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“Release me!” Chen Weier felt really anxious.

Not only were the big shots from all walks of life present, but the media also thronged to the venue due to the awards ceremony just now.

Even if there were not many people around, it didnt mean that they wouldnt be noticed by others.

At the thought of this, Chen Weier threw the dinner plate in her hand at Nie Suijing and kicked his legs with her high heels.

She used all the methods she could think of to get rid of this piece of **.

Nie Suijing groaned and almost pushed her away when the thin heel hit his leg.

It was really painful, but his rationality made him hold Chen Weier even tighter.

Holding on to Chen Weier meant ensuring his future.

Nie Suijing painstakingly looked for an invitation and found an opportunity to talk to Chen Weier.

The media was also present.

With all the money he paid, they should be able to snap some intimate photos of them.

“Weier, dont tell me that you really dont have me in your heart Just because hes rich, you fell in love with someone else” Nie Suijing no longer pretended to be gentle.

His voice became sinister.

When he saw the live broadcast of Chen Weiers dance competition, he thought that he was the inspiration for her dance.

In the end, after hearing her acceptance speech, he realized that she was actually talking about He Xun.

If it werent for the crowd, he would have smashed his phone against the wall.

He didnt understand how things had turned out like this.

In the past, Chen Weier had wanted nothing but him.

She had even wanted to abandon everything and elope with him.

She had also promised to divorce He Xun.

In the end, it was as if she had changed into a different person overnight.

Not only did she look at him coldly, but her eyes also had a look of disgust that made him feel embarrassed!

What right did she have to despise him!

She was just a cheap person who despised the poor and loved the rich, so what right did she have to loathe him

“I dont even like you! Release me!” Chen Weier was both angry and scared.

She was angry at Nie Suijings shamelessness, but she was also afraid that He Xun would misunderstand her.

Besides, there were people here, and everyone knew she was Madam He.

If they saw her hugging a strange man here, her reputation would be completely ruined.

He Xun would also be slandered by others.

Unfortunately, Nie Suijing would never listen to her.

Besides, the mans strength was not something a little girl could handle.

He held Chen Weiers jaw and lowered his head to kiss her.


At that moment, Chen Weier even wanted to die.

However, before she could see those nauseating lips, she heard the sound of blows being traded in the air.

Then, the force that bound her finally loosened.

She immediately broke free and ran a few steps away.

She saw Nie Suijing standing in front of her with his head tilted and blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

The next second, Chen Weier was embraced by a warm embrace.

“Wifey, its fine now.” With just one sentence, Chen Weiers originally flustered heart calmed down.

She also put her arms around He Xuns waist and immediately clarified, “This was really an accident.

I didnt know he was here.

When I saw him, I wanted to leave, but he stopped me.

I couldnt break free from…”

“I know,” He Xun interrupted Chen Weier who was frantically speaking.

He saw Chen Weier holding a plate and hitting Nie Suijing with all her might as she struggled.

This was why he rushed over at once and punched the bastard.

He Xun exuded a murderous aura.

Thinking of what Nie Suijing wanted to do to his wife, he wanted to beat Nie Suijing to death!

“Weier, I know I am the one you love,” Nie Suijing raised his head and smiled affectionately.

Following He Xuns punch, everyones eyes in the venue shifted to him.

“You have the heart of a dog! I am going to call the police and sue you for sexual harassment! Youre a shameless lunatic.” Chen Weier didnt want to be seen by others, so she didnt dare to speak loudly.

But now that they attracted everyones attention, she couldnt stand idly.

Therefore, she directly took out her mobile phone from her bag and called the police.

She had to call the authorities.

Otherwise, even if the people in the venue didnt say anything on the surface, she didnt know what kind of nasty words they would say behind her back.

Calling the police would clarify her attitude.

She was being harassed.

She did not have an ambiguous relationship with a strange man!

Nie Suijing didnt expect Chen Weier to call the police, but he was only flustered for a second.

Then he laughed, “Weier, weve been in love for so many years.

Even if you call the police to arrest me now, I wont blame you because, in my heart, youve been my wife for a long time.”

“Youre sick! Go and take a look at your brain! Whos your wife I have nothing to do with you.

Its your own fantasy, yet you took it seriously!” After Chen Weier finished scolding him, she pulled He Xuns arm.

“Lets wait for the police in the car.” She couldnt stay here, because she didnt know what this mad dog, Nie Suijing, would say.

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