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After Leaving The CEOShe Stunned The World Chapter 3 - Hiding Pregnancy

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Chapter 3: Hiding Pregnancy

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After Fu Ying finished answering Qu Rus call, he stood up and put on his clothes.

His figure was extremely perfect. His shoulders were broad and his waist was narrow. The muscles on his body were just the right amount, and he exuded sexiness. His extremely handsome appearance made him the dream lover of many women. Moreover, Mo Rao had to admit that this man was also good in bed.

After they had sex for the entire night, Fu Ying was called away by another woman early in the morning. This feeling was very ridiculous.

“Ill leave first. Ill send Gu Hai to bring you to the hospital for a checkup later.” After putting on his clothes, Fu Ying looked aloof and cold again. It was as if last nights passionate lovemaking had never happened.

In the end, he still didnt trust Mo Rao and was afraid that she would lie.

Mo Rao felt sad. She knew that Fu Ying was afraid that she would hide the child and use the child against him in the future.

“Yes.” She nodded obediently and didnt refuse.

“Oh right, find a time to tell Grandma. Dont forget.” Fu Yings voice was still gentle, but there was no warmth at all.

Mo Rao was slightly stunned. “Grandmas health hasnt been good recently. Are you sure youre going to tell her so soon”

Fu Ying said calmly, “Yes, I dont want Little Ru to bear the burden of being known as a third party.”

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As long as they werent divorced, Qu Ru would always be a third party. She was already an illegitimate daughter. If she were to be condemned as a third party, she might not be able to take it.

He even disregarded Grandmas health just to make Qu Ru feel better

For the sake of his true love, Fu Ying was quite cold-blooded.

Mo Rao realized that she had lost miserably.

She smiled and said in a soft voice, “Okay, but I have to get ready too. Can you give me a few days”

Fu Ying leaned over and kissed Mo Raos forehead gently. He said softly, “Sure, but dont disappoint me, Rao Rao.”

His gentleness was like a knife that cut Mo Raos heart into pieces.

Her smile was filled with bitterness. “Why would I Havent I been obedient enough in the past three years Have I ever made you angry”

Fu Yings expression darkened with mixed emotions.

Indeed, as a wife, be it in daily life or in bed, Mo Rao was impeccable.

Especially in bed. No matter what outrageous request Fu Ying made, Mo Rao would agree to it and always cooperate with him while enjoying the pleasure. Every time, he couldnt bear to stop.

“Yes, its good that you know.” Fu Ying retracted his thoughts to prevent himself from feeling more reluctant the more he thought about it.

He picked up his coat and left the room.

Mo Rao sat alone on the bed and looked at the empty room. Was this going to end

She smiled bitterly. In the future, this room and this bed would have a new host.

After trying her best to calm down, Mo Rao stood up, took a shower, and changed into a set of elegant clothes before preparing to go see Old Madam Fu.

Unexpectedly, Gu Hai was already standing by the car and waiting for her respectfully the moment she stepped out.

“Heh heh, how fast!” Mo Rao changed from her usual obedient and sensible self and rolled her eyes. Her tone was very unhappy.

Gu Hai smiled dryly. Mo Rao acted obediently in front of Fu Ying, but she was feisty in front of others and had a temper.

“President Fu asked me to bring you to the hospital,” he replied politely.

Mo Rao opened the car door angrily. “Fine, Ill go. I want to go to Guotai Hospital!”

Guotai Hospital was the best hospital in the city and was ranked top three in the country.

Of course, it was the most expensive.

This was also where her parents used to work and where she was born.

When she was young, she would always come to Guotai Hospital with her parents to play. The nurses and doctors there were very good to her. Whenever her parents were busy, they would help watch over her.

Only here could she hide the pregnancy.

When they reached the hospital, Gu Hai followed Mo Rao closely until they reached the Gynecology Department.

Mo Rao stopped him. “Stop.”

Gu Hai looked at the sign at the door and an awkward expression flashed across his face. He could only reply, “Ill wait for you here.”

President Fu was supposed to accompany her. After all, they were husband and wife.

He didnt know why he had sent an assistant.

Mo Rao entered and closed the door. When she saw the doctor, she greeted, “Aunt Chen.”

Chen Meng looked up and instantly stood up in shock. “Xiao Rao, its really you. I thought you were someone with the same name!”

Mo Rao smiled. “Its me.”

“Youre here to check if youre pregnant” Chen Meng was shocked.

“Ive tried it with the pregnancy test kit. Im probably pregnant, but I need your help to hide it.” Mo Rao revealed a pleading look.


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