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“How about this Boss Ma, ask your secretary to prepare a business proposal and hand it to my assistant, Yang Zui.

Ill give you an answer after reading it.”

He Xun wasnt a person who would give preferential treatment based on relationships.

He should receive a well-executed business plan before pursuing cooperation.

“Ill make the arrangements tonight.” Boss Ma was extremely excited to get such a chance! He then turned his gaze to Chen Weier.

“This must be Madam He.

I have never seen you before.

President He has hidden you so well.

We only just realized that Madam He is a great beauty!”

“Thank you,” Chen Weier smiled and looked up at He Xun.

All the efforts she previously poured had been dedicated to gaining the ability to stand by He Xuns side with confidence.

She could accept compliments with a calm heart.

He Xun also lowered his head to look at his wife.

Their eyes met, and their lips curved up at the same time.

“Your relationship is so good.” President Ma sighed.

He could tell that President He and his wife had a good relationship, so he immediately introduced his own wife.

“This is my wife.

We have been married for 20 years.

Seeing how sweet President He and Madam He are, we old couple are really envious!”

Madam Ma chimed in.

“Thats right.

President He is young and promising while Madam He is beautiful beyond compare.

You two are a perfect match!”

“Thank you, Madam Ma.” No one disliked being praised, and Chen Weier was no exception.

Although she still had a proper smile on her face, her heart was filled with a sweetness that could burst at any time.

As he spoke, President Ma nudged his wife with his arm.

Madam Ma immediately understood and looked at Chen Weier with a smile.

“I wonder what Madam He usually does at home Lets go shopping some other day”

“I might not have the time.” Chen Weier gently shook her head.

After all, she wasnt familiar with the other party.

Moreover, based on the age gap between the two of them, she might as well go with Chen Anhe.

She wasnt stupid.

In order to talk business with Madam He, Madam Ma naturally wanted to get closer to her.

It was just that Chen Weier didnt want to have anything to do with He Xuns business, as it would affect his judgment of work.

“What does Madam He do Youre that busy” Madam Ma was a little surprised.

She had seen many rich ladies who usually came out to drink tea, go shopping, arrange flowers, and kill time.

“My wife is a dancer and also the champion of this years Peach Cup Dance Competition.” Before Chen Weier could speak, He Xun answered first.

His wife wasnt someone who did nothing.

She made him proud!

“Madam He is so amazing!”

The Peach Cup Dance Competition had been held for several years.

Both the participants qualifications and strengths were obvious to everyone.

It was said that many excellent dance artists had been trained in the early years, and some of them were even famous internationally.

The popularity and value of the Peach Cup could not be denied.

“Thank you,” Chen Weier responded as she accepted the compliment.

She had earned it herself.

There had been people paying attention to this side all along.

Now that they heard He Xuns words, they could finally interject.

Of course, their surprise was also real.

They all stared at Chen Weier with wide eyes.

“Madam He is the champion of this years competition Thats incredible.”

“President He, youre so lucky to have such an excellent wife! Im really envious, truly.”

“I originally thought that it was already rare for Madam He to be so beautiful.

I didnt expect Madam He to be so talented.”

The people present were all tactful, and their words were appropriate and pleasant to hear.

Chen Weier was delighted in her heart, but she didnt show it on her face.

“Youre all too kind, I was just lucky.”

In truth, to be able to win the Peach Cup required strength and not just mere luck.

“President He and Madam He are really a good match.

Both of them are young and promising!”

Everyone chimed in one after another.

This time, Chen Weier was really a little embarrassed.

After all, she was still shy.

“Everyone, youre all flattering me,” she said humbly while waving her hand.

“They are not flattering you.

Youre just amazing.

Were the perfect match!” When He Xun heard the words, he immediately added.

However, as soon as He Xun finished speaking, the crowd was filled with sighs.

“President He is really a wife-doting master…”

“If my husband could talk to me like this, Id wake up laughing from my dreams…”

“A man like President He is so warm.

How few are men like him in this country Haha, the man is too rare.”

“Theres only one in the world, and its Madam Hes husband.

We can just forget about it!”

The rich ladies were really jealous.

After all, no one was short of money.

However, how many rich families had feelings for their spouses upon marriage

Even if they did, the wildflowers outside often pounced on them, so how many of them could keep their hearts

Seeing He Xun in this state, they were naturally envious.

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