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Although the dance competition had ended, the online war escalated intensely.

[If the organizers didnt force Cao Yaoyao to withdraw from the competition, the championship would definitely belong to Sister Yaoyao!]

[That Chen Weier must be in cahoots with the organizers.

Our sister is so pitiful!]

[Chen Weier is a b*tch! Just look at her face.

She must have slept with one of the big bosses in exchange for this opportunity! Get lost, Chen Weier! You stole our sisters chance! How can you be so thick-skinned!]

Xuan Jianing rolled her eyes as she watched everyones increasingly unpleasant curses.

She did not touch her meal and directly posted on social media.

[Are Cao Yaoyaos fans delusional What a joke! Your kind-hearted, introverted, and easily bullied sister is so passionate in someone elses bed.

Its an open secret that Cao Yaoyao has been using her body to get to the top.

Are the fans blind]

After sending the message, Xuan Jianing immediately forwarded it to the group that Hua Runxin had just created.

She instructed, “Everyone, forward mine or edit it yourself.

Cao Yaoyaos fans are scolding the organizers for forcing their sister to leave!”

Xuan Jianings voice was cold.

In fact, they had seen the news as well.

Everyone was angry, but no one dared to step forward.

After all, they werent as fearless as Xuan Jianing.

Now that Xuan Jianing had already started it, they wouldnt be cowering anymore.

There was someone who took the lead.

The flames of war would not be drawn to them.

Thereafter, the remaining seven young ladies reposted and made their own comments.

[This competition is quite fair and transparent.

If theres really collusion, Cao Yaoyao will probably be eliminated from the first round of auditions! After all, if she wasnt with a certain board member, where would she get the registration form In the past few years, Cao Yaoyao had relied on her body to snatch up so many resources.

Her fans had the nerve to talk about collusion Disgusting!]

[Fans, use your brains.

Would normal people be forced to withdraw from the competition I advise you to go to the police station if you have time.]

[I have finally seen what it means to be the victim.

Cao Yaoyao purposely hurt someone in the dressing room with a pair of scissors, and her fans are still spreading rumors and causing trouble on the internet.

This is amazing.

Whos bullying the honest people]

Countless posts emerged.

All of the contestants who participated in the final rounds released their statements on social media.

They didnt shy away from expressly mentioning her name.

Since another person already took the lead, there was no point in trying to hide it.

Moreover, they were all dancers in the same batch.

How could they not be angry that Cao Yaoyao had snatched their resources

If it was based on her own abilities, they would have been convinced, but what about Cao Yaoyao

Who would be convinced if she only relied on her body

The netizens became even more lively.

[Then, Cao Yaoyao was forced to withdraw from the competition because she intentionally hurt someone.

Was she still in the police station]

[So many people are speaking at the same time.

It seems that Cao Yaoyaos popularity isnt that good Her innocent character was completely destroyed.]

[Didnt Cao Yaoyao just announce her relationship with her first boyfriend She even said that they have been together for a few years, right]

The discussions didnt halt.

Some of Cao Yaoyaos fans had given up on this and quietly deleted their previous comments.

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