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Chen Weier looked at He Xun, swimming further and further away, and tried to poke her feet into the pool.

The cold water made her retract her toes immediately.

She couldnt help but complain that He Xun was too unafraid of the cold.

She wrapped herself in a large towel and sat by the pool.

She chased the thought of the two of them playing in the water out of her mind.

Today, she temporarily put aside her plan to seduce He Xun in the water.

At this moment, He Xun had finished swimming one round and returned.

His breathing was still stable.

His arm was leaning on the pool wall like a mermaid who had just come out of the bath.

“Why arent you coming down”

Chen Weier looked at the mans muscular waist and subconsciously swallowed her saliva.

The mans appearance was so attractive! “I… I truly dont know how to swim…” She quickly looked away.

“Ill teach you.” As he spoke, He Xun reached out to pull Chen Weier down.

“I dont want to!” Chen Weier quickly dodged backward.

“Its too cold.

Hubby, please let me go!”

“No!” Because you dont exercise much.

Your body temperature is low.

Swimming is good for your body.

You wont feel cold when you exercise,” He Xun said.

“I wont!” Chen Weier still resisted.

But He Xun didnt give her a chance to resist.

He grabbed her waist with his big hand and pulled her down.

Chen Weier shivered from the cold and wrapped her four limbs around He Xun, refusing to let go.

He Xuns body stiffened.

He realized that the distance between him and Chen Weier was too dangerous and ambiguous.

So, was he reaping what he sowed

“He Xun! Tell me the truth, are you trying to freeze me to death before you marry another woman” Chen Weier lay on the shore of the pool and panted.

Sitting at the side, He Xun was at a loss for words.

The deepest part of the pool was only 1.5 meters deep, and they had not even swum there yet.

Chen Weier had indeed sunk and could not get up…

Chen Weier calmed down and grabbed He Xuns collar.

Her legs werent idle either as she hung onto He Xun again.

Since she was already wet, she had to seduce him.

“Say something!”

He Xun massaged his throbbing temples, pulled her down from his body, and sat up straight.

“Its not that serious.

I would have thought you fell into the deep sea if I didnt know.”

Chen Weier pouted and said incorrectly, “You did it on purpose.

I already told you not to go into the water, but you still pulled me in and didnt let me hold you! Im so scared!”

He Xun could only comfort her.

“Then, you dont have to exercise if you dont want to!”

“Hmph!” Chen Weier angrily glared at him and walked out of the gym with a big towel wrapped around her.

Seeing that she had left, He Xun removed the thick towel covering his legs.

He looked at the bulge under him and smiled bitterly.

He Xun went to work much earlier than Chen Weier while the latter went to practice dancing.

There was no one around at this time.

But today, Chen Weier pushed the dance studio door open as usual and found a strange woman standing inside.


You are” Chen Weier walked in.

Wang Xiao had said that this dance studio would belong to her during the dance lesson.

Now, a stranger had entered without her permission.

It made her uncomfortable.

Yu Xinwus face stiffened when she heard Chen Weiers words.

“Youre Teacher Chen, right My name is Yu Xinwu.

Dont you know me Ive acted in many TV dramas.” She was smiling on the surface but was already cursing in her heart.

This woman was so arrogant that she pretended not to know her!

“Im sorry.

I really dont watch TV.

Is there anything I can help you with” Chen Weier smiled apologetically.

Yu Xinwu gritted her teeth and smiled stiffly.

“Im here to practice dancing.

You guys havent started teaching yet, right Ill take the time to practice.”

After Chen Weier heard this, her face turned cold.

There were so many dance studios in the entire Media Department.

Was this person doing this on purpose “Didnt you see the sign on the door Im sorry, but this dance studio is mine for the time being.

If you want to practice, please go to another dance studio.”

Yu Xinwu couldnt maintain her smile anymore.

Did this Chen Weier think she could do whatever she wanted just because she had Yang Zui as her support A dance studio could be hers exclusively

She gritted her teeth.

“I dont understand what youre saying, Teacher Chen.

Ive been in this company for three years, but Ive never heard of an exclusive dance studio!”

“This is the additional condition that Manager Wang has for hiring me.

If you have any questions, you can ask Manager Wang.

Im going to practice now.

Please leave.” Chen Weier understood that this person was here to find fault.

If it was any other time, she could share the dance with her, but now, she was practicing for the competition.

If so, who would she cry to

“Whats there to be proud of Youve got to where you are today by selling your body!” After Yu Xinwu finished her sentence, she turned around and left.

It was her fault for not daring to offend Yang Zui!

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