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Because of He Xuns praise, Chen Weiers face was completely red.

She secretly squeezed He Xuns hand, and He Xun smiled and pinched back.

The two of them just pinched each other like that.

The sweetness was saccharine to the point of bubbling.

Yang Zui, who was standing by the side, felt that he had lost all will to live.

He felt that he shouldnt be here.

He should disappear!

He really couldnt stand seeing other peoples sweetness, and he cried tears of jealousy.

After a while, Feng Lichen stood on the stage and announced who had donated the most money.

He also promised them full participation in a construction project in the disaster area.

This was the main event of the year.

“This year, the Heaven Blessed Charity Foundation received the largest amount of donations, with a grand total of 100 million yuan.

It came from President He, He Xun, of the He Group, and his wife, Chen Weier!”

Feng Lichens voice was transmitted to the audience through the microphone, and the reporters who were allowed to take pictures started snapping away to record this glorious moment.

“President He and Madam He, please come forward and accept the award from the organizers of the foundation!”

He Xun held his wifes arm, and Chen Weier took the opportunity to hold his hand as they stepped onto the red carpet.

Feng Lichen handed the trophy to them with a smile, and He Xun gestured for Chen Weier to take it.

Chen Weiers heart was filled with excitement.

She slightly bent her body and took the heavy trophy with both hands.

She couldnt help but feel thrilled!

This was a form of encouragement from the charity.

More importantly, she could also participate in the construction of the foundations next project.

After Chen Weier took the trophy, He Xun gently placed his hand on her waist and helped her up slightly to allow the media to film her.

When their moment was finished, they got off the stage.

“Theres nothing for us to do now.

Well leave the rest to Yang Zui.

You must be tired today.

Lets go home first.” He Xuns gentle voice came from above her head.

Chen Weier was indeed a little tired, so she nodded.

She had been dancing non-stop since yesterday.

When she participated in the competition, her nerves had been tense.

He Xun could naturally see the fatigue in the corners of her eyes.

“Alright, then lets go—” But before He Xun could finish his words, someone behind him interrupted him.

He turned around and saw a business partner.

“President He, youre too busy, and its not easy to meet each other.

Theres something Im not clear about with the resort project.

Are you free now” The persons attitude was sincere.

He Xun glanced at Yang Zui, who was not far away.

He was also talking to someone.

“Wait a moment.” He Xun nodded politely, then lowered his head and said to Chen Weier, “Ill just talk to him.

You can go over there and sit for a while.

Ten minutes, okay”

Chen Weier looked in the direction he was pointing at.

She was also a little hungry, so she planned to head to the self-help area to eat something.

“Alright, Ill wait for you over there.

A little while is not a big deal.

You guys can take your time to talk.” After she finished speaking, she walked over.

Chen Weier didnt want to delay He Xuns work.

“Im sorry, I only have ten minutes.

Lets make it short.” He Xun looked at the time, and the other party hurriedly nodded.

In the self-help area, apart from the staff, there was only Chen Weier.

Because everyone was busy talking about cooperation, Chen Weier could freely choose from the delicious food on the table.

She picked up a plate and chose a few desserts.

Just as she was about to find a seat by the window, Weier heard a familiar male voice behind her.

She immediately froze and her fingers clutched the edge of the plate tightly.


Chen Weier turned around and saw Nie Suijings hypocritical face.

Why didnt she notice it before

Suddenly, she was not hungry anymore.

She only felt nauseated.

She pretended not to hear him and continued walking with the plate.

Nie Suijing took two steps forward and grabbed Chen Weiers arm, “Weier, I really missed you.”

Chen Weier resisted the urge to vomit and coldly said, “Get lost!”

“Weier, dont be like this.

I know youre sad, sweetie” Nie Suijing looked hurt.

He used to wear this expression when they had conflicts.

Back then, Chen Weier always forgave him because of his expression.

She couldnt bear to see him sad.

But that was all in the past.

After experiencing her previous life, Chen Weier already knew that he deliberately showed such an expression to make her soft-hearted.

After seeing this expression now, she only felt disgusted.

“Please get lost!”

“Weier!” Nie Suijing reached out and took her into his arms.

He murmured affectionately, “I miss you so much.

I chose to be an artist for you.

I want to succeed so badly, and I want to take you back from He Xun.

Weier, youre my one and only!”

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