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“Cough! Cough!” He Xun felt awkward and decided to change the topic.

“Whats this incense”

“Oh…” Chen Weier pulled out from her heart-wrenching emotions and slowly said, “This should be for you to… Well, it has been burning for a while.

Luo Xinrui wasnt there when we were eating, so it should have been lit at that time.”

Because the time was long enough, and the concentration was high enough, He Xun could be affected by the incense after about ten minutes.

“Then, why are you and Luo Xinrui both fine Why am I the only one affected” He Xun frowned.

“Maybe, its only effective on men Just to be on the safe side, youd better get someone to check your body, in case theres any damage.” Chen Weier handed the incense to He Xun.

After all, it could no longer be used.

If there were any more problems, He Xun would go crazy.

He Xun didnt know what Chen Weier was thinking.

He took the incense and said, “I know.

Its getting late, so rest early.”

However, before he could finish his words, Chen Weier interrupted him.

“He Xun, lets talk.”

He Xuns expression froze.

He thought of what had happened today and nodded.

Chen Weier took the lead.

“What I want to say is that a few days ago, Nie Suijing bribed a servant to send me a message.

It has already happened.

I have nothing to say, but I can promise that I will never have anything to do with him in the future.

Im telling the truth!”

After Chen Weier finished speaking for a long time, she finally dared to look up at He Xun.

Seeing that He Xuns face was still expressionless, she didnt know what he meant, which made Chen Weier panic.

“I understand,” He Xun said slowly after a long time.

Chen Weier didnt quite understand what “I know” meant.

“Is there anything else” He Xun asked.

“Um… Just now…” Chen Weier didnt know how to explain what had just happened.

Should she ask him directly Is he suffering from sexual dysfunction No man would ever admit to something like this, right

He Xun thought that she was still bothered by what he had just done.

After a moment of silence, he explained.

“Im very sorry for what happened just now.

I didnt do it on purpose.

I… I was affected by the incense.”

Chen Weier was startled.

So he was saying, “If there wasnt any sleeping fragrance, I wouldnt be interested in you at all”

Chen Weier gritted her teeth and said, “Am I that bad You cant feel any charm from me”

“I didnt mean it that way… I…” He Xun frowned.

“Alright, enough.” Chen Weier didnt want to hear it anymore, because she realized that compared to this, she didnt want to hear it with her ears.

He Xun admitted that he had a problem with his body.

Seeing that Chen Weiers expression wasnt good, He Xun wanted to reach out his hand, but he put it down.

He warned himself in his heart to keep a distance from her and not to make her feel disgusted.

He Xun resumed his cold attitude.

“Then, you should rest early.”

Chen Weier nodded.

After washing up, she found that He Xun had already laid down on the sofa.

She hesitated for a moment before saying, “Do you want to sleep on the bed”

“No need,” He Xuns reply was even colder.

Chen Weier didnt insist.

The next day, the two of them returned to Dongting Lake Villa.

While sitting in the car, Chen Weier was still in a very low mood because she still couldnt accept that He Xuns body truly had a problem!

Sensing Chen Weiers state, He Xuns hands clenched tightly.

She couldnt even be with him for a while Just inside the car

Chen Weier didnt notice He Xuns ugly expression until they arrived at the Dongting Lake Villa.

All she could think of was what to do.

Chen Weier was about to get out of the car when He Xun suddenly grabbed her wrist.

She turned around and glanced at him.

“Whats wrong”

He Xun released his hand.

“Ill get someone to send you clothes today.

What else do you need”

Chen Weier looked at him a few times, so He Xun still didnt believe her and would rather send the clothes in than let her go out.

He even personally sent her back in the morning She sighed.

“Then, you can ask another stylist.

I still want to cut my hair.”

There were too many emotions in He Xuns eyes, but he suppressed them in the end.

“Alright,” he said.

“Then, Ill go back.” Chen Weier got off the car and walked in.

She hadnt been here for eight years, so this villa was both strange and familiar to her.

There were roses on the wall, cherry trees in the yard, and a swing that He Xun had made himself.

She remembered that He Xun had made the swing in a hurry and asked her to try it out, but she still hated him at the time.

After receiving Nie Suijings message, she didnt have the mood to deal with him, so she rejected him.

She didnt realize that He Xun was truly good to her in the past.

The swing was now covered in ashes, and no one had cleaned it up.

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