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185 Not Everyone Can Be Madam He

[Its not just that shes not fit to be a mother as well.

I have a friend who works in the hospital.

Yesterday, when that man was trying to sell her child at the hospital, my friend was also there.

The mans mouth could only utter profanities, and the girl cant even afford the hospital fees.

I am speechless.]

[Wow! She cant even afford the hospital fees, but she still dares to have a child Did she know how much a box of milk powder costs How much does a diaper cost Does she know that children need a house and a household register to attend school]

[What did this child do in her past life to have such parents!]

The discussion continued.

It took Chen Weier a long time to finish reading all these comments.

She nodded as she read because she really didnt expect that there would be so many people who were sober now.

It wasnt like before when everyone was completely lost in love.

Chen Weier tapped on the screen again and sent another message.

[I have read everyones comments.

I think what everyone said makes sense.

She had to be careful when giving birth to a baby.

This was no small matter.

If you cant bear the childs future, then dont give birth.

Nowadays, the cost of raising a child was high, and children also needed the company and care of their parents.]

[Let me take myself as an example.

I had wanted to have a child before, but my husband thought that we were too busy at that time and couldnt recuperate.

He wasnt sure if we would have enough time to accompany the child, so this plan was put on hold for the time being.]

[Now that were not so busy, this plan can be pursued again.

It just so happened that my husband and I went to the hospital for a checkup yesterday and encountered this.]

[Also, my mother was a strong woman.

She raised me alone, but when I was growing up, she was very busy for the sake of our lives and spent very little time with me.

I was brought up by different nannies.

This also caused me to yearn for love and companionship when I grew up, so I met bad people.]

[Fortunately, God blessed me and let me meet my husband, and my life changed.]

[So, I think that when we have our own children in the future, we must accompany them more and pay attention to the childs psychological needs.

We must strive to make the child healthy with a well-rounded personality and sound mental health.]

[Every child is an angel.

We must protect them well.]

At this moment, Chen Weier let out a long sigh of relief because she had finally said the words that she had hidden in her heart for many years.

She didnt want to blame Chen Anhe.

She was grateful to her mother, but it was undeniable that Chen Anhes actions in her childhood had cast a shadow on her.

Parents would never know how much psychological shadow their words or actions would bring to their children.

Parents behavior would run through a childs life.

How many people would use their entire life to heal their childhood Therefore, she had to be careful when giving birth.

After having lunch at home, Chen Weier and He Xun went to the He Group together.

At this moment, Yang Zui and several backbones of the technical department were checking the recent travel and communication records of Luo Qionglan and He Yeli outside He Xuns office.

“Have you had lunch” Chen Weier was carrying a lunchbox in her hand.

It was a plate of pastries that Aunty Song had just made.

She thought that Yang Zui and the rest had been so busy recently that they did not have time to eat, so she brought them a thermal lunchbox.

It wouldnt be a problem if the pastries went cold, and that would not affect the taste.

As expected, Yang Zui and the rest had not had lunch yet.

They were staring at the surveillance video and checking it frame by frame carefully.

This was especially true for Yang Zui.

The dark circles under his eyes were almost as dark as a pandas.

He had probably not slept since last night.

The other backbones of the technical department were also unshaven and unkempt.

It was obvious that they had not had a good rest.

“Thank you, Madam He.” When Yang Zui saw He Xun coming over with Chen Weier, he knew that the two of them had made up again, especially when the two of them were enveloped by a sweet and intimate atmosphere.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as President He and Madam had a good relationship, President He would be in a good mood.

The most important thing was that the people who worked under President He would have a better life.

“Hows the investigation going” He Xun also checked the surveillance cameras with them.

“We havent found anything yet.” Yang Zui ate a piece of date cake in a few bites, cleared his throat, and continued to report, “Madam Luo is still the same as before.

She plays mahjong with the rich ladies or goes shopping with Miss Yeli.”

This was because when He Qiushan and Luo Qionglan had gotten married, He Zui had never acknowledged Luo Qionglan as Madam He.

Naturally, He Song and He Xun had stood on the same side as their eldest brother.

That was why everyone addressed Luo Qionglan as Madam Luo and not Madam He.

After all, the titleMadam He referred to He Xuns biological mother, He songs wife, Bi Xinduo, who was married to the He familys second young master, and Chen Weier, who was married to He Xun now.

Luo Qionglan did not deserve to be called Madam He of the He family.


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