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At the thought of some hidden mechanism, Chen Weiers head instantly turned cold.

He Xun was even more mysterious than she had imagined! Chen Weiers eyes scanned the books, trying to find the difference between them.

Finally, she found one different book.

It didnt have dust!

Chen Weiers heart was beating hard.

Was this He Xuns secret However, she did not reach out to take it.

Normally, it was not good behavior to peek at other peoples secrets.

However, He Xun was her husband.

It was normal for her to look at his secrets, right

Chen Weiers mind flashed with various thoughts, and she was very confused.

“Madam, Sirs people are here!”

A shout woke Chen Weier up from her dream, and she turned around to leave He Xuns room.

In the Presidents Office of the He Group…

He Xun looked at the image on his phone and fell into deep thought.

He had installed a camera in his room, so he knew when Chen Weier entered his room.

He couldnt help but laugh when he saw Chen Weier running away in a panic.

She looked bold, but she was normally able to jump at the slightest sign of trouble.

She was a typical paper tiger.

However, she was very observant and had seriously noticed something wrong with his bookshelf.

He didnt mind Chen Weier entering his room, nor did he mind her discovering his secret.

If she could stay by his side obediently, he would tell her these secrets sooner or later.

He hoped that she wouldnt let him down.

When Chen Weier went downstairs, Yang Zui was already waiting in the hall with seven or eight people.

When he saw Chen Weier, Yang Zui bowed slightly and said, “Madam, President He asked me to help you pack up the things you want to donate.”

“Alright, thank you for your hard work.” Chen Weier had an impression of Yang Zui.

In her previous life, when He Xun sent her to the hospital, Yang Zui was sitting in the front passenger seat.

So, this person had always been by He Xuns side

Yang Zui led his men to pack up, while Chen Weier looked out of the door with a dazed expression.

She had almost discovered He Xuns Secret just now.

Thinking of this, Chen Weiers heart beat very fast.

About twenty minutes later, Yang Zui and his men came down with the clothes that had been tidied up.

“Madam, were done tidying up.

Well be going back now.”

“Okay, thank you, Assistant Yang.”

Chen Weier knew that the person who had been by He Xuns side for so many years must be someone He Xun trusted very much.

With her current situation, she was very careful with the people around He Xun.

Yang Zui couldnt believe his ears.

After all, he had helped He Xun deal with a lot of Chen Weiers matters.

In his opinion, Chen Weier was an arrogant and ruthless person.

He didnt expect that Chen Weier would be so approachable when he met her today.

He was a little flattered and respectful.

“Madam, youre too polite.

You can just call me Yang Zui.”

When Yang Zui went out with his men, he bumped into He Xun, who had just arrived home.

Before he could say anything, he heard He Xun say that the afternoon meeting had been postponed.

Yang Zui lowered his head.

His mind was spinning.

President He would never delay his work because of personal matters.

It seemed like the relationship between President He and Madam He had truly changed.

When He Xun walked into the room, Chen Weier was eating lunch.

He approached her without a sound.

“What are you eating”

Chen Weier was already feeling guilty, and when she heard He Xuns voice, she was so shocked that the beef in her mouth fell to the ground.

For a moment, she didnt know whether she should look at He Xun first or pick up the meat on the ground.

It wasnt until He Xun sat down with a smile that Chen Weier returned to her senses.

“Why did you come back so suddenly”

“Im not busy at the company, so I came back for lunch.” He Xun looked at Chen Weier.

Chen Weier turned her head guiltily.

She had just discovered someones secret.

Now that the person involved had returned, it was fortunate that Aunt Song had called her, otherwise, she would have been caught red-handed!

He Xun looked at Chen Weier and didnt speak.

He continued, “There will be a stylist at the door after dinner.”

“Yes.” Chen Weier lowered her head and continued eating.

“After youre done with your haircut, there will be clothes from various big brands coming to you.” He Xun said casually.

“I know,” Chen Weier replied with a lack of interest.

He Xun raised his head to look at her, but this time, he didnt speak.

On the other hand, Chen Weier just lowered her head and ate desperately.

If she ate Aunt Songs food again after eight years, she was worried that He Xun would find out that her eyes were wet.

After the divorce, she was forced to do the household chores, from being a young girl who didnt know anything.

She worked hard, but she was still despised by the Nie family.

What she received were Nie Suijings punches and kicks.

Chen Weiers meal was very complicated.

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