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Aunt Song saw that Chen Weier was stunned and asked, “Why arent you fighting”

Chen Weier put away her phone.

“You call him.

Ill sort out the clothes!”

Aunt Song didnt suspect anything.

She was just thinking about how to sort out all these clothes.

However, she didnt stay idle.

She quickly went downstairs to call He Xun.

“Three points No, I can only have two…”

“President He…”

‘Ring, ring, ring!

A ringtone interrupted the project managers report.

He Xun glanced at his phone, and when he saw that the caller was from Dongting Lake Villa, he broke out in a cold sweat subconsciously!

The last time he answered this call, Chen Weier had disappeared.

Could it be that this time, Chen Weier…

He Xuns hand trembled slightly.

He didnt dare to take it, nor did he want to, but he still took a deep breath and walked out with the phone.

However, the people in the meeting room saw He Xun rushing out of the door.

Moreover, President Hes phone was always on silent mode during the meeting.

This time, not only did it ring, but he shortly picked it up.

What could have happened to make the workaholic lose his composure

Everyone in the meeting room looked at He Xuns special assistant, Yang Zui.

Yang Zui adjusted his glasses without a change in his expression.

‘Dont look at me.

I dont know either!

He Xun stood on the rooftop with his phone in his hand.

He suddenly fell silent for a long time before answering the call.

“Whats wrong”

“Sir, Madam…”

When Aunt Songs words came from the other end of the phone, He Xun felt as if someone was gripping his heart, and he couldnt breathe.

Aunt Song was rambling on and on, but he didnt seem to hear a thing.

Did something happen to Chen Weier again Did she go to Nie Suijing again Yesterday, she had promised him that she would live a good life.

In just one day, she…

After Aunt Song finished speaking, she didnt hear a reply for a long time.

She asked in confusion, “Master Did you hear that Do you have a way to contact me”

When He Xun spoke again, his voice was very hoarse.

“Where did she go”

Aunt Song felt that she was advancing in years.

Otherwise, why would she start to not understand “Madam is upstairs.

She wants to donate her clothes and asked me to ask if you know any institutions to donate things.”

His wife was upstairs.

This sentence immediately made He Xuns breathing smooth, like a drowning person who had just found oxygen again.

“What is she doing”

Aunt Song replied, “Madam is sorting the clothes.”

He Xun heaved a long sigh of relief.

“I understand.

Ill send someone over.”

After hanging up the phone, He Xun returned to the meeting room.

He glanced at Yang Zui.

“Find a few people to go to my house and help my wife donate supplies.” After that, he continued with the meeting.

Upon hearing this, Yang Zui quickly left the meeting room.

Dongting Lake Villa…

Aunt Song pulled out Chen Weier, who was buried in the pile of clothes.

“Madam, Sir said hell get someone to handle it.

Dont worry.”

Chen Weier naturally didnt refuse because she had overestimated herself.

There were too many clothes here.

She wanted to take this opportunity to familiarize herself with the place.

After all, it had been too long, and she had already forgotten some of them.

Her room was the master bedroom, and next to it was He Xuns room.

Ever since she had rejected He Xun on the night of their wedding, he had moved into the guest room and had never stepped into the master bedroom again.

Chen Weier hadnt entered his room either, but now she was a little eager to try.

After looking around and seeing that there was no one around, she finally stepped in.

She truly wanted to live a good life, so she naturally had to understand him!

The moment she pushed open the door, Chen Weiers heart was particularly excited, but she felt a little guilty, like a thief.

The layout of the two rooms was similar, but the other was relatively smaller.

He Xuns room was the same as hers, filled with domineering style, simple and black.

There was a bookshelf by the wall.

Chen Weier didnt touch it for fear of being discovered.

However, she felt that something was wrong.

There was no desk near the bookshelf Then, hes reading on the bed She felt that this wasnt something a boss would do.

The servants at home cleaned the room every day, so why was there dust on the bookshelves And the other rooms were as clean as new This meant that the servants didnt truly clean the bookshelf.

Chen Weier didnt think that it was the servants problem.

It could only be that He Xun didnt let people touch it.

Then, what secret was there on this bookshelf It cant be discovered

The more Chen Weier thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong.

After careful observation, she found that there was dust on the books, so He Xun had not read these books at all.

Since he didnt read them, why did he put them here As for the decorations, he didnt let anyone clean them For a moment, Chen Weiers mind was filled with various possibilities.

Could there be some kind of mechanism in this bookshelf

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