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Chen Weier threw the plate on the ground with a loud sound and said, “Where did these two mad dogs come from Apprehenders will arrest you for biting random people.”

In an instant, the people who were eating gathered over.

“Chen Weier, Im giving you face, am I not” After Yu Xinwu shouted, everyone knew what was going on.

“So, she was Yang Zuis secret mistress in the company!”

“Whats going on” A tall and slender woman in sexy clothes walked over.

Chen Weier glanced at her.

She was Mu Yun, who was famous for her sexy figure.

However, what Chen Weier didnt know was that Mu Yun had scolded her the entire last night.

Mu Yun had seduced Yang Zui before.

She was confident in her perfect figure and that Yang Zui would surely fall for her.

In the end, Yang Zui rejected the seduction without even looking at her.

That made Mu Yun very frustrated.

However, she was relieved that many people had tried to seduce Yang Zui, but they all failed.

She felt that his rejection was nothing.

But! Now, a newcomer had simply managed to hook up with Yang Zui! How could Mu Yun not be angry

“This is Chen Weier, the one who was kicked out of the presidents office and came to the restaurant to eat.

She thinks shes so great.

She even occupied an entire dance studio yesterday and didnt let me use it.” Seeing that Mu Yun was here, Yu Xinwu was even more confident.

As soon as Yu Xinwu finished speaking, Chen Weier heard the people around her repeat some words…

“Oh my god, how dare a newbie be so arrogant”

“Isnt Teacher Yu Xinwu a senior Why did she dare to do that”

“Im just waiting to see how arrogant she can be when President He fires Yang Zui!”

Chen Weier was stunned.

Her three views could no longer keep up with these peoples thoughts.

Mu Yun sized up Chen Weier and sneered.

“To be able to move Yang Zuis heart, I thought she was an unparalleled beauty.

Tsk, tsk, shes just so-so!”

Chen Weier helplessly held her forehead.

“Miss Yu, I dont understand.

Since you are so good at making up stories, why dont you just say that I am President Hes little sweetheart”


When the crowd heard this, they immediately laughed mockingly.

“She truly mentioned President He”

“President He likes her”

“Didnt the rumors say President He is already married It seems to be that Young Miss Luo”

“Miss Luo Luo Xinrui Probably.

After all, Miss Luo comes to the company several times a month.

Other than Miss Luo, no other woman dared to look for President He so frequently! And President He didnt say anything…”

Chen Weier was furious!

Luo Xinrui, that shameless woman, indeed went to see He Xun several times a month And He Xun, how dare he let her in! She clenched her fists.

She would have a good talk with He Xun tonight and see what he had to say!


“Im dying of laughter.

Miss, are you telling a joke And you call yourself President Hes little sweetheart Why dont you say that you are Madam He The entire He Group is yours” Mu Yun laughed so hard that her stomach hurt!

At the same time, in the CEOs office on the 88th floor.

Luo Xinrui stood in front of He Xun uneasily.

“Brother He Xun, are you still angry about what happened last time Its all because I like you so much…” Luo Xinruis voice was gentle and aggrieved.

“If theres nothing to do, you can leave.” He Xun did not even raise his head.

If President He had not signed a 50-year contract with Luo Corporation back when he was still in office, He Xun would not have had to endure his frustrations and listen to Luo Xinruis monthly reports.

Luo Xinrui saw He Xun was ignoring her, so she mustered her courage and took two steps forward to grab his arm.He Xun directly shook her off.

“Luos reporting team will have different people if you get any closer!”

The sharp voice made Luo Xinrui shiver.

She said tremblingly, “Brother He Xun, lets have a meal together as an apology.

Yeli is also outside, so the three of us…”

“No need!” He Xun finally raised his head to look at her, but his eyes showed an undisguisable disgust.

“If theres nothing else, you can leave.”

“Brother He Xun…”

“Get out!”

Although she was unwilling, Luo Xinrui didnt dare to disobey He Xuns will and walked out unwillingly.

Seeing that she had come out, Yeli asked, “Are you done Lets go out and eat!”

“Yeli, lets go to the employeescafeteria.

I heard that the food in the celebrity cafeteria is low in calories.

Arent you trying to lose weight recently” Luo Xinrui coaxed Yeli to accompany her to the staff cafeteria.

It was time for everyone to gather, so she had to seize the opportunity to show her face.

Moreover, her actions could also arouse countless speculations.

After all, she was the woman who visited He Xuns office the most.

Just as Luo Xinrui wanted to attract everyones attention with her usual elegance…

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