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The crucial issue for Chen Weier was the lack of more substantial evidence.

The sole video in her hands would not be enough to put Miao Bing in jail.

“What should I do” Chen Weier pursed her lips.

Subconsciously, she had already begun to rely on He Xun.

Without realizing it, she would ask for He Xuns opinion whenever she had a problem she couldnt solve.

It felt like he could solve everything with just one sentence.

Her fluffy little head rubbed against He Xuns chest and neck.

His temperature couldnt help but rise a bit.

“Dont move.” He knew it wasnt a good idea to express his desire for her during this time.

It would surely annoy his little wild cat.

In the end, he would be the one who had to coax her.

He Xun pressed her restless little head into his arms and grabbed her little claws.

Unfortunately, he failed to control his strength well and seemed to cause her pain instead.

Chen Weier hissed as she hid her head and pulled out her hand.

She looked at the culprit who didnt know the severity of the situation with tears in her eyes.

She recalled how she was almost unable to get out of bed yesterday because of him.

When she got up, she didnt even dare to take big steps.

In addition to the misunderstanding in the afternoon, she suddenly became a little angry.

“You are not gentle at all! The people on the internet are still praising you, but they dont know that youre a beast!” The little wild cat complained fiercely and wished she could call him a big villain.

He Xun only found it funny, but he still coaxed her in a pleasant tone, “Its my fault.

Did I hurt you Wifey, Im sorry!”

“You are the one to talk!” Chen Weier could only feel her face burning.

“The room is a mess.

There was so much used protection in the bin.

Im too embarrassed to ask someone to go in and clean them up today.”

“So, no one cleaned our room today” He Xun rubbed the stubble on his chin against her forehead and touched her small hand with his large hand.

His voice sounded a little dangerous.

However, Chen Weiers mind was still filled with what Ge Wanyi and Nan Liu had said to her today.

She was thinking about how to solve this problem.

She didnt notice that He Xuns voice was hoarse, and she didnt sense anydanger.

Because she was in his arms, Chen Weier couldnt see the telling expression on his face.

He Xuns expression revealed he was in the mood for something else.

He was brimming with unbridled desire.

Chen Weier lowered her head again and leaned against his chest.

“I cleaned….by myself.”

After speaking, she seemed to have thought of something, and her face became flushed.

She couldnt help but reach out to pinch his arm.

“Its all your fault for messing around so badly yesterday.

I had to wash the sheets several times before I could wash off the marks.” It was unpleasant for her.

Chen Weier then felt that she had exhausted all her strength, but because He Xuns arm was hard and full of muscles, she couldnt move it at all.

“Is your arm made of iron Why wont it budge” Chen Weier complained in a low voice.

She felt that her hands might have turned red.

Meanwhile, He Xun was completely fine.

“My arm isnt made of iron.

Its not hard at all, but another place is, my dear.” He Xun suddenly laughed and took her hand to coax her as he directed it somewhere he pleased.

“Go away, youre so annoying!” Chen Weier quickly pulled her hand out of his and hit his shoulder twice.

Whats wrong with this man

His mind was filled withthat matter every day.

After he had a taste, he was getting more and more indecent.

Was the He Group really getting stronger and more powerful under his control Chen Weier could not help but doubt him.

He Xun was a vastly different person in private and in public.

It didnt enter He Xuns mind that his wife would doubt his work ability.

But this was insignificant.

As long as she didnt doubt his ability in the bedroom, then he could accept anything.

He Xun especially liked his wifes coy and shy appearance.

He wanted to embrace her and caress her properly.

He grabbed her hand again and placed it on his lips to kiss it.

“Youre a stinky hooligan!” Chen Weiers face was completely red from his words.

It resembled a big ripe apple.

With a flushed face, she heated up intensely.

“Alright, Im a stinky hooligan, a big bad guy.” He Xuns eyes darkened.

He suddenly got up from the sofa and walked to the stairs to restrict access to the second floor.

The entire movement was done in one go!

“What are you doing” Chen Weiers eyes widened when she saw his action.

Why did he lock the door for no reason

Werent they just talking about a moving topic and upholding justice

Why…did he want to lock the door

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