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Although Chen Anhe told her daughter that money was the most important thing in her heart, how could money be more important than her own child

Chen Anhe only had one daughter.

She had taken care of her daughter from the moment she conceived her.

It was only natural that she didnt want to see her daughter sad over this kind of thing.

“Alright, Mom.

Thank you.

I know what to do.” Chen Weier leaned into Chen Anhes arms and smelled the familiar scent on her body.

Her eyes turned red.

Chen Weier really had too little interaction with her mother in her first life.

Chen Anhe was completely different from what she had believed.

She truly regretted quarreling with her mother every chance she could get before.

She never bothered to quell her anger and have a heart-to-heart talk with her mother.

It wasnt until she lost her mother that she began to regret it.

“Dont worry, and be daring.

This kind of beast should be spurned by everyone! You not only have He Xun behind you but also us! Our familys company will back you up!”

“I understand!” Chen Anhes words allowed Chen Weier to regain her courage!

Immediately, Chen Weier proceeded with her plan and posted the video!

At the same time, she edited the corresponding post: [Miao Bing from Starry Media harassed me when I participated in the recent dance competition.

He tried to assault me.

In the past, he relied on his wife to attain his current achievements.

However, he had been cheating on her numerous times! I couldnt post this before because I had to stay focused on the competition.

But now that I have the time, I will make it public today! Please do not be deceived by Miao Bing! To all the other girls, please do not be swayed by other scumbags.

If you have anything to report, please PM me with the evidence.]

After publishing the message, Chen Weier suddenly felt she had cast all her worries away.

She was purely delighted to be able to stand up for the girls.

It made her feel she had done the right thing.

Unsurprisingly, when the netizens saw the post, they were instantly filled with righteous indignation.

They even wished they could enter the video and beat the old bastards head to a pulp!

[A toad lusting after a swans flesh!]

[Shameless old bastard!]

[This man used his strength to coerce a woman and forcefully pull her away from the public! Is he still human]

[As a mother who has a daughter, I have always taught my child to protect herself.

But in the face of a scumbag like him, I dont know how she can survive it.

He should be arrested!]

[A man like Miao Bing is a bastard who is born from a mother but isnt raised by one!]

[Didnt he also have a daughter Didnt he fear retribution]

[Miao Bings relationships are unbelievably messy.

He has harmed countless girls.

To put it bluntly, his mind is polluted by lust.

He might not even let go of his own children!]

[I just want to say that when Chen Weier fought back, I really wanted to join her and kick Miao Bing a few more times!]

At this time, the He group reposted Chen Weiers post again: [Im doing my best for the lady boss.

Please reshare the original post and get a chance to win in our sponsored lucky draw.

Two million in cash will be divided equally among the fortunate 200 winners.]

In less than 5 minutes, there were even more reposts.

After all, they had the chance to win at least 10,000 yuan.

Who would mind having more money

Due to such a scheme, more and more people saw the post.

Some even contacted the police.

This kind of animal should be handed over to the police!

The police were also very responsible.

After seeing the video on the internet, they immediately issued a notice.

[After verification, the video posted by Miss Chen has been confirmed to be malicious harassment by the current president of Starry Media and a criminal offense contrary to good morals.

A formal report has been prepared.

We will make him liable through legal means!]

The statement of the police was equivalent to the official verdict! Miao Bing was certainly finished.

The netizens curses toward Miao Bing became even more intense, and Chen Weier couldnt even read the ugly words.

However, this was what Miao Bing deserved.

She would not pity him.

At the same time, Starry Medias stock plummeted to the very bottom.

Several cooperating companies immediately issued statements claiming that they had terminated their cooperation with Starry Media.

After all, this kind of tainted company would bring bad luck to anyone who got involved!

Everyone in the industry was there for profit, so they naturally wouldnt lose money in vain.

Chen Weier looked at these messages and finally revealed a smile.

She had thought that she was not powerful enough because she could not find a witness to prove her innocence.

She was not confident, but she did not expect the effect to be so much better than she had anticipated!

A beast like Miao Bing should be cursed by thousands of people.

He had to pay the price for what he had done.

There must be something wrong with a company run by such a person.

The people he cultivated were all jackals of the same tribe!

At this time, Chen Weier saw another post being pushed up.

The author of the post was Nan Liu!

[I could finally put the nightmare to rest after many years.

Thank you, Miss Chen, for speaking up!]

Chen Weier was stunned.

She didnt expect that Nan Liu would be willing to make a statement.

Nan Liu previously rejected her.

Given Nan Lius post, did it mean that she was sharing with everyone what happened to her

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