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Chapter 166: A New You

The video clearly exposed that the teacher had used his identity to force, threaten, and insult the girl.

Xue Lao looked like a scholar, but deep inside, he was a scumbag!

Attorney Xu didnt solve the montage for them.

Only Xiaowens matters were dealt with.

The goal was to let everyone see how much of a garbage Xue Lao was.

Garbage shouldnt be protected.

This type of person should be revealed to the whole world!

Although Attorney Xu complied with legal ethics by not disclosing any specific information about Xue Lao, the netizens did their own digging.

The people uncovered everything about Xue Lao.

They even called the principals private phone to report him.

Of course, there were also people who wanted to know the girl in the video.

After all, people were inherently curious.

Fortunately, Chen Weier had already anticipated and managed the comments.

She had her team suppress the speculating comments regarding the victim.

In this matter, the girl wasnt in the wrong, but she would still be shamed.

If a boy was forced by a female teacher, would anyone say that the boy was dirty

Would they claim that he was slutty

Some people might be even jealous, but in the eyes of the public, girls were bullied because of their own actions.

All the blame fell on the girls.

Public opinion had always been cruel to girls.

Chen Weier wanted to let the girl know that it was not her fault and that she did not need to bear the shackles.

She was free!

Humans used legal weapons to protect themselves when there was unlawful aggression.

This did not mean that a person should be deemed dirty.

Even our own cells regenerate after a period of time.

A new you can be reborn.

Attorney Xu had also called the police.

This was the best way to deal with scum.

Let the public opinion ferment first.

This way, the police would also know what the public desired and make the decision accordingly.

Xiaowens body trembled as she looked at the various opinions on the internet.

Humiliation and pain struck her, and she felt that she could not breathe.

Chen Weier had been sitting beside her the whole time—hugging her tightly and giving her the greatest comfort.

She knew that when girls encountered this kind of thing, they would be unable to untie the knot in their hearts, but Chen Weier still wanted to do her best to enlighten them.

“I think my…classmates can guess it is me because he usually takes care of me.

Everyone can see…” This was what Xiaowen was most worried about now.

On the one hand, she was glad that she had the courage to punish the bad guy, but she was also afraid that her family and herself would be criticized.

“They wont.” Chen Weier hugged her.

“You didnt do anything wrong.

Dont feel guilty.”

Xiaowen raised her head.

Her face was filled with tears, “What should I do if they guess its me” She was at a loss.

In response, Chen Weier smiled.

Her smile was bright and beautiful.

Xiaowen looked at her.

“Just ask them frankly if they have any evidence.

If theres no evidence, then sue them for slander.”

Chen Weier patted Xiaowens head and said, “Although it is the truth, I cant let this become a reason to hurt you a second time.

As long as you say it with certainty, then its not you.”

She continued, “Of course, if the person is a man, we would help you sue and protect your reputation.

If its a girl…you can ask her the same question.

Otherwise, why is she so anxious to find the person Maybe she wants to hide something too”

“What” Xiaowen was dumbfounded.

“You can do that”

“Of course,” Chen Weier raised her head.

“You have to use the same method to deal with whoever you want to deal with.

If there are still people who dont want to let go, you can find Attorney Xu.

Before this matter is completely resolved, we will always back you up.”

“Yes.” Xiaowen clenched her fist and nodded firmly.

Due to the brewing public opinion, Xue Lao naturally became the target of the publics disdain, but he still didnt know what had happened.

He was dealing with work in the office.

When he saw his colleagues, he even greeted them gently.

In the end, the other party didnt respond and even turned her head away.

Xue Lao pushed his glasses up and felt a little strange.

After a while, a female student came in to ask him a question.

When she saw him, she immediately hid far away and went to ask another female teacher.

Xue Laos expression was not good.

This was a student from his class.

How could she look for another teacher in front of him

Xue Lao frowned.

“Im not busy.

If you have any questions, just ask me.

Dont disturb the other teachers.”

When the girl heard this, she turned around and ran away as if there was a dog behind her.

Xue Laos face darkened.

Was this a slap in his face

He remembered that this girl was the class monitor.

Her family was better off than Xiaowens family, but they werent very rich.

It seemed that he had to deal with her.

How could she be so arrogant He might as well move on to her.

He was done with Xiaowen…

Just as he was thinking about it, his phone rang.

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