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He Xuns Adams apple bobbed as he pulled out his arm and said in a hoarse voice, “Im going to take a shower first.

You can bring the clothes to my room.

“Alright,” she said.

Chen Weier happily turned around to get his clothes.

This was the first time that He Xun had allowed her to enter his room.

This was a good sign.

He had already allowed her to enter his room.

Perhaps, she would be able to explore his body in a few days.

Chen Weier first took out the watch she had bought and put it on.

Then, she took dozens of shopping bags into He Xuns room.

Listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom, Chen Weier stood at the door and thought about where to go and wait for him.

Was it the bed or the closet After hesitating for a while, Chen Weier decided to be more reserved and went to the closet.

This was also the first time Chen Weier had entered He Xuns closet.

Sure enough, as she had expected, even his underwear was white, black, and gray.

However, she was a little worried.

Would He Xun like the clothes she had chosen Wasnt it a little too eye-catch·ing

At this moment, the sound of water in the bathroom stopped, and He Xun walked out in a bathrobe.

Chen Weiers eyes were a little lost as she pointed at the shopping bags.

“These… These are the clothes I bought for you.”

“Get out,” He Xun said.

“Huh” Chen Weier asked.

“Then, you want to watch me change” He Xun raised his eyebrows.

Chen Weier… It wasnt that she couldnt do it, but she used her absolute rationality to suppress it and changed it.

“Ill turn around.

You can change.

I wont look.

Before He Xun could answer, she heard the sound of a bag being opened.

Was he changing his clothes Then, if she sneaked a glance, she shouldnt be discovered, right

As soon as He Xun put on the pants that Chen Weier had bought, he saw that the restless little head was about to turn back.

He suppressed his smile and did not speak.

At this time, Chen Weier had already turned around and saw He Xun, who was about to put on his shirt.

She took the lead and walked over.

“Ill help you.

He Xun glanced at her and didnt say anything.

He stretched out his hand.

This meant that he had agreed.

Chen Weier attentively helped him put on his clothes and then began to button his mouth.

In front of her were his strong abdominal muscles.

As long as she was a little closer, she would be able to kiss him.


It looks very smooth, so the taste must be very good, right

Yes, she admitted that she was thinking like an adult, but this man was her husband.

It was legal! What was there to be afraid of Her body followed her instincts more than her brain.

By the time she reacted, her lips were already on He Xuns abdominal muscles!

The silky taste under her mouth was mixed with the fragrance of the shower and the smell of mens hormones.

Chen Weier was directly mesmerized by his beauty and couldnt help but lick it.

The next second, He Xun grabbed her wrist.

“What are you doing” The mans voice was hoarse.

Chen Weier raised her head and met his eyes.

There seemed to be something surging there as if it was about to burst out.

Chen Weier didnt know what kind of storm she had set off, so she panicked but wanted to say something.

In the end, she saw He Xun close his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes again, he pushed her out of the room!

He opened and closed the door in one smooth motion.

Chen Weier looked at her watch and went back to her room.

Then, she took out her mobile phone and posted a question.

[I have a friend whos a dancer.

She has a good figure and looks, but why is her husband unmoved when she seduced him She kissed her husbands body and got pushed out of the room.

Why is that]


A few minutes later, people started to reply to the post.

Chen Weier glanced at it and only felt that life was hopeless.

[I had also encountered such a thing.

Its my sister.

They were married for two years, and nothing happened between them.

Then, my sister saw him with a man.]

[The person who is dancing has a very good figure.

No normal man can stay calm when his wife is pregnant.

I can only say that he either encountered a marriage scam, or he has a woman outside.]

Thats impossible, right Chen Weier consoled herself and put down her phone.

She didnt think that He Xun would have an affair.

After all, he had been divorced for many years in her previous life, but he hadnt gotten married.

He was only left with one woman.

He Xun wouldnt like boys, right Yang Zuis face appeared in her mind.

He looked very delicate and wore gold-rimmed glasses.

Most importantly, He Xun trusted him very much.


At night, Chen Weier took heavy steps to eat, but she realized that He Xun wasnt around.

She asked Aunt Song and said that He Xun had left for the office for a while.

Chen Weier didnt have much of an appetite for this meal.

Going to the company at this time Did she go to look for Yang Zui Would Yang Zui ask her to leave in the future Chen Weier was lying on the bed and thinking about her future.

Suddenly, she sat up! She remembered the secret of He Xuns bookshelf!

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