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Chapter 19: Angry For Another Man

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Lin Qun hesitated. When he found Mo Raos information at the police station, it showed that she was married.

Was her husband that person called Gu Hai

It didnt seem like it from Gu Hais tone.

Instead, the man who called himself Mo Raos brother seemed more like her husband.

Whether a woman was happy or not could be seen from her eyes. Lin Qun could only see sorrow in Mo Raos eyes.

Was her marriage unhappy

Lin Qun wanted to ask, but he felt that he was in no position to ask, so he could only remain silent.

At this moment, a hurried knock on the door shattered the silence.

“Whos here” Mo Rao asked subconsciously.

Could it be that Lin Wen had returned

Lin Qun stood up. “I dont know. Ill go take a look.”

He went to open the door and saw a cold man standing outside. His eyes were malicious and he looked like he wanted to kill someone. He exuded a powerful and dangerous aura.

Not only was he dangerous, but he could also sense that his identity wasnt simple.

Lin Qun had some impression of this man. He was the current head of the Fu family. In the business world, the Fu family was very established.

Back then, when Mo Raos parents saved the Old Madam of the Fu family, the Fu family sent someone to visit Mo Rao, who had become an orphan. Fu Ying was present.

However, at that time, Fu Ying was still a young boy. Now, he had grown into a mature man.

What didnt change was his cold aura.

Mo Rao also came to the door. She was about to ask who it was when she met Fu Yings dangerous gaze.

She didnt expect him to come so soon!

Mo Rao knew that with Fu Yings power, it was actually quite easy to find her. She just didnt expect him to be so fast.

When he saw Mo Rao standing behind another man, Fu Ying immediately became angry!

Was this the mans home

Mo Rao actually dared to stay in a strangers house alone!

Didnt she know that it was very dangerous

Furthermore, she wasnt wearing her own clothes, but silk pajamas. It was extremely tight, and her exquisite figure was completely outlined. Was she deliberately seducing him!

Fu Ying was enraged just thinking about it!

“Go back with me,” he ordered coldly while suppressing his anger.

However, Mo Rao was expressionless. “What are you doing here Cant you just send Gu Hai to pick me up”

Anyway, no matter what happened to her, Fu Ying liked to send someone to deal with it. The only person who could make him do it personally was Qu Ru.

In that case, he might as well do it to the end so that Mo Rao could give up.

Fu Ying didnt like Mo Raos expression, much less her cold tone. He walked into the room directly.

Mo Rao thought that he was going to be rough and panicked while taking a few steps back.

She staggered and almost fell!

“Be careful!”

Lin Qun caught her in time and was about to ask if she was okay when a powerful force pulled Mo Rao away.

Fu Ying tra[[ed Mo Rao in his arms. His grip was so strong that he almost broke her thin arms. He threatened coldly, “Hes just a small policeman. If you want him to disappear from this world, continue to go against me.”

Mo Raos body stiffened, and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

Fu Ying would use anyone who was good to her as a threat!


Lin Qun had saved her because he owed her a favor. How could she bear to let Lin Qun be implicated

Fu Ying had always been ruthless and she didnt dare to take the risk.

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“Alright, Ill go back with you.” Mo Rao clenched her fists as her eyes reddened.

Lin Quns heart ached when he heard that. “Mo Rao, dont force yourself…”

Mo Rao interrupted him. “I have to go back sooner or later. You dont have to persuade me.”

Lin Qun could only remain silent. He had been a police officer for a few years and could be considered to have gained a lot of experience. His ability to observe people was stronger than ordinary peoples. He could feel that Mo Rao was powerless against him.

“You saved her. I will send someone to give you a generous reward.” Fu Ying glanced at Lin Qun disdainfully.

Lin Qun rejected it immediately. “Theres no need. I didnt save her for money.”

“Its better if you dont reject it. With your family background, I think you need a lot of money. Being stubborn is useless. Only with money can you live more comfortably.” Fu Yings tone was very arrogant.

Mo Rao felt very uncomfortable when she heard his words. “Fu Ying! Are you done”

Was it necessary to mock a person who had saved her

Fu Yings gaze turned cold as he looked at the angry Mo Rao. Was she angry with him because of another man

This was the first time. It seemed like Lin Qun was really important to her.


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