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After Leaving The CEOShe Stunned The World Chapter 17 - Castrate Him

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Chapter 17: Castrate Him

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Mo Rao sighed slightly. “I wont tell them. Old Madam Fu isnt in good health. Telling her will only make her worry.”

Lin Wen nodded and asked, “Have you been alone all these years”

Since she wasnt adopted by the Fu family, she must have lived alone.

Mo Rao thought about her life all these years. Although she had married Fu Ying, Fu Ying had never really cared about her. It was no different from living alone.

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“Mo Rao, youre actually quite lucky. At least you still have the Fu family. My brother and I didnt have anyone to adopt us at the time, and we were forced to separate. We only reunited two years ago,” Lin Wen sighed.

“I didnt expect you to have experienced so many obstacles.” Mo Rao felt that fate was toying with them.

God seemed to like adding fuel to the fire.

Lin Wen looked at the time and stood up with a bitter smile while shaking her head. “Forget it, lets not talk about this. Whats the point of talking about it I have to go to work. Take care of yourself.”

“Ill leave later.” Mo Rao replied.

She was the same as the Lin siblings. They had all witnessed their parents deaths and had the same nightmare. Therefore, it was best for them not to meet. The moment they met, they would recall their painful memories.

Over the years, even if Mo Rao missed these two friends, she would deliberately ignore them and not contact them.

However, they didnt expect fate to make them meet again!

“Mo Rao!” Before she left, Lin Wen suddenly called her name and a relieved smile appeared on his face. “People have to look forward. Ive already moved on over the years. You should move on too.”

Mo Rao was stunned. After Lin Wen left, she smiled.

Yes, her parents also hoped that she would lead a good life, right

But now, she had nothing. The only hope she had was the baby in her stomach.

Mo Rao took the pajamas Lin Wen had left for her before he left and walked into the bathroom to shower. Her body was filled with the smell of blood and she had sweated a lot. She felt extremely uncomfortable.

After showering, she felt more refreshed.

After she discovered that she was pregnant, she couldnt help but touch her abdomen, as if she could subconsciously sense the small life.

“Baby, youre Mommys everything in the future. Mommy will definitely protect you!” Mo Rao seemed to be saying so to herself, but also seemed to be making a promise to the child.

However, the danger was caused by Fu Ying this time. She couldnt get over it.

The man she had loved for ten years didnt even care about her life. How hurtful was that

When she was pulled into the alley by that beast who wanted to rape her, Fu Ying was holding Qu Ru and whispering sweet nothings, right

Mo Raos heart ached.

Fu Ying smoked cigarette after cigarette with a sulky look in his eyes.

It was only when Gu Hai brought the man in front of him that he threw away the cigarette butt and kicked the wretched man a few meters away!

“What did you do to her!”

If not for the fact that he had to find out about Mo Rao from this wretched man, Fu Ying would probably have killed him already!

The wretched mans lips were covered in blood from the kick. He lay on the ground in horror and begged for mercy. “No, no, I didnt do anything. Please spare my life!”

“Where is she!” Fu Ying suppressed his anger and walked in front of the vulgar man before stepping on his back.

“I dont know. Please spare my life… I made a mistake on impulse, but I didnt succeed. She was saved…”

The wretched man cried bitterly.

Fu Ying heaved a sigh of relief. If Mo Rao had really been raped, this wretched man wouldnt have left alive today.

But since he dared to attack Mo Rao, he had to pay the price!

“Gu Hai, castrate him.” Fu Ying turned around. His back figure was filled with a terrifying aura and his voice was extremely cold.

The wretched man pissed his pants when he heard that. He smelled like urine as he begged for mercy.

Gu Hai shot a look at his subordinate, who immediately rushed forward to stop the wretched man, took off his pants, and chopped off the thing under him. Waves of shrill screams sounded.

It was this fools fault for attacking the Young Madam. Offending Fu Ying was courting death!

A man would be useless in the future after he lost his genitals. No matter how beautiful a woman was, to him, she could only be seen but not touched. It would be a lifetime of torture.

This was even more ruthless than breaking this persons arms and legs.


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