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Luo Xinrui had never seen He Xuns office with a photo before.

Not to mention the dolls, pillows, and water glasses… They were all traces of a womans stuff!

And it was self-evident who this woman was.

He Xun valued her so much, so how could he let Chen Weier learn the rules

Luo Xinrui bit her lips and suppressed the hatred in her heart.

She said to Chen Weier, “The companys president is still here.

As an employee, you shouldnt affect the companys image in front of the boss!”

Chen Weier laughed.

“Then, may I ask President He if these people spreading rumors in the company does not affect the companys image And how should we deal with it”

He Yeli paused, unwilling to be hostile to Chen Weier.

“Why are they spreading rumors”

“They said I relied on Yang Zui to act arrogantly in the company and snatch resources.

What do you think, Young Miss He” Chen Weier crossed her arms.

Yelis movements stiffened.

So, no one knew Chen Weiers identity It seemed that Third Brother didnt care much about Chen Weier! Thinking of this, she raised her chin and said in disdain.

“There must be a reason for everyone to spread this rumor.

You must have done something to cause a misunderstanding!”

“Young Miss Hes words make sense.” Chen Weier shifted her gaze to Luo Xinrui.

“Then, may I ask what Miss Luo did to make people misunderstand and think you are Madam He”

“You!” He Yeli didnt expect that Chen Weier would use her words to ask back.

She glared at Chen Weier and said, “Dont talk nonsense.

Sister Xinrui didnt do anything!”

Chen Weier sneered disdainfully.

This pair of sisters were indeed as stubborn as they were!

“Youre just a newcomer.

How dare you disrespect President He Today, Ill teach you a lesson on behalf of President He and Young Miss Luo!” Yu Xinwu rolled up her sleeves and walked toward Chen Weier.

Luo Xinrui looked at Yu Xinwus actions and wished she could slap Chen Weier hard.

It would be best if she could slap her to death.

However, before Yu Xinwus palm could land, Chen Weier kicked her leg, and Yu Xinwu fell to the ground.

“Even the Young Miss He you talk about doesnt dare to do anything to me.

Who do you think you are”

Yu Xinwu was utterly dumbfounded.

The crowd exclaimed and became silent.

Although they didnt know who Chen Weier was, from the conversation between her, Young Miss He, and Young Miss Luo, they knew they must know each other.

Moreover, Chen Weiers identity might be more distinguished than theirs!

“Everyone, please, disperse.” Luo Xinrui feared that if she continued, Chen Weier would expose her ruse! She could only try her best to explain herself.

“Were all just joking.

Watch your mouth in the company.


“Chen Weier, Ill kill you!” Luo Xinruis words were interrupted by the crazy Yu Xinwu.

After she reacted, her eyes turned red.

She got up from the ground and rushed toward Chen Weier!

Chen Weier subconsciously dodged.

Mu Yun took advantage of the chaos to pick up a glass of fruit juice and splashed it at Chen Weier.

Bright fruit juice soaked her pure white dance dress, and the excess juice was still dripping down the hem of her dress…

At this moment, Chen Weier looked like a wolf.

She slowly raised her head and revealed a dangerous smile…



On the 88th floor, President Hes office.

He Xun leaned on the pillow that Chen Weier had secretly left in his office yesterday and slowly ate his lunch.

However, without a certain someone to accompany him today, he suddenly felt empty.

He wondered if a certain someone was eating well in the staff cafeteria…

As He Xun thought of this, he subconsciously looked up and saw the cup Chen Weier had left behind.

It was pink and adorable, and it was evident that it was something for girls.

He didnt know why Chen Weier had left these things behind, but he had to admit that these things had distracted him! Because he had raised his head countless times today to look at the young and sunny image of her in the photo.

When He Xun thought of Chen Weier, his heart became warm.

The more he thought about it, the itchier he felt.

Finally, he couldnt help but turn on the projection and pull up the restaurants surveillance camera.

He searched floor by floor and indeed saw Chen Weiers figure! However, before he could smile, he realized that something was wrong…

People surrounded Chen Weier, and the expression on her face was angry… Who provoked her

He Xun stood up instantly.

Standing opposite Chen Weier were his half-sister, He Yeli, and Luo Xinrui, who had just walked out of his office.

The next second, a woman on the ground climbed up and ran toward Chen Weier while another woman splashed juice all over Chen Weier!

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