Rao coldly, “Go back with me!”

“Im not going back!” Mo Rao decided to fight to the end today.

When she returned, she would be alone in the cold room. Fu Ying wouldnt accompany her.

“Mo Rao, I said not to make me unhappy. You have Grandma and the others protecting you, but your uncle doesnt. Do you understand I have countless methods to make him die without a burial place!”

Fu Ying was completely enraged. He grabbed her chin and threatened her fiercely.

Mo Rao instantly froze, and the light in her eyes disappeared.

“Ill wait for you in the car. Think it through in five minutes. If you dont come down, youll bear the consequences yourself!” Fu Ying let go of Mo Rao and went downstairs.

Mo Raos body softened and she almost fell off the wall.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She bit her lips and tried her best not to cry. Otherwise, Old Madam Fu and Mo Wan would hear her.

She didnt expect Fu Ying to be so ruthless to her for Qu Rus sake.

Thats right. She had forgotten her identity. She was just Qu Rus replacement. What right did she have to go against Fu Ying

She tried her best to calm down. After forcing back her tears, she walked downstairs in unsteady steps.

Fu Ying was waiting in the car. When he saw her come down, he didnt say anything.

Mo Rao silently opened the backseat door and went in. She had always been sitting in the front passenger seat in the past. Now, she knew very well that she shouldnt occupy this seat anymore.

Her change made Fu Yings heart jump. He felt uncomfortable again.

Was this a silent protest

But he didnt like it at all and he didnt want to spoil her.

He pretended not to notice and drove off.

The two of them didnt speak a word along the way. In the past, Mo Rao would always chat non-stop about the entertainment news, television dramas, and which dishes she had learned to cook.

But now, she had changed.

She was as silent as a stone statue.

She should have been aware of her identity, but she always had delusions that she shouldnt have had.

Suddenly, Fu Yings phone rang again. It was Qu Ru.

“Whats wrong Dont cry, Xiao Ru. Ill be right there!” Fu Yings tone instantly became anxious. He didnt even want to send Mo Rao back first.

After hanging up, he stopped the car and ordered Mo Rao, “Get down. Ill get Gu Hai to pick you up later!”

Mo Raos heart ached and she didnt move.

“I asked you to get down!” Fu Ying ordered again with a cold tone.

Mo Rao was dejected. “Its almost midnight now. Arent you afraid that something will happen to me if you let a woman get off halfway”

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Was her safety really not important at all

“Gu Hai will be here soon. You can wait by the side of the road for a while.” Fu Ying didnt change his mind at all.

Mo Rao smiled bitterly. Danger only required a minute to arise. No matter how fast Gu Hai was, she still had to risk her life and wait.

But there was no need to argue. She undid her seatbelt and got out of the car silently.


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