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The speculations ensued with several comments.

[What is the organizer implying Is this how they treat Sister Yaoyao because she is kind]

[Who doesnt know that Sister Yaoyao can dance well She is a graduate of a professional dance school.

With Sister Yaoyaos qualifications, who is she going to give her seat to This is shady!]

[Thats right! Our sister is so outstanding.

She must have offended someone! ]

[I think someone is jealous of our sister!]

In the eyes of Cao Yaoyaos fanatical fans, the organizers must have already decided on the winner.

They were worried that Cao Yaoyaos performance would affect the outcome, so they disqualified her.

This incident quickly rose to the top trending topic in short time.

“The rules for this match are the following: 80% of the total score is from the panel of experts, and 20% is from the preliminary and semi-final rounds.

Each contestant has six minutes to perform.”

When the host finished speaking, everyone was stunned.

However, he also felt that this was not wrong.

A good dancers stable performance was also important.

The audiences eyes lit up when they heard the rules.

[The rating mechanics are very reasonable.

It doesnt seem like there are any schemes, right]

[Thats right.

The nine young ladies seem to have a good relationship.

Why did Cao Yaoyao withdraw from the competition I think there must be something wrong with her!]

[I agree.

This dance competition is held once every three years.

It has always been very prestigious and fair.

I dont believe that theres any shady business going on.]

The competition officially began with all sorts of conjectures and anticipation.

The first one to go on stage was Hua Runxin.

This time, she was dressed as a skylark.

Her movements were agile and light.

She resembled a free and innocent little bird in the forest, ignorant of the world.

It was quite suitable for her appearance.

Her movements were gentle and natural, attracting people to follow her into the forest.

When the time was up, the music stopped abruptly.

Hua Runxin paused in her final action and gave a respectful bow.

A few of the expert judges were whispering to each other and discussing intensely.

After all, it was the final rounds.

Every point had to be carefully thought out.

The image of such a heated discussion also made everyones hearts rise.

Three minutes later, the judges finally came to a conclusion and posted the final result on the public screen.

98.66 points!

Since she was the first one, Hua Runxin did not have any references.

She did not know how her score was compared to the others, and her heart was hanging in the air.

After returning to her seat, Chen Weier gave her a hand gesture, and Hua Runxins mood calmed down a little.

Chen Weier didnt know that her expression had been recorded by the live broadcast camera.

It had directly become the subject of online discussion.

Following that, the second contestant also went on stage.

Her dance was also unique.

She actually sang a samba by herself.

The fiery skirt and her swaying figure attracted peoples eyes.

It could only be said that people who knew how to dance were really too charming!

Chen Weier couldnt help but clap for Contestant No.


Her emotions were even driven by her, and she really wanted to twirl fanatically with her and throw away all her troubles.

After the first dance, Contestant No.

2s score was also very high.

She garnered 98.57 points—not much different from Hua Runxins.

Hua Runxin patted her chest and heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, she wasnt the lowest so far.

This time, it was Xuan Jianings turn.

Xuan Jianing was performing a girl group dance known for its sultriness! After about a minute, Xuan Jianing smiled and grabbed the collar of her trench coat with her right hand, tearing it in half!

Chen Weier was even more stunned by this scene!

Without the cover of the trench coat, Xuan Jianings impressive figure was revealed to the camera.

Her movements were very intense, and they made peoples blood boil!

The netizens were in an even bigger uproar as they were completely mesmerized by Xuan Jianing.

Xuan Jianings final score was 98.72 points.

It was higher than Hua Runxins! However, she still came down from the stage with a calm look.

As a result, when Jianing walked to the contestants seat, she was pulled into Chen Weiers arms.

“Youre too flirtatious! Youre so hot!”

“Aiya, Chen Weier, quickly let go! Youre pressing on my chest! If I get squashed, youll have to pay for it!”

“What are you showing off for!” Upon hearing Xuan Jianings words, Chen Weiers face darkened, and she released her.

This was too much.

She had actually deliberately poked her sore spot!

“Weier, dont feel inferior.

Youre actually fine.

At least President He likes you.” Xuan Jianings smile was extremely mischievous.

Chen Weier directly snorted and turned her head away, ignoring her.

Xuan Jianing held back her urge to laugh and pinched Chen Weiers face before continuing to watch the match.

This scene was captured by the camera!

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