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“How are you feeling Did you get injured at that time” Chen Anhe was shocked after watching the video.

She knew Miao Bing, but she didnt think that he would dare to drag her daughter into the mens bathroom in broad daylight under surveillance!

How did people become like this

“Im fine.

Im not hurt at all.

I taught him a lesson at that time, but I wanted to find a few influential artists who had been hurt by him to speak up and prove Miao Bings guilt, but I was rejected.” Chen Weier felt a little defeated as she spoke.

She was even starting to doubt her own thoughts.

Could it be that she was being too idealistic

However, if they relied on this sole footage, it would not be enough to encourage others to step up.

Moreover, his punishment would be light.

When Chen Anhe heard her daughter, she sighed.

“Weier, it would be abnormal if you werent rejected.

No one would agree to this kind of thing.”

“Why” Chen Weier didnt understand.

“Isnt it a good thing to expose a scumbag Should I be lenient on someone who hurt me What is the reason for their reluctance Are they really afraid of his retaliation”

Chen Anhe patted her daughters head and explained, “Youre still young.

Which woman in this world would be willing to admit that she was forced Especially those influential artists, they all had their own reputations to uphold! Their ability to earn is tied to their reputations.”

Chen Anhe continued, “Everyone has their own difficulties.

Youre asking them to expose their past scandals, and its the most difficult thing for a girl to face.

Not many people can withstand this kind of psychological pressure.”

At this point, Chen Anhe thought of her younger self.

She had gotten pregnant before marriage, and the childs biological father had run away with the money.

How much psychological pressure had she been under Back then, her family had insulted her and outsiders had been pointing at her.

She had almost been unable to lift her head.

She had even felt that there was no point in living.

Moreover, in this world, women were always at a disadvantage in such matters.

Public opinion would only suppress the weak.

“I really didnt expect it.” Chen Weier pursed her lips and lowered her head.

She was just going to beat up the scumbag with her passion, but she forgot that her situation was different from those peoples.

She could not let Miao Bing succeed, but the people she found were really hurt.

If they really joined her cause, there would be a lot of nasty comments on the internet! By then, the whole world would know that they had been forced, and their reputations would be damaged.

Moreover, some of the victims were already married and had children.

What would their children, husbands, and family think about this news

How would they face it all

Chen Weier found that her idea of looking for these people was indeed incorrect, and it was the biggest mistake.

She was too idealistic!

In the past, many girls did not dare to call the police when they were aggrieved.

It wasnt that those victims didnt want to take revenge, but that the world had placed too many shackles on girls.

The girls were clearly the ones who were aggrieved, but in the end, they were the ones who got scolded.

There would even be more vicious speculations, and all the blame would be pushed onto the girl.

[Is it not your fault Its definitely because youre wearing too little, you deserve it!]

[He didnt lay his hands on anyone else.

It must be because youre the sluttiest! My gosh, seducing men everywhere…]

[You girls dress too scantily.

Women shouldnt go out.

No wonder you were violated.

You gave them a chance!]


Chen Weier had seen all kinds of vicious words on social media.

Of course, there were different remarks, but she couldnt rule out the malicious ones.

Even some who sympathized were a form of hurt.

“Besides, Weier, you have the He familys support and encouragement.

Miao Bing wont dare to do anything to you after he finds out.

“But if you push Miao Bing too far, will his wife and daughter let you off Do you think they dont know They wouldnt dare to lay a hand on you and would find trouble with others just to vent their anger!

“Weier, you called for them to speak up with you, so you have to be responsible for them! But can you guarantee their safety and that they will never be threatened for the rest of their lives”

Chen Anhes words were like a knife stabbing into Chen Weiers heart.

Chen Weier had also thought about this, but she really couldnt guarantee it.

“Do I have to give up just like that” Chen Weier began to doubt herself, and she was dejected.

“Who told you to give up Since you want to expose him, then use this video to do so.

The impact might not be that wide or influential, but its your best choice.” Chen Anhe held Chen Weier in her arms and gently comforted her.

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