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Guo Dan didnt say anything else, but she was so depressed and embarrassed that she kept making mistakes in the dance class.

After class, Chen Weier asked Guo Dan to stay behind and directly said, “I dont want to say much, but youre so young, and Ive been lost like you before.

Guo Dan, since you have someone you like, you should work hard to improve yourself and make yourself as good as the other person.

If you fall just like that and want to wash your hands and make soup for him, then you should leave.

Because even if you have him, it wont last long.

Dont waste your time here, especially since there are so many people in this company.

You will not be a loss to them.”

The person who truly loved you would not let you fall.

The person who would stay with you for the rest of your life would also soon be enough.

Chen Weier had exchanged three lives for this principle.

“Thank you, Teacher Chen,” Guo Dan said while feeling embarrassed.

“Ill remember this.”

“Then, go home early.

I hope to see you full of energy tomorrow.” Chen Weier laughed.

Guo Dans face reddened as she looked at the beautiful womans smile.

She turned around and ran away, but then she thought of something and ran back.

“Teacher Chen, I… I searched for your information on the internet.

You havent participated in any competitions for two years, and this has been very bad for your career.

These few days, were signing up for the Dance Festival.

The organizers have blocked the news and only gave it to a few media companies.

I think if you can go, youll surely win the award!”

Chen Weier was a little surprised after hearing this.

Were the organizers so arrogant now Colluding with an entertainment company in broad daylight

After returning home, Chen Weier immediately called Chen Anhe and told her about the Dance Lin Convention.

In the end, Chen Anhe truly didnt know about this.

To please the major media companies, these organizers even kept their participation qualifications a secret.

The dance studios outside didnt receive any news, let alone a mere individual.

“So, Mom, can you get this registration form” Chen Weier asked.

Chen Anhe rolled her eyes and said, “If I knew, I would have let you participate!” Didnt He Xun have a media company under him He must have the registration form.”

“I dont want to!” Chen Weier clenched her fist.

In this inexplicable cold war, how could she speak to him first Why should he leave and slam the door as he pleased She had felt guilty towards He Xun before, but now that she knew that He Xun also had someone he liked, there was no need to blame the other!

“Did you get into a fight with He Xun again How many times have I told you Youre in He Xuns heart, why did you…”

When Chen Weier heard Chen Anhes voice again, she immediately gave in, “I know, but I wont look for him for this.

Mom, please, help me.

Youve opened a dance studio, so you must have connections.”

Chen Anhe was helpless and could only nod in agreement.

But after putting down the phone, she felt that she needed to call He Xun.

In fact, Chen Anhe rarely took the initiative to contact He Xun, so when He Xun saw Chen Anhes phone number, he was stunned for a moment.

“He Xun, I would like to ask your company for a registration form to the Dance Lin Convention.

Its Weier who wants to participate, but shes too embarrassed to ask you for it.

Whats going on between you two recently” Chen Anhe couldnt help but worry.

He Xuns throat moved slightly.


Ive been on a business trip recently.

Maybe Weier doesnt want to disturb me.”

“Its good that shes fine.

I think she truly knows her mistake this time.

He Xun, Mother knows that its not easy for you.

Just be patient one more time.” Chen Anhe was still worried about her daughter.

“Yes.” He Xun nodded gloomily.

At this moment, he was standing on the ship and looking at the endless sea.

His mood was even more gloomy.

Why didnt she look for him Embarrassed to ask him for it He Xun sneered.

She probably didnt want to contact him.

She hadnt even called him in the past few days when she was on a business trip.

Now that she was going to participate in a dance competition, she didnt even let him know.

As her husband, he was truly aggrieved.


After a while, Yang Zui, who he had thrown at the party, looked like he had drunk a lot of alcohol.

His face was red.

“President He.”

“Youve worked hard.” He Xun glanced at him.

“President He, youre too serious.” Yang Zui had been working for He Xun for a few years.

He had no complaints about working under him, earning a high salary, and learning skills.

However, when he saw the gloominess in He Xuns eyes, he couldnt help but say, “President He, youre quarreling with Madam”

He Xun smiled bitterly.

“Even if I wanted to argue with her, she wouldnt want to argue with me.

I dont have a place in her heart at all.”


Normally, He Xun would not say such words, but today, perhaps it was the effect of alcohol.

Yang Zui thought of the news that his company had sent him after he got off the plane.

He tried to persuade He Xun.

“President He, the truth is, after we left, the front desk of the company reported that a lady with the surname Chen came by.”

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