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181 Role Model for the People

Human traffickers have ruined too many families.

Chen Weier didnt want to let go of these scumbags.

“Alright,” He Xun said.

He then kissed Chen Weiers forehead.

He felt his heart full of sourness and sweetness.

The bodyguards currently restrained Qiushan to an unoccupied waiting room in the hospital.

They handcuffed his hands and feet.

They taped his mouth, so he could only make a few muffled groans.

At this moment, someone pushed the door open from the outside.

The bodyguards looked at the door in unison and saw their boss.

“President He, Madam He.”

“Yes.” He Xun nodded lightly and gave one of the bodyguards a look.

The bodyguard immediately understood and directly tore off the tape from Qiushans mouth.

“Argh! Who the f*ck are you guys! You truly dared to kidnap me Let me tell you, I know several people…”

They tore Qiushans mouth until it hurt, and he began to curse.

His curse became even dirtier when he saw that He Xun was rich.

“Youre that little b*tch Wang Fangs lover, right That little brat is yours You f*cking made me a cuckold!”

As he spoke, Qiushan turned to look at Chen Weier.

His eyes almost emitted green light.

“Since youve taken a fancy to that little b*tch, Wang Fang, take her! The one beside you is even more slutty.

Lets swap wives.” As he spoke, he licked his lips.

It made Chen Weier feel so disgusted that she wanted to vomit.

“You shut up!” When He Xun heard that he dared to insult his wife, he kicked the other person in the chest.

He Xun directly attacked Qiushan to the point of bleeding.

Qiushan ended up coughing.

“Youre so f*cking stingy.

Ive already let you play with my woman, so why cant you let me play with yours”

He coughed up blood as he looked at Chen Weier.

He had never seen a woman with such an outstanding figure and appearance.

It would ultimately be extremely satisfying if he were to play with her.

Chen Weier didnt want to talk to this kind of person, so she directly pulled He Xuns arm.

“Forget it! Well just hand it over to the police.

I dont think we could get anything out of him.” She did not want to feel any more disgust because of Qiushans words.

That day, Chen Weier and He Xun directly sent Qiushan to the police station.

It was when they arrived at the police station that Qiushan learned of fear and honestly confessed his connection with the human traffickers.

Qiushans confession led the police to find a group that abducted and sold children.

After that, the police issued a new notice.

[Thank you, Ms.

Chen Weier and Mr.

He Xun for reporting that the suspect, Qiu, colluded with a child trafficking syndicate to abduct young girls.

At present, we have arrested Qiushan and the criminal syndicate.

In the den, the police found four infants and five children, all for human trafficking.

The police have already contacted the childrens families based on the missing cases.

At present, nine children are in good condition.]

After the police made a public announcement, the internet was lively again.

Everyone paid a lot of attention to childrens affairs.

Now that it was human trafficking, indignation naturally filled them.

[Dont these human traffickers have families Why would they want to steal someone elses child How painful must it be for a family to lose their child]

[Im holding my son in my arms right now.

When I saw this message, I was only scared.

If my child is lost, I will surely go crazy.]

[A few years ago, one of my neighborschildren was kidnapped.

The childs grandparents couldnt take the blow and blamed themselves.

Not long after, both of them passed away.

The couple quit their jobs, sold their property, and used everything they had to search the entire country, but they still couldnt find it.

Last year, the couple encountered a landslide while they looked for their child.

The tragic death of their child was all because of human traffickers!]

[How crazy can a person be to steal a child If you have hands and legs, why cant you be a normal being]

[Chen Weier and her husband are truly astounding! They did such a great thing and saved so many families!]

[One of the children that we found is from downstairs.

When the police returned the child, the childs mothers eyes inflamed from crying, and the childs father knelt on the ground and kowtowed.]

[I thank Chen Weier and He Xun on behalf of the families who found their children!]


Both the accounts of Chen Weier and Born From the Sun Studio gained a crazy number of fans.

The netizens also left messages of gratitude and blessings.

However, the various clamors on the internet didnt affect Chen Weier and He Xun.

Neither of them looked at their mobile phones.

Instead, they talked face-to-face about what had happened during this period.

Chen Weier looked at He Xun.

He was distinctly haggard recently while he held his face in her hands.

“Tell me, where did I not do well enough Did I not give you enough security Ill change it all.

Ill give it all!”

Beside He Xun were all the assets that Chen Weier had told him about at the hospital.

There were a few bank cards, a few bags, and some expensive jewelry.

He Xun was a little moved and pushed the things to Chen Weier.

“Keep them well.

I dont want these things.”

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