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Chen Weiers hands and feet were soft from the kiss.

He Xun only released her when the driver stopped the car in front of the company.

Chen Weier was still gasping for breath.

Her lips were slightly red and swollen, and her eyes were in a daze.

Seeing that He Xun was about to take her out of the car, Chen Weier immediately reached out and pulled him back.

“Whats wrong” He Xun looked very calm.

It didnt seem like he had just kissed her.

Chen Weier felt that it was a little unfair.

Why was she the only one being kissed However, she knew it was not the time for her to figure this out.

She tugged at his sleeve.

“You can get off first.

Ill ask the driver to drop me at the next intersection before walking back.”

“Why” He Xun looked at her in confusion.

“I dont want to enter the company with you.” Chen Weier pouted.

She had nothing now.

People would think she was He Xuns lover if she stood beside him.

She wanted to wait until she could openly stand by He Xuns side.

When people saw her, they would say,dance artist and not simply He Xuns wife.

However, He Xun thought Chen Weier didnt want anything to do with him.

His face turned cold as he asked, “What do you mean by that”

“Its just that I dont want everyone to think Im using my connections when I come to the company.

Im capable, okay Anyway, pretend you dont know me when you see me in the company.” Chen Weier looked at He Xun pitifully.

Seeing his displeased expression, she pulled his arm and said coquettishly, “Alright Hubby”

When Chen Weier acted coquettishly, He Xun couldnt stand it and helplessly said, “But you have to tell me if theres anything you need.

Your department is full of scheming and manipulative people.”

“Dont worry, Hubby.

Youre the best.

Hurry up and go to work.” Seeing that he had agreed, Chen Weier smiled again, as if the pitiful person just now wasnt her.

He Xun paused and got out of the car helplessly.

He felt that his wife should not have learned dancing.

She should have gone to acting.

Look at how talented she was at changing expressions.

As he walked into the company, everyone stopped and bowed to He Xun.

“President He.”

He Xun looked straight ahead and walked directly to the presidents exclusive elevator.

He got off at the 88th floor.

Yang Zui was already waiting for him and reported.

“Director Guan Libo called today.

Hes a little angry after finding out youve returned to the country.

He wants you to call him back when its convenient.”

He Xun nodded.

“Is there anything else”

Yang Zui was a little hesitant.

“Theres one…”

He Xun stopped in his tracks.

This assistant had been with him for a few years, but he had never been so hesitant in his work.

“Whats wrong”

“Its because Madam came to work in the entertainment department.

There are some bad rumors.” Yang Zui felt that it was too difficult for him.

How could he just say, “President, your wife seems to be in an abnormal relationship with someone else”

“Speak,” He Xun asked.

Yang Zui took a deep breath and said, “Its that Manager Wang Xiao.

Hes in charge of working with Madam.

Its just that hes always been blunt to others, but hes completely different to Madam, so the rumors started…”

“Suppress the news and warn those people that I will instantly fire them if they spread rumors during work hours.” He Xuns voice turned cold.

“Yes!” Yang Zui nodded.

Just as he was about to go out, he heard He Xun speak again.

“Also, keep all of Madams information a secret.

Too many people in the entertainment department are up to no good.

Give that Wang Xiao a good beating.

If he dares to stay near her again, fire him!”

“Yes!” Yang Zui felt that a jealous president was too scary! He was about to leave to do something this time, but the president called him again.

“Um… What has Nie Suijing been doing recently” He Xun asked with a frown.

“I heard from a private detective that he has recently found a slightly famous actress, and that woman is Madams university classmate.” Yang Zui felt a chill down his spine.

“Are you sure” He Xuns eyes were very calm, but Yang Zui could still feel their coldness.

“Im sure.

Our people took intimate photos…” Yang Zui replied carefully.

“Go and arrange for the news to be leaked to Weier.

Dont be too obvious.” He Xun said as he rubbed his fingers.

“Yes!” This time, Yang Zui indeed went to handle some matters.

In front of the floor-to-ceiling window, He Xun looked down at the river.

He couldnt help but reminisce about the kiss in the car.

Her lips were as sweet as in his dream.

But this time, she seemed to be genuinely different.

And the man she had been pestering was also with another woman.

Everything had changed.

The corners of He Xuns lips curled up slightly.

At this moment, the office phone suddenly rang.

It was his secretary.

She asked the president if she could transfer Director Guan Libo.

“Take it.”

A few seconds later, on the phone, angry Director Guan Libo said, “President He, you just left without saying goodbye.

Are you playing with me”

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