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“How is that possible” He Xun was shocked.

Chen Weier lowered her head.

“Dont worry.

I wont cause you any trouble.

Be good and stay at home.

I will continue to cook these dishes for you.

Dont be disappointed.” Although diet therapy was slow, it was the safest way.

With his daily exercise, he would surely get better.

He Xuns entire being was bubbling with happiness.

She said she wouldnt let him down Did she know how he felt and decided to love him, but was afraid that he would

He Xuns fingers trembled.

“Dont worry.

I wont be disappointed.

Im very confident!” He believed that she would truly fall in love with him.

He thought that she was too embarrassed to mention the past and did not say it clearly.


Chen Weier thought that she couldnt say it out of respect for a man.

When she heard his words, she suddenly looked up in surprise.

“Youre truly confident” That was to say, his problem was not serious, and he would be fine after some nourishment

He Xun couldnt hide the smile on his face.

He held Chen Weiers hand and solemnly said, “Im confident.”

Chen Weiers mouth couldnt help but tremble.

Although it was a little awkward for the two of them to discuss his bodys problems, it was still good news.

The two of them had a very happy meal.

After the meal, He Xun elegantly wiped his mouth.

With a solemn expression, he looked at Chen Weier hesitantly.

“If you have something to say, just say it,” Chen Weier said doubtfully.

He Xun lowered his eyes and slowly said, “I want to take you to see someone.”

Chen Weiers heart instantly jumped to her throat.

He was going to see that woman now To be honest, she didnt want to go.

When she opened her mouth again, her voice was trembling.

She asked despite knowing the answer, “Who is it”

In the end, He Xun said the persons name, Nie Suijing.

“Im not going!”Chen Weiers face changed immediately.

When she thought of Nie Suijing again, Chen Weier only wanted to kill him.

How could she still want to see him

He Xun stared at her, trying to figure out something from her face.

“I locked him up.

Hes been asking to see you every day.”

Chen Weier frowned in disgust and said, “He wants to see me” Who gave him the face”

“Lets meet him.

Some things need to be clearly said face to face.

Although this was a discussion, Chen Weier knew that there was no room for discussion.

Speaking of which, she hadnt seen Nie Suijing since her rebirth, so she might as well meet him to make things clear.

Chen Weier followed He Xun to a basement.

Bodyguards guarded the door.

At this time, Nie Suijing stared at the door with empty eyes.

Although he was locked up here and not abused, he wanted Chen Weier to divorce He Xun.

After all, he would have half of the He familys property.

That was the He family, the one who controlled the largest entertainment company!

“Weier!” When Nie Suijing saw Chen Weier at the door, he wanted to rush up and hug her.

But the bodyguard was faster and pressed him to the ground.

“Dont call me by my name.

Its disgusting,” Chen Weier frowned.

Nie Suijing couldnt believe it.


“Did He Xun threaten you”

“No one is threatening me.

I saw through you! Do you think I can marry you with half of the He familys assets Ah… I forgot to tell you that He Xun and I signed a prenuptial agreement before we got married.

If I divorced him, I wouldnt get a single cent.” Chen Weiers tone was calm.

“Also, my mothers company is supported by the He family.

If I get a divorce, the He family will withdraw their capital, and the company will go bankrupt.

You wont even get my mothers money.”

Nie Suijing couldnt believe it.

He was dumbfounded.

So, what was he going to do

Chen Weier looked at him and knew that Nie Suijing was upset about the time he had wasted on her.

She laughed sarcastically, laughing at him and herself.

He had never been sincere, and she had shortly thought that she had found love.

“We were acquaintances.

I was blind and deserved to be used by you.

From now on, we are strangers.”

She turned around and left with He Xun.

Recently, all the employees of the He Group found that President He seemed to be in a good mood.

Not only did he not scold them, but even the actors and artists under the company received all kinds of gifts.

The staff meals were also added.

No one knew what exactly happened.

They only knew that it was President He who could explain it.

Everyone cheered silently.

President He finally had some humanity in him.

At this time, their president had already returned home with a happy face.

Aunt Song was cleaning the house.

“Sir is back.”

“Yes.” He Xun looked around calmly.

“Make me a cup of coffee.” After that, he sat on the sofa and read the newspaper.

After a while, a cup was placed in front of him.

He Xun didnt pay attention to it.

He picked it up and took a sip.

In the end, he instantly frowned!

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