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Back then, Ge Wanyi was genuinely eager to learn from him and emulate him!

Unfortunately, Miao Bing was merely concerned with bedding her and keeping her at arms length.

This was not a difficult task for Miao Bing.

Following the speech, Miao Bings assistant approached Ge Wanyi while the crowd was leaving.

The assistant offered her a female lead role in the upcoming Starry Media film due to Ge Wanyis attractive appearance.

Of course, Ge Wanyi was overjoyed.

She didnt expect her luck to be so good.

When Starry Media contacted her, Ge Wanyi went to audition without thinking.

In the end, it became the beginning of her nightmare.

After being rejected by Ge Wanyi, Chen Weier did not give up and called a second person.

She was already a very famous singer, and her name was Nan Liu.

Unlike Ge Wanyi, Nan Liu picked up the call quickly.

“Hello, Im Chen Weier.”

Nan Lius reaction was the same as Ge Wanyis.

She couldnt help but widen her eyes.


‘Could it be that Chen Weier, the one who was hated by many female artists

“Miss Nan, this call is about Miao Bing from Starry Media.

Just recently, he harassed me.

I managed to gather evidence to support my claim.

But I will need more to truly make him pay.

Do you have any other piece of evidence of Miao Bing maliciously harassing a female artist” Chen Weiers sounded very sweet.

Contrarily, Nan Liu felt a bone-chilling cold all over.

‘Miao Bing! She had been avoiding this name for 8 years.

“Miss Nan” The person on the other end of the phone had been silent.

Chen Weier wondered if the other party failed to hear her.

“You said youre Chen Weier.

How can you prove it” Nan Liu calmed herself down and asked.

“If you dont mind, we can talk face to face.

I want to expose Miao Bings evil deeds over the years.

That is why I am looking for people who could help.

If you have any evidence, then meet me.” Chen Weier spoke with a reasonable tone.

Nan Liu heard Chen Weiers words and sneered, “Miss Chen, youre He Xuns wife.

Isnt it easy for the He Group to deal with Miao Bing Would Miao Bing still dare to bully you”

“I want to pursue legal means in holding Miao Bing accountable.

Besides, taking advantage of the He Group would be too kinder for him.” Chen Weiers words were gentle, but her tone was extremely firm.

She couldnt forget the resulting fear from Miao Bings harassment.

Upon recalling it, her hatred ignited once more.

What would have happened if He Xun didnt come in time

He Xun already offered his help when she wanted to deal with Miao Bing before.

However, He Xuns method was nothing more than a business tactic.

He could also hire an investigator to look into a tax evasion possibility and have Miao Bing arrested for it.

This wasnt the result Chen Weier wanted.

Chen Weier would be delighted to see Miao Bing in prison, but he had other much graver crimes.

What Chen Weier was most concerned about was the fact that he toyed with women.

As a woman, she couldnt just stand by and watch.

Moreover, her goal didnt just end with putting Miao Bing in prison.

Her ultimate goal was to let those women who had been traumatized by Miao Bing walk out of the shadows.

In this world, not everyone was willing to trade themselves for their future.

Of course, she also wanted to use this incident to teach young girls nowadays that they shouldnt resort to a shameful shortcut.

Rather, they should strive to take the right path.

Otherwise, they would only suffer in the end.

She also wanted them to know that they could rely on the law to protect their dignity whenever they were preyed upon.

Holding back for being in a disadvantageous position as a woman would only make perpetrators think they were above the law.

Nan Liu didnt expect Chen Weier to say such words to her, and she was completely stunned.

However, she quickly regained her senses and forced a bitter smile.

“Youre President Hes wife, so who would dare to offend you You have nothing to fear even if you want to deal with Miao Bing.

“But we are different from you.

We have to think of our families and ourselves as well.

Theres no one to fall back on.

“Even if we succeed, Miao Bing wouldnt be sentenced to death.

The moment he recovers, he might not exact his revenge on you, but he will not hesitate to take it on us.

Moreover, he doesnt even need to wait for his sentence to end before he can do all this.”

Naturally, Nan Liu had evidence in her hands, but in the past 8 years, she had never thought of questioning Miao Bings innocence.

Because she was afraid!

She feared that he would get revenge.

She would never stand a chance against a high-profile person.

So, she could only swallow her anger and hide all the pain she had suffered.

Nan Liu had no other choice but to deceive herself to keep living.

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