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Chen Weier still remembered the familiar scent on He Xuns body.

In the past, Chen Weier had never leaned close to He Xun, but at that moment, after smelling his scent, she actually felt at ease.

She had done so many things to let He Xun down, but He Xun had been by her side at the last moment of her life.

Even though she was carrying someone elses child, He Xun didnt mind at all and hoped that she could hold on.

At the moment when her consciousness faded, Chen Weier really regretted it.

She felt that she was blinded by lard.

She lost sight of what was more valuable and settled for less.

At that time, she was thinking how good it would have been if they had been together back then…

Therefore, when choosing for her final performance, Chen Weier firmly chose this dance.

She wanted to commemorate the most glorious moment of her life.

Fortunately, she still had a chance to be with He Xun.

Chen Weier was immersed in her memories.

The camera captured her slightly frowning brows several times, as well as the touch of sadness in her expression.

[Oh my god, she looks so sad!]

[Miss Chens current appearance is obviously in a state of emotional hurt.

She must have been separated from the person she loves very much…]

[How could such a beautiful girl face heartbreak ]

[I hope that the lady will get over her emotional hurt soon.

Youre so outstanding, so youll definitely meet someone better!]

After a while, news about Chen Weier swept the internet again, but Cao Yaoyaos fans were even more unwilling to see it.

Sister Cao Yaoyao didnt even have the chance to go on stage.

She was completely suppressed by another person.

Suddenly, they began to mock Chen Weier in a strange way by making a lot of remarks on the official platform.

[When are the organizers going to give an explanation for Sister Yaoyao Why didnt our big sister get a chance to perform]

[To be honest, I suspect the organizers are afraid that Cao Yaoyao will defeat everyone on stage.

After all, everyone can see how capable our sister is.]

[Some people really have thick faces when they talk.

The video is so clear! Your sister was defeated by Sister Chen Weier.

What kind of strength does she have The strength of a second placer]

[How many years ago was that competition Do you actually want to bring it up now If Chen Weier really had the ability, then why hasnt there been any movement in the past few years]

[Thats right! Most of the news related to Chen Weier only surfaced now.

Did you spend money to hype her name If she has the time, she might as well hone her dancing skills.

What was that dance just now It was so unremarkable!]

[What a joke! Even the judges are moved to tears! How could someone be blind Miss Chen Weier is much more talented than Cao Yaoyao.

Anyone with eyes can see that!]

There were several bullet comments that followed.

The fans of both sides started to curse.

Soon, the competition ended.

The nine contestants had finished their dance and obtained their scores.

As expected, Chen Weier won first place in the finals.

She was truly the dancing queen.

Xuan Jianing got second place while Hua Runxin got third place.

Everyone deserved it!

When they went on stage to receive the award, the principal of the dance academy personally presented the trophy to Chen Weier.

Upon seeing a familiar face, Chen Weiers eyes suddenly turned red.

“Principal Liu, please.”

Im so proud to see you dance again! Liu Hongzhi patted Chen Weiers shoulder in relief.

Chen Weier almost burst into tears.

Back then, Liu Hongzhi was not the principal yet.

He was her teacher.

Because Chen Weier had a good image, a good personality, and a talent for dancing, Liu Hongzhi had always wanted to train her well.

And she didnt let him down.

During those years in school, as long as she participated in the competition, she would definitely win.

At that time, Liu Hongzhi had even suggested that she continue to study.

Back then, Chen Weiers face was also full of longing, but later on, she became decadent.

This state continued until Chen Weier graduated.

It was Liu Hongzhi who privately begged Chen Weier to go to the graduation party.

He wanted this child to find the passion for dancing again—to make her fall in love with dancing again!

Chen Weier didnt embarrass him.

Her dancing skills had always been great.

Even if she hadnt danced for a long time, she still easily crushed Cao Yaoyao, who was in second place.

Just when Liu Hongzhi thought that Chen Weier had finally regained her confidence, she seemed to have disappeared from the world.

Later, Liu Hongzhi heard from other students that Chen Weiers family forced her to marry a strange man and even broke up with her first love.

Chen Weiers dance was personally taught by her mother.

She grew to hate Chen Anhe for planning her life, and because of that, she despised dancing.

Liu Hongzhi didnt know why Chen Weier had started dancing again, but she had returned to her normal state, and Liu Hongzhi was proud of her.

“Congratulations to the new dancing queen!” As Liu Hongzhi spoke, he placed the crown on Chen Weiers head.

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