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At this time, the He Groups official account also reposted Chen Weiers message with the caption: [Regarding the defamatory and slanderous statements on the internet, we will pursue legal action!]

With such a remark, the farce came to an end.

Chen Weier looked at it for a while more.

After ensuring that there were no more excessive comments on the internet, she turned off her phone with relief.

Chen Anhes call also came at this juncture.

“Weier, whats going on That shameless piece of garbage is here to pester you again” Chen Anhes voice was quite anxious.

“Mom, dont worry.

Ive already solved it!” Chen Weier quickly comforted her.

“He wont have the chance to bother me again.”

“Weier, you have to explain this matter to He Xun properly.

Dont throw a childish tantrum, and dont let him misunderstand! Thats a shameless psychopath.

Dont let it affect your relationship,” Chen Anhe said loudly.

Although Chen Weier didnt turn on the speaker, He Xun, who was standing beside her, could hear his mother-in-law clearly.

He Xun quickly moved the phone closer to him.

“Mom, I was there.

Weier was forced by him.

I wont misunderstand.

Weier and I have already called the police.

Dont worry.”

Hearing this, Chen Anhes heart finally settled down.

She broke out in a cold sweat when she saw Nie Suijing.

She wasnt afraid of Nie Suijing, but she feared that her daughter would become blind and disregard He Xun again.

“Its good to call the police, my dear.

In the future, have a few more bodyguards with you.

If you see him, beat him up! Did you hear that Chen Weier, dont let that useless piece of garbage have a chance to pester you again!”

“Mom, I know! Dont worry.” Chen Weiers nose started to sting.

In her previous life, when she and He Xun got a divorce, Chen Anhe also said the same thing.

“Nie Suijing is a shameless piece of garbage.

Its fine if you dont avoid him, but why did you get close to him Your brain is filled with water, my dear child!”


So many years had passed, and Chen Weier thought that she had almost forgotten about it.

But now that she thought about it, the scene of Chen Anhe pointing at her and cursing felt fresh.

“You and He Xun should rest then.

By the way, I havent congratulated you on winning the championship!” When Chen Anhe said this, she still felt very proud of her daughter.

Chen Weier quietly wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes.

“Thank you, Mom.

Ill treat you to a meal when you have time!”

“Sure, Im going to find a promotional photo and hang it at my companys entrance.

I want everyone to see that the dancing queen of this years Peach Cup is my daughter!”

When she watched her daughter dance on the live stream, she felt very proud.

However, when she saw the scandal between Nie Suijing and Chen Weier on the internet, her proud heart almost jumped out of her chest again.

She was afraid that she would see something that would make her head hurt.

Since Chen Weier went to university, she could tell that Nie Suijing was a man with evil intentions.

She had seen countless people and knew what he was planning with one look!

Nie Suijings house was so poor that even a mouse had to come out crying.

He had been living in the countryside for so many years and could not even live in a brick house.

This man had been trying to snatch a rich girlfriend to change his fate.

How could such a man be a good match for her daughter!

Although she wasnt that wealthy, Chen Weier was also raised with money and power from a young age.

As an ordinary mother, how could she allow her daughter to marry such a man

Now that her daughter had found a good husband, Nie Suijing still couldnt let her daughter go.

She really hated it.

Chen Weiers eyes turned red again when she heard the unconcealed pride in her mothers tone.

In her previous life, because Chen Anhe forced her to marry He Xun, she grew to hate her mother and dancing.

Just like that, Chen Weier wasted more than 20 years of hard work and sweat.

Her love-addled mind ruined her career and devastated her mother.

“Okay, then dont forget to pick a nice one.” Chen Weiers voice unconsciously choked up.

She was afraid that Chen Anhe would hear that something was wrong, so she casually said a few words and hung up the phone.

He Xun immediately noticed Chen Weiers mood and lowered his head to ask her, “Do you miss your mother”

“Yeah, a little.” Chen Weier smiled and brushed it off.

“If youre not busy, lets take your mom out somewhere nice.” He Xun thought that Chen Weier must have been frightened by tonights incident, so it would be good to go out and relax.

“Alright,” Chen Weier agreed and didnt want to contemplate anymore, so she obediently lay in He Xuns arms.

As long as she could be with He Xun, she was fine with going anywhere.

His wifes obedience and submissiveness made He Xun swallow, and his breath became hot.

His kiss gently caressed her from her forehead until he reached her red lips.

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