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Chen Weier stomped her feet in anger.

She covered her face and wailed.

She just remembered that she had actually thought that He Xun couldnt perform.

It was simply the worlds funniest joke!

Based on He Xuns current behavior, if there was something wrong with his body, what would all the men in the world be like

Chen Weier felt that with He Xuns strength, he could even participate in the competition!

Really, if He Xun worked in a special industry, he would definitely be able to get a lot of customers, right


Chen Weier dragged her heavy steps and carefully went downstairs.

Because of the difference in strength, she couldnt help but write a novel for He Xun in her heart.

She would probably never get the chance to bully him to tears in real life.

At least, in her own fantasy, she could let He Xun live a little more miserably.

Otherwise, her heart would be aggrieved as her body ached in pain.

Aunty Song, who had been busy in the kitchen for the entire morning, saw that Chen Weier had finally come downstairs.

She immediately brought her a bowl of birds nest with concern for her mistress.

“Wheres He Xun” Chen Weier sat down and nourished her stomach with the warm birds nest.

Her hungry stomach immediately felt satisfied, and her whole body felt warm.

However, she looked around and didnt see the figure of that crazy man.


He received a call from the company when he was having breakfast, so he went out.

Before he left, he told me not to wake you up and let you sleep in.” Aunty Song looked at Chen Weiers obviously tired expression and couldnt help but feel sorry for her.

“Madam, are you exhausted”

‘Ahem…Ahem…Ahem…Ahem Chen Weier was suddenly asked this kind of question.

But the question was raised with a face full of concern.

Even if Chen Weiers skin was thick, she couldnt bear it.

Since she didnt expect it, she ended up choking on the food accidentally.

‘Oh my god! Chen Weier avoided Aunty Songs eyes.

“Aunty Song, is it similar to your time then”

Did this mean that newly-wedded men in her time were all anxious and fierce once they tasted the pleasures of married life

“Ah How could my time compare to now Besides, I didnt have such good talent and qualifications as you!” Aunty Song was patting Chen Weiers back.

When she heard her question, she was a little confused.

When Aunty Song was young, her family was poor, so where would she get the energy for it

But why did Madam He suddenly choke

Chen Weier was even more shocked.

What talent

What qualifications

Did she need…the talent and qualifications for that

Where did this come from

Was it really like that!

Chen Weiers mind was greatly bothered.

She even began to wonder if the way she went downstairs today was incorrect.

Why couldnt she understand what Aunty Song was saying

How did she have the talent

“Madam, youre both talented and capable.

You must persevere!” Aunty Song said it with great emotion and sincerity.

However, Chen Weiers face was turning green.

‘Capability How did she become capable

Chen Weier felt that she was a weak chicken in this aspect and could only be ruthlessly bullied! She even cried after being bullied by He Xun.

In fact, she had slept until noon today and still felt as if her body was being run over by a car.

She didnt even dare to take large steps because she could still feel the ramifications of last nights bliss.

Chen Weier denied having the ability.

She felt that Aunty Song must have misunderstood something.

“Madam, youre too humble,” Aunty Song said with a smile.

“If you dont have the ability, then all the women in the world dont need to live anymore.”

Aunty Song felt that Chen Weier was being too modest.

Her capability was obvious to all the viewers in the country.

Everyone recognized it!

How could she say that she didnt have the talent

“Ah” The more Chen Weier listened, the more confused she became.

Could this kind of thing be compared

How could she compete with other women

Could it be that she was too inexperienced

Aunty Song was mature and knowledgeable, right

But Aunty Song really didnt look like that kind of person.

Shes not that open-minded……

Besides, Aunty Song looked gentle, honest, warm, and considerate.

Chen Weier couldnt fathom that she would be interested in that kind of thing.

“Madam, dont be so humble.

Dont deny yourself.

You have to believe in yourself.” Looking at Chen Weiers skeptical look, Aunty Songs heart ached even more.

How could there be someone as capable as her mistress in this world She was too humble.

“Aunty Song, there might be a misunderstanding.” Chen Weier felt that she really didnt have the ability!

Speaking of strength, He Xun was more powerful!

“How could it be a misunderstanding Madam, Im not the only one who thinks so.

Everyone thinks so too!” Aunty Song was a little anxious, and her voice unconsciously went higher!

Her mistress was so great, so how could she feel inferior She had to be confident! As a member of the family, she had to give Madam He encouragement in times like this!

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