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He Xun finished reading Nie Suijings post and scanned through a few comments.

His eyes were full of emotion.

Soon, he said lightly, “Let the technical department intercept his signal.

If he says anything else on the internet, you and the technical department can pack up and go home to farm.

Dont handle the technical work anymore.”

“Yes!” Yang Zuis head was lowered.

“Also, since he is so disobedient and wants to seek death constantly, find a person who could use some necessary means to make him suffer.

Im afraid he has forgotten the lesson last time.” He Xun closed the tablet.

His expression seemed to be calm.

“Yes!” After he left the office, Yang Zui wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Although President He looked extremely calm, everyone could see that this was a sign of an incoming storm.

Yang Zui felt that if Nie Suijing said anything else, he could not dare to think about it.


Back at the Born From the Sun Studio.

Chen Weier had finally finished writing a part of the plan.

She put down her pen and stretched her arms.

It had really been a long time since she had written anything.

When she picked up the pen again, there was a strange feeling in her heart.

Moreover, she had not written much and already felt tired.

This feeling was even more wonderful.

Chen Weier stretched her neck and took out her phone.

She was about to browse the news for a while, but she was stunned when she saw the replies.

At this moment, Chen Weiers expression was one of embarrassment.

What was all this

[Nie Suijing really loves you.

You must protect him!]

[Although I like you very much, your husband is using his own money and power to ban other peoples accounts.

Its really too much.

Everyone has the freedom of speech.

This is a citizens right.

Is your husband an emperor Why is he so unreasonable [Besides, the Emperor should practice democracy.]

[Little girl, are you really not suffocated by living with He Xun His desire for control is too strong!]

[The man you once loved doesnt even have the right to say a word now.

Dont you have anything to say Do you still have a heart Are you worthy of a good man like Nie Suijing]

Chen Weier felt that these netizens were suffering from schizophrenia.

Two days ago, they were scolding Nie Suijing together.

Why did they speak up for Nie Suijing today

And such a good man!

They could all have that GOOD MAN!

Chen Weier was a little upset, but then she saw that Xuan Jianing had sent her a dozen more messages.

[Is there something wrong with your ex-boyfriends brain Its so disgusting to say such pretentious words online every day! Is he secretly a toad Please stop biting and disgusting people! What kind of judgment did you have in the past How could you fall in love with such a disgusting man Go and wash your eyes.]

Chen Weier was utterly speechless.

What was going on

She had only not looked at her phone for a while.

Why did the news explode like a bomb How could the aftermath be like this

Chen Weier followed Xuan Jianings words and searched online.

Three minutes later, Chen Weier turned off her phone with a pale face.

She almost destroyed her newly bought cell phone! She wanted to curse.

Had Nie Suijing gone completely crazy after being arrested

How could he be so arrogant

Did that scumbag have sh*t in his head

Chen Weier replied to Xuan Jianing: [You dont need to add any more.

Im also very regretful.

Im so regretful that my intestines are about to turn green.

My brain must have been filled with water back then.

Fortunately, its been poured out now.]

Xuan Jianings reply came very quickly.

She must have been arguing with the netizens online.

[Dont regret it just yet.

The internet is going to blow up! Now everyone thinks that you and Nie Suijing are truly in love.

Im also convinced by these people! Did his skull only house a tiny brain Why is he so brainless I dont know what your husband will think when he sees this.

You should go and coax your husband! Dont make your rich husband suffer because of that disgusting toad.

Its not worth it.


Chen Weier lowered her eyes.

Her snow-white fingers clenched her phone tightly.

She bit her lower lip, and no one knew what she was thinking.

After a while, Chen Weier faintly sighed.

In the past, she didnt know people well and had caused a disaster, so she had to solve it herself!

Who asked her to be an idiot back then She still had to wash after getting stained with this stinky dog **.

Chen Weier wanted to find He Xuns account to send him a message, but after searching for a while, she couldnt find it!

Chen Weier suddenly remembered that not long ago, she had blacklisted her poor rich husband.

Wasnt this just adding hail to snow for He Xun

His wife had blacklisted him, and his wifes first love was even spouting nonsense on the internet, saying that it was true love with his wife!

Chen Weier felt that she had accidentally created a dilemma for herself.

It was too terrifying!

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