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After Chen Weier agreed to his words, He Xun couldnt help but savor her slender neck.

It brought him immense satisfaction.

He couldnt get enough of her as his mouth itched to taste more.

Soon, Chen Weier couldnt help but gasp for breath.

“Can I” Weier could only mumble.

He Xun slowly lifted his head from her lower abdomen.

His eyes were filled with surging desire, and his voice was extremely hoarse.

“Um…” Chen Weier watched as He Xuns alluring Adams apple bobbed in his throat.

The flames of desire in her heart also erupted.

How could she reject him

Just now, she was emotionally agitated.

Her tense nerves exhausted her.

Perhaps she needed a hearty round of pleasure to calm her down.

It could be that He Xun was also affected today.

His movements were fast, urgent, and aggressive.

Chen Weier had thrown all her worries to the back of her mind and only knew how to follow his rhythm.

Like the waves on the sea, she was completely submerged in it.

During the period of Chen Weiers competition, He Xun had been quiet for a few days.

Now that he could have fun, he couldnt restrain himself.

The two of them played around until the middle of the night, but the lights in their bedroom remained lit.

However, Chen Weier wasnt the only one who stayed up late.

In her case, the physical and spiritual delights kept her up, and the joy of being satisfied by her lover detracted her from sleep.

Her whole body exuded a different kind of glow.

But this didnt seem to be the case for other people who suffered a sleepless night.

Luo Xinrui looked at Chen Weiers post.

Her eyes were red with anger, and her fingers were so strong that they could almost tear the sheets!

‘Why did He Xun still take Chen Weiers side when he just saw her and her ex-boyfriend in an ambiguous and intimate position Did he actually love Chen Weier!


In the video, He Xun held Chen Weier tightly to his side as if she was his treasure.

It was simply painful for Luo Xinrui to see.

She didnt believe Chen Weiers words.

Did Chen Weier think that everyone was a 3-year-old child

Two months ago, Chen Weier was still planning to elope with Nie Suijing and divorce He Xun.

In the end, He Xun caught her with his own hands.

How come Chen Weier was claiming that she loved He Xun! Her heart was as vicious as a snake and scorpion.

She had completely toyed with He Xun in her palms!

How could this b*tch be worthy of the exceptional He Xun

Luo Xinrui wrecked the bedroom before she calmed down.

She swore that she would reveal Chen Weiers true face to the public! She would let everyone know how bad her character was! Chen Weier was not worthy of standing beside He Xun.

On the other hand, Chen Weier didnt know about the struggle of a certain jealous person.

She and He Xun had been messing around until the latter half of the night.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that it was already bright outside the window.

Chen Weier rubbed her eyes and pressed the alarm clock next to her.

She was suddenly shocked.

‘It was already noon Its all He Xuns fault.

This stinky man!

Chen Weier hatefully cursed at the man who had flipped her over last night!

She had cried and pleaded, but He Xun still wouldnt let her go.

He would always promise that it would be the last round.

As it turned out, he was a big liar who couldnt keep his promise!

Chen Weier was so angry that she kicked He Xuns pillow down!

Since this man who didnt know fatigue had so much energy, then he should just sleep on the floor!



“Ah!” A burst of pain struck Chen Weiers leg.

She had been thoroughly tortured by He Xun a while ago.

Now, she felt numb all over when she moved.

Chen Weier was embarrassed and resentful.

She punched He Xuns quilt twice more in anger before she was satisfied.

She carefully moved her legs out of the bed and casually looked around.

She saw the bin filled with protection rubber, and her face immediately turned red.


Why was He Xun like a wolf in bed It was terrifying.

Chen Weier glanced at the bin again and counted,One, two, three, four, five, six, seven!

He used seven of them!

Ah, this was really seven times in one night!

No, after they finished in bed last night, he carried her, who couldnt move at all, to the shower and did it again, so this man did it eight times last night!

Wasnt he afraid that his body would get tired

What kind of body structure did he possess

Why was He Xun so strong

Chen Weier only managed to wake up at noon.

When she woke up, her back was still sore, and her legs were cramping.

She didnt even dare to move too much.

As for He Xun, who was the culprit, he seemed to have woken up early in the morning.

Anyway, his quilt was already cold, and there was no residual heat at all.

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