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He Xun watched Chen Weiers glow on the stage.

Her entire body seemed coated with a layer of holy light as she slowly came to his side.

On the screen, she was a breathtaking woman, and currently, in his arms, she was his soft and fragrant wife.

He Xuns heart was full.

Clicking on the video, He Xun heard Chen Weiers acceptance speech.

Every word was like a hammer, pounding on his heart.

He Xun felt his blood boiling.

This was the first time he had such a strong feeling that Chen Weier loved him.

All of his worries and uncertainties were relieved at this moment.

His love wasnt just one-sided.

His wife also reciprocated it!

He and Chen Weier were in love with each other!

Nothing excited him more than this, and when he opened his mouth again, his voice was already choked with sobs.

He Xun lowered his head to kiss her forehead and said gently, “Madam He is so amazing! I love you so much.”

While He Xun was reading her acceptance speech, Chen Weier heard her confession on stage.

She didnt feel anything when she said it, but now, she only felt her face burning.

She was so embarrassed that her toes curled up.

After hearing He Xuns confession, Chen Weiers heart instantly lit up with fire enough to burn her insides.

Chen Weier responded to his love in a low voice, “I love you too, Mr.


He Xun directly carried Chen Weier and moved toward a remote area.

Far away from the clamor of the crowd, he had a lot of things to say to her.

At this moment, He Xuns eyes were filled with Chen Weier, and Chen Weiers eyes were also filled with He Xun.

“Madam He.” He Xuns low and hoarse voice had an inherent bewitching quality.

Chen Weier seemed to have been charmed by him and subconsciously said, “What is it”

“I want to kiss you.” He Xuns heart beat violently as he delivered the words, but he didnt receive a response from Chen Weier.

It was because Chen Weier didnt seem to have heard him.

She was still in a daze as she pressed against his forehead.

“If you dont say anything, Ill take it that you agree.” After He Xun finished speaking, he sealed Chen Weiers lips without waiting for her reaction.

All the sounds that Chen Weier wanted to make were absorbed into his mouth.

Surprisingly, He Xun exerted rare patience and gentleness to deal with her.

Chen Weier completely melted in his arms.

If it werent for the formal occasion, He Xun really wanted to push her against the transparent floor-to-ceiling window and bully her ruthlessly.

He wanted to swallow her sobs into pieces and leave his mark and breath on her body.

When Chen Weier felt that she was almost suffocating, He Xun finally released her.

The little girls face was red from his kiss.

Her eyes were bright, and her lips were also glistening.

“Ill let you off for now.

Wait for us to get home and take a break.” Before He Xun could finish his sentence, he saw Chen Weier immediately bury herself in his arms shyly.

‘Really, her husband doesnt care about the location and occasion! He only knew how to bully her!

He Xuns expression was satisfied, and his laughter sounded relaxed.

He only felt that his little wife was cute no matter how he looked at her.

She was a feisty empress on the outside, but to him, she was a delicate little princess.

He couldnt help but kiss her forehead again and said gently, “Do you want to get something to eat”

“Alright,” Chen Weier nodded as she replied.

She knew that it was inappropriate for He Xun to not appear in front of others on such an occasion.

He Xun reached out and placed a finger on her lips.

“Your lipstick is smudged.

Do you want to touch it up”

“You!” Chen Weier didnt expect He Xun to say this in such an innocent tone.

She was so angry that she stomped on his foot!

‘Why was her lipstick messy in the first place The culprit actually dared to boast shamelessly

He Xun was in a good mood, and when he saw her coy expression, he laughed even more heartily.

Chen Weier turned her back to him and ignored him, but her hands didnt stop.

She quickly took out her lipstick from her bag and touched up her makeup in front of the small mirror.

After packing up, she glared at He Xun and walked out holding his arm.

As the He couple who donated the most, they were the most eye-catching people the moment they appeared.

Naturally, people took the initiative to talk to them.

“President He, the land in the development zone is not bad.

I wonder if the He family is interested” The person was a middle-aged man in his forties.

He was dressed in a suit and leather shoes while being joined by his wife.

“Whats Boss Mas opinion” He Xuns tone was indifferent.

“Of course, we want to cooperate with the He Corporation.

I dont know if President He is willing to give us this opportunity.” Boss Ma was smiling so widely that his eyes were almost gone.

He knew that he would be able to meet He Xun today, so he had specially attended to get closer to him.

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