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Chapter 21: Dont Go

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Mo Rao still had many injuries on her body, all of which were left when she struggled.

Bruises were gathered on her waist and thigh.

Fu Ying carried her to the sofa and sat her down. He immediately lifted her skirt and prepared to apply the medicine. It was useless even if Mo Rao resisted.

Her thin waist was filled with marks from being pinched, and there were also marks on her inner thigh. Mo Rao must have resisted very fiercely back then.

Usually, Fu Ying would be this rough as well. If he didnt control his strength, he would leave many marks on Mo Raos body. But this time, it was different. These marks were left by another man. Castrating him was worth it!

If anyone dared to touch his woman, he would die.

There was some medicine at home. Fu Ying was gently applying the medicine for Mo Rao and would even blow at her from time to time, as if he was afraid that she would be in pain.

Suddenly, Lin Quns face flashed in his mind.

Was that little cop Mo Raos next man

He was quite handsome, but how much money could he earn as a police officer Mo Rao would probably suffer if she married him.

Fu Ying didnt realize that his thoughts had gone astray. Jealousy welled up in him, and his movements subconsciously became heavier.

“It hurts!”

Mo Rao couldnt help but exclaim.

Fu Ying immediately came back to his senses. “Sorry, Ill be gentle.”

Unexpectedly, Mo Rao rejected him. She put down her dress. It wasnt suitable for her to be naked in front of this man.

After all, they were about to get a divorce.

“Theres no need. Youd better go back and take care of Qu Ru. If she knows that youre here with me, shell probably be very sad,” Mo Rao said deliberately.

She wanted to challenge Fu Yings patience.

Moreover, she was really tired. She had already proposed to get a divorce first and publicize it later. There was no way out anymore.

Now, she only wanted to consider how she should live after the divorce.

After she had a child, her first consideration was her child.

“Ill leave after you feel better,” Fu Ying replied.

Mo Rao felt that it was ridiculous. She looked at Fu Ying bitterly. “Do you know that I would rather you not come back and just leave like this without ever appearing in front of me again”

He might as well stay by Qu Rus side and not look at her again. No matter how sad and anguished she was, he wouldnt turn back.

That would make her give up completely!

Fu Ying was always like this, sometimes cold and sometimes gentle. She couldnt make a resolute decision when he acted like this.

“Go to sleep. You dont have to care about what I do.” Fu Yings expression was cold.

Mo Rao must have stayed up last night. The fatigue on her face was obvious.

She really couldnt take it anymore. She stood up and walked to the bedroom. Before closing the door, she said tiredly, “See you at the Civil Affairs Bureau at three in the afternoon.”

She would sleep for a few hours and rest first.

Fu Yings eyes were filled with anger. Why was the woman who couldnt bear to divorce suddenly so anxious

It happened after meeting Lin Qun!

It seemed like it was because of that little cop.

She even disregarded his grandmothers health and would rather get a divorce before confessing.

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Fu Ying didnt expect Lin Qun to have such an important place in Mo Raos heart. He pushed open the bedroom door angrily and wanted to ask Mo Rao about it, but he saw that Mo Rao was asleep.

She was really too tired and fell asleep as soon as she touched the blanket.

There were still tears on her pale and pretty face. The corners of her eyes were red and her eyebrows were furrowed in her sleep, as if she was agonizing over something.

Mo Rao had a dream.

She saw her parents corpses. They were dismembered and covered in blood. She trembled. She wanted to shout, but she felt like her throat was blocked.

Not far away, Lin Qun and Lin Wen were crying loudly.

“No! No!!” Mo Rao suddenly cried out sharply, and tears uncontrollably fell from the corners of her eyes.

Fu Ying had planned to leave. When he heard Mo Raos cries, he immediately went forward and grabbed her arm. “Rao Rao Its me. Dont be afraid!”

Mo Rao grabbed Fu Yings hand tightly, but she mistook him for her father. “Dad, Mom, dont go. Can you bring me along”

Fu Ying couldnt wake Mo Rao no matter how he called her. Looking at her terrified and helpless appearance, he felt his heart ache. He hugged her and coaxed her gently. “Its okay, Rao Rao, be good. I wont leave. Ill bring you wherever I go. Dont be afraid…”

Hearing his voice, Mo Rao gradually calmed down, as if she had found a safe embrace.

But as long as Fu Ying tried to let go of her, she would panic and try grabbing things.


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