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Chapter 160: A Child is Compensation

Luo Xinrui was sitting on the sofa.

Although she looked calm, her hands were shaking.

She was so angry that she had to work with such a dirty piece of trash.

At the same time, there were sounds coming from the bathroom.

Luo Xinrui felt better after hearing the sounds, but the smile on her face quickly disappeared.

A private detective had informed her that He Xun had taken Chen Weier to eat hot pot today.

The smiles on their faces stung her eyes.

The god-like man she loved was smiling at another woman.

He even personally fed that b*tch.

Luo Xinrui felt dumbfounded.

She clenched her fists.

Her nails dug into her palms.

She also saw what Chen Weier posted, but she didnt believe a single word.

How could Chen Weier not have feelings for Nie Suijing

A few months ago, she was still on the verge of death.

Why did she suddenly change

Now, Luo Xinruis heart was in pain.

She regretted the people she sent last time.

She should have spent more money.

Otherwise, how could she have failed

As long as she blocked He Xuns informer, she was confident that Chen Weier would die a tragic death on the road!

After a while, Nie Suijing was dragged out by several bodyguards.

His face was so swollen that his eyes could not be seen.

His arm was also drooping.

It was probably dislocated.

“Is the bathroom clean” Luo Xinrui asked.

“I have already wiped the blood off the ground.” The bodyguards knew Luo Xinruis rules.

Last time, when they helped Nie Suijing and Chen Weier escape, they didnt do a good job.

Luo Xinrui taught them a lesson instead.

Now that he had the chance to make up for his mistake, the bodyguard naturally couldnt get it wrong again.

“Thats good.

You dont have to send him food tomorrow.

Hell be hungry for a few days.” After Luo Xinrui finished speaking, she left with her bodyguards.

Of course, the door was locked.

Nie Suijing lay on the ground, unable to speak due to the pain.

He realized that choosing Luo Xinrui seemed to be a wrong decision.


Chen Weier was delighted to eat the hotpot.

It appeared to her that He Xun wasnt affected by this incident.

Her husband even fed her fruits personally.

The love she could feel made her elated.

Chen Weier thought.

‘If I live with He Xun for a few more years, Ill degenerate into a giant baby.

Because she didnt need to do anything else!

He Xun always took care of everything for her.

After returning home, Chen Weier secretly took out something from the closet and carefully entered the bathroom.

When everything was ready, she wore two thin pieces of fabric and shyly lay on the bed while waiting for He Xun.

She waited for a long time until Chen Weier realized that she was getting sleepier by the second.

Why didnt He Xun still come in

Did he need to review something

Did she have to wait for more

In the end, she couldnt figure out the answer to this question.

As a result, she fell asleep from exhaustion.

At this moment, He Xun was still in the study room.

He stood by the french window with a cigarette in his hand.

In fact, he didnt smoke or drink because he knew that Chen Weier didnt like it.

Even when he caught Chen Weier running away with Nie Suijing, he had never lost his composure like today.

There were more than a dozen cigarette butts on the ground.

Which one was more difficult to accept, losing something you never had or losing something you had

He Xun couldnt explain it, but he had reason to suspect that Chen Weier just wanted to give birth to a child to make up for it before leaving with Nie Suijing.

The He Groups technical department was highly capable, but Nie Suijing managed to avoid them.

There must be someone inside helping him.

However, the people in the technical department were all his people.

They were under his surveillance at all times, and no one dared to betray him.

On the other hand, Chen Weier had asked him about this a month ago.

He disclosed a few things when he mentioned the technical department that he was proud of.

Although critical information was not mentioned, anyone who knew the game would be able to find out about it after some time.

How could there be such a coincidence

After she asked, Nie Suijing dodged his pursuit.

He Xun didnt want to suspect Chen Weier, but how could he lie to himself given the current situation

He Xun snuffed out his last cigarette and looked at the time.

It was already midnight.

Chen Weier should be asleep, right

He walked out of the study and returned to his original room.

Even though he had taken a shower, he still reeked of smoke and did not want to disturb her.

The next morning, Chen Weier rubbed her eyes and suddenly remembered that she didnt see He Xun last night!

She immediately felt a wave of regret.

How could he have fallen asleep

Now, she could only seize the time in the morning.

With this thought in mind, Chen Weier quickly turned over, but she was stunned.

He Xun wasnt there!

She reached out to touch his side of the bed.

It was cold.

She got up and looked at the bed sheet.

It was flat and seemed untouched.

This meant that He Xun did not sleep here last night.

Chen Weiers heart sank little by little.

She quickly got up and prepared to change her clothes.

However, when she looked down, her small face suddenly turned red.

The sexy lingerie that was specially prepared last night was really wasted….

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