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After Leaving The CEOShe Stunned The World Chapter 8 - She Didnt Want It

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Chapter 8: She Didnt Want It

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“Mom, Im here to see Grandma. Since Grandma is going to rest. Ill go back now.” Even if Mo Wan didnt ask, Mo Rao also told them the reason she came.

As she looked at her gentle appearance, Mo Wans heart ached.

Mo Rao was too sensible. She hid everything inside and never complained to Old Madam Fu. She let Fu Ying do whatever he wanted.

“Spend the night here. I asked the kitchen staff to buy wild Yellow Fish. It tastes good,” Mo Wan said calmly.

Although she was asking her to stay, her attitude didnt change at all.

Everyone in the agency had mentioned to her that although wild yellowfish were expensive, they were very nourishing. She inexplicably thought of her thin and fragile daughter-in-law.

She had planned to ask Fu Ying and Mo Rao to come back and eat with her.

Now that they had bumped into each other, Mo Rao might as well stay and eat.

Mo Rao knew that yellowfish was very expensive. She had eaten it with Fu Ying in the past and it was very delicious. However, when she thought of the fishy taste of the fish, she felt her stomach churn.

It was as if she had already smelled blood!

She couldnt help but retch, but she didnt vomit anything. She just covered her mouth with her hand and tried to calm down.

“Whats going on” Mo Wans expression changed, as if she was suspecting something.

“Mom, my… stomach hasnt been well recently. I went to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor said I should pay attention to my diet and rest well.” Mo Rao immediately explained when she saw the change in Mo Wans gaze.

Mo Wan seemed to be a little disappointed. How good would it be if Mo Rao was pregnant

She actually quite wanted to have a grandchild.

Suddenly, she asked, “Qu Ru is back. Did Fu Ying tell you”

Mo Rao pursed her lips and didnt reply. Mo Wan knew immediately when she saw her expression.

She knew how her son was.

The moment Qu Ru returned, Fu Ying had definitely changed. How could Mo Rao not feel it

Mo Wan wasnt a person who placed importance on status and naturally didnt have any objections to Qu Rus identity as an illegitimate daughter. However, Qu Ru was too scheming and definitely didnt get close to Fu Ying because she loved him.

“Go to the room and rest for a while. Ill ask Fu Ying to come back for dinner,” Mo Wan said to Mo Rao.

Mo Rao nodded. “Okay.”

When Mo Rao returned to her room, Mo Wan shook her head gently. Fu Ying didnt cherish such a good wife. If he really married Qu Ru in the future, Fu Ying would probably regret it.

She dialed Fu Yings number. “Go back to the old residence immediately. Otherwise, bear the consequences!”

Before Fu Ying could reply, the call was already hung up.

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Fu Ying frowned. He sensed something from his mothers tone.

The first thing he thought of was whether Mo Rao had gone to complain.

He wanted Mo Rao to convince his grandmother, not to complain. The process was very important.

Fu Yings expression became increasingly ugly. He was angry, and his eyes were terrifyingly cold.

Qu Ru was frightened. She asked carefully, “Fu Ying, whats wrong”

“Its okay.” Fu Ying didnt want Qu Ru to be worried.

“Did something happen to Mo Rao Does she not want a divorce” Qu Ru bit her lips.

“Im not sure yet. Ill go back.” Fu Ying took his coat and prepared to leave.

Qu Ru quickly asked, “Then are you coming back tonight”

Her hand grabbed the corner of Fu Yings shirt tightly.

Fu Ying looked down at her pale face. “Yes.”

Only then did Qu Ru smile and let go. “Alright, Ill wait for you, no matter how late it is.”

When she returned this time, she must snatch Fu Ying back. No matter how long she had to wait, she wouldnt let go. She was the Young Madam of the Fu family!

The moment Fu Ying left, Qu Rus gaze immediately became vicious. She wished she could make Mo Rao disappear completely!

“You still have the nerve to come back”

When Fu Ying reached the old residence, Mo Wan was already waiting there. Her tone was very harsh.

He frowned. “Mother, what happened”

Mo Wan sneered. “I should be the one asking you this question, right Why are you staying at the hospital all day and night I heard that you havent been to the company these two days. Did you go to the hospital to check if theres a problem with your reproductive function”

“Mother, what are you talking about Im fine!” Fu Ying was speechless.

Mo Wan was even more unhappy. She asked directly, “Then why dont you want a child Isnt it because you cant give birth”

“Its not that I dont want it, but Mo Rao doesnt want it.” Fu Ying pushed all the responsibility to Mo Rao with a calm expression.


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