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“Madam is back!” A familiar voice broke Chen Weiers memory.

She looked up and saw Aunt Song standing on the steps in an apron.

Ever since she had moved in, Aunt Song had been in charge of her three meals and daily life.

Aunt Song was very considerate and had always been very concerned about her.

“Aunt Song,” Chen Weier smiled.

“Madam, please come in.

Its hot outside.” Auntie Song took out a pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet and prepared to help her change into them.

“Ill do it myself.

Aunt Song, you can go ahead.” Chen Weier took it.

Aunt Song stood beside her, looking as if she wanted to say something but stopped herself.

Chen Weier saw this and asked, “Whats the matter”

Aunt Song sighed.

“Madam, I know that what Im saying might be a little inappropriate.

But… Why is Madam not willing to live a good life with Sir”


“I…” Chen Weier didnt know how to explain, and she didnt have the face to explain.

In her previous life, Aunt Song also wanted to say something, but she didnt give her a chance to say it.

“Madam, when Sir came back that day and saw that you werent around, he was so anxious that his eyes turned red.”

Her words struck Chen Weier like lightning.

She had thought about He Xuns reaction when he found out that she had eloped with Nie Suijing.

He would be furious and embarrassed.

But she didnt cry all at once.

Aunt Song sighed.

“Madam, although Sir looks cold, he cares about you a lot.

You dont like peanuts and coriander.

You like sour vegetables.

You like soup noodles.

You dont like steamed buns, but you like soup dumplings, and you want the rice to be softer.

Sir has given me a lot of instructions.”

Chen Weier almost doubted her ears.

The two of them had rarely eaten together, and they didnt communicate in the past.

How did He Xun know her preferences He even specially instructed Aunt Song Thinking about it this way, Aunt Songs cooking had always been to her liking.

She had thought that it was because Aunt Songs cooking was good and that she was careful enough to know her taboos.

But she did not expect that it was He Xun who instructed her to do so.

Aunt Song looked at Chen Weiers confused expression and knew that she was completely unaware of her husbands concern for her.

“Madam, please dont do such things again.

Xiao Lin, who sent you the news, has already been dealt with.” Aunt Songs tone was sincere.

The young miss was already so old, and she truly didnt want to see such a girl continue to make mistakes.

If the man outside truly liked her mistress, he wouldnt have instigated her like this and let the person he loved bear a bad reputation.

For obvious reasons, he was here for benefits.

How could her mistress not see clearly

Chen Weiers eyes were a little wet.

She nodded her head in a panic and went up to the second floor.

The steps here were familiar to her.

The first room on the second floor was her room.

She pushed the door open and felt as if it was a lifetime ago.

This place was still the same as before.

On her left was a single bathroom, and the area of the bathroom was bigger than the bedroom she had lived in after her divorce.

On her right was a closet that was more than a hundred square meters, and inside were the clothes that He Xun and her mother had bought for her.

Further ahead was her bed.

She had not slept in such a comfortable bed for a long time.

She sat down slowly, and the tip of her nose felt a little sour.

In fact, after her rebirth, she couldnt figure out why she had been so blinded in the beginning.

Why did she have to bear the infamy and drag her mother down with her Why did she have to be with that bastard Nie Suijing She quickly composed herself, found a bag, and took out all the clothes inside.

She had worn these clothes on her date with Nie Suijing, and the thought of it disgusted her.

Chen Weier quickly packed a few bags and got up to ask Aunt Song for help.

There were too many bags.

Aunt Song was preparing lunch.

When she heard Chen Weiers call, she went upstairs and saw her packing her luggage.

She suddenly became anxious.

“What is Madam doing Didnt you say you wanted to live a good life Do you seriously want to divorce Sir”

“I just want to throw these clothes away.

Ive already told He Xun.

Hell be sending new clothes over today,” Chen Weier said helplessly.

“So Madam and Sir have made up” Aunt Song was relieved after hearing this.

“Well…” Chen Weier couldnt tell what kind of situation she was in with He Xun, but she did want to get along with him.

“Thats good!” Aunt Song was very happy.

She just looked at the clothes and said, “These clothes are very expensive.

Its a pity to throw them away.

Madam, why dont you donate them The little girls in the side courtyard dont have new clothes to wear.

You have a lot of clothes, so you just wore them once.”

Chen Weier felt that it made sense.

She had a hard life in her previous life and naturally knew the difficulty of making money.

She would not waste it.

“Do you have the contact information for the donation”

Aunt Song shook her head.

“But Sir precisely knows.

You can ask him.”

Chen Weier felt that it made sense.

However, she took out her phone and hesitated.

Would He Xun want to answer her call

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