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Chapter 168: Brave Girl

In the past few years, Xue Lao had used such means to hurt more than a dozen girls.

After seeing Xue Laos fate, they finally had the courage to share what had happened to them.

However, the one who made Chen Weier feel the most uncomfortable was a girl with the IDFlower Falls in the Wind who had posted a public message.

[When I was a first-year student in the university, I got deceived and violated by Xue Lao.]

[I was terrified at that time, but he professed that he really liked me and promised to marry me in the future.

While being blinded by his gentle appearance, I foolishly believed him.

But not long after, the way he treated me got increasingly worse.

He even took an indecent video of me and sold it for money.]

[When I confronted him, he hit me.

He then used violence to force me, and I completely ended up his slave.

But I soon got pregnant.

However, he didnt want to take responsibility.

He denied that the child was his.

That was impossible.

I have never been with any other man besides him.

I was furious and tried to reason with him.]

[He kicked me down the stairs instead.

My child was gone, and because of the massive bleeding, my uterus was surgically removed.

I could no longer be a mother.]

[After my accident, my parents found out about everything.

My mom was so angry that she had a brain hemorrhage and couldnt be saved.

My dad wanted to question Xue Lao, but he got into a car accident and died on the spot.

I have lost everything in one night.]

[But Xue Lao, the abuser, still lived a carefree life.

Now that I have witnessed his retribution, I finally have the courage to walk out of the shadow.

I hope that the girls will learn from my experience and report to the police as soon as they are assaulted.

Dont get rid of the evidence and hand it over to the police! At the same time, I also wish that all the girls in the world wont experience my tragedy.]

Every word and sentence was like a knife stabbing into Chen Weiers body.

The gloominess of the words was far from enough to describe the life of this girl.

Xue Lao had utterly ruined her life!

Chen Weier thought of her previous life when she tried to stop Nie Suijing from going out to gamble with a bulging pregnant stomach.

Nie Suijing kicked her stomach without hesitation.

Didnt Nie Suijing know the consequences of this kick

Of course, he knew, or rather, he didnt care!

After her rebirth, Chen Weier thought that she should just keep a distance from Nie Suijing, but she realized that she shouldnt do that.

Just like this girl, the perpetrator would never have experienced everything she had.

That was the reason why the perpetrator would hurt the next person without restraint!

Chen Weier thought of the despair she felt when she was on the streets asking for help in her previous life.

She was on the verge of collapse, and she was filled with endless regret.

Her hands and feet were cold!

She made a mistake.

She should have put Nie Suijing into his place the moment she was reborn and let him have a taste of the pain she had suffered back then!

By then, he would never have the chance to hurt her again!

Chen Weiers fingers had already turned white as she held her phone.

From this moment on, she was determined to make Nie Suijing pay the price in blood.

The child in her previous life could not die in vain, and she could not be tortured by him for so many years fruitlessly.

There was always a price to pay for doing something wrong!

The police quickly gave a report about Xue Lao.

Xue Lao was charged with raping and assaulting numerous female students.

He would be sentenced to decades in prison.

Of course, Chen Weier and Attorney Xu were also involved in aggravating his crimes.

Attorney Xu even found evidence of Xue Lao threatening to collect benefits from the parents.

With this, Xue Lao could be sentenced to a few more years.

Moreover, every time Xue Lao committed a crime, he would drug the girls.

The police also found the source of the drug based on this information and traced it back to a syndicate that sold illegal drugs across countries.

As one of the buyers, Xue Lao naturally had more evidence of his crimes.

Everyone looked at the police report and finally felt a little comforted.

However, this matter continued to ferment.

Born From the Sun Studio played a great role in Xue Laos retribution, and it had also given courage to countless girls who had been hurt and dared not speak.

They all went to send a private message to the studio.

All of a sudden, the number of such cases snowballed and increased.

Once, they lived in the dark and in pain.

Now, they finally had the chance to be born from the sun!

At this time, Chen Weier also posted a new article to cheer for the girls.

[Good luck, brave girls! Born From the Sun Studio is forever here.

Dont give up! If you need any legal assistance, please contact the studio.]

For the past few days, the studio had been receiving all sorts of praise.

Chen Weier watched with tears in her eyes.

She had never thought that she would be able to do this.

She wasnt moved by a few words of praise, but now, the nameBorn From the Sun had become a deterrent.

The girls other outlet to vent their anger had been secured.

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