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Chen Weier scanned the gazes of the crowd.

She felt flushed all over, so she quickly pulled He Xuns arm.

“Get up quickly.

Lets go home and talk.”

“Alright,” He Xun replied.

He looked at the embarrassed little girl in front of him and stood up obediently.

He pulled her into his arms.

“Weier, you can punish me however you want when we get home as long as you dont get upset.”

Chen Weier pointed at the few women who were arrogant to her a while ago, “I dont want them to appear in front of me.”

He Xun then turned his gaze to the few people who were trembling in fear.

Jin Yujias voice began to tremble, “President He and Madam Chen, Im really…”

“Shut up!” He Xuns expression was cold, and his gaze was like a sharp knife.

“Security, please escort these ladies out!” Old Mr.

Feng also spoke indifferently.

This was his home ground, so he naturally had the final say.

Hearing this, Jin Yujias face turned pale.

Everyone present was a big shot in the business industry, and most of the investment in the film and television industry came from their companies.

This time, Old Mr.

Fengs words and He Xuns attitude had directly sentenced their career to death!

Jin Yujia fell to the ground.

She cried and attempted to grab Chen Weiers leg.

This was her only chance, but before she could touch anyone, she was blocked by He Xun.

“Stay away from my wife!” He Xuns voice resounded throughout the hall.

But Jin Yujia didnt care about her face anymore, “Madam Chen, I was wrong.

Please dont hold it against me.

Give me a chance, please I beg you, please!”

“I dont accept it!” Chen Weier wasnt a saint.

She thought of what Jin Yujia had said to her.

Did she have to let her go just because she apologized

How could there be such a good thing

Moreover, during that time, she really thought that Jin Yujia was the woman He Xun had in his heart.

The shock, heartache, fear, and discomfort were all real.

Chen Weier was really afraid that He Xun would stand against her for another woman.

She was also afraid of seeing He Xuns cold and heartless eyes.

At that moment, she was reminded of He Xuns emotionless talk about divorce with her.

Chen Weier could never forget that feeling.

Therefore, she couldnt forgive Jin Yujia and her followers.

Chen Weier turned around and saw that Luo Xinrui was still standing in the same place.

Although she was far away, Chen Weier could still see her ugly expression.

She would let these people who dared to covet her husband know what the consequences were for provoking her.

“Hubby, Sister Xinrui just said that you have someone you love.

Shes trying to persuade me to part with you on good terms.”

Hearing this, He Xuns cold eyes turned to Luo Xinrui.

In less than a second, he turned back.


Feng, my wife and I will donate another 20 million.

Please ask Miss Luo Xinrui to leave as well.”

Feng Lichen looked at He Xun with approval.

He knew what he wanted and what was more important.

This man was very rational.

“Security! Kick Miss Luo Xinrui out!” Feng Lichens voice echoed in the hall.

No one had any problems with this farce.

The people who affected Chen Weiers mood had been driven out, and Chen Weiers face looked better.

He Xun held Chen Weiers hand.

He didnt have any intention of continuing the business discussion.

At this time, of course, he had to coax his wife.

He pulled her to find an empty seat and sat down.

However, Chen Weier was still angry.

She snorted coldly and didnt look at He Xun.

“Weier, I was wrong.

Dont ignore me.” He Xun quickly held her in his arms and felt the warmth from her body.

It was as if this was the only way he could be sure that she was still there.

“Hmph, Im still not happy.” Chen Weier was tightly held in He Xuns arms, causing her voice to become a little muffled.

“Dont be angry, Ive driven those people out.” He Xun patiently coaxed her.

“By the way, I just watched a little bit of the live broadcast.

However, I already reached the venue before I could finish it.

How was your competition”

Hearing this, Chen Weier proudly raised her eyebrows.

“Go and see for yourself.”

“Alright, Ill see for myself.” When He Xun said this, his warm breath landed on her forehead because they were pretty close.

Chen Weier felt an itch on her forehead.

He Xun seemed to be getting better at flirting with people.

He Xun took out his phone from his pocket and began to search for todays dance competition.

The first news that popped up was about Chen Weier, and various entries were made:

[Champion Chen Weier]

[Chen Weiers Fairy Tears]

[Chen Weiers Confession]

He Xun looked at them one by one, and the surprise on his face was obvious.

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